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Saturday, April 30

With The Program

Everyone does a MLK house ditty at some point: his speaking voice, afterall, was an enharmonic wonder - and clubbers, who've confused their soul with the e, wanna feel deep. Here's my contribution to the genre::

Mississippi Son [mp3]

Wednesday, April 27

And I Surf.

:: Judy
:: David
:: Wiki
:: Opera
:: Princess
:: The Big O

Tuesday, April 19

Bloody Camera Phone

Sushi; Omar; Danny; Stalker; Tristan; Me; Preya; Me; Martin; Brodie, the cokehead.

Sunday, April 17

The New York Times Lifestyle

Like - oh my god ::

Saturday, April 16

Stop Blogging Now

My first p.s.a. ever ::

Wednesday, April 13


Richard Simmons is a comedic genius - don't believe me? - watch this.


Friday, April 8

Alma Shatter

One student dies after fall from window
By CHRIS PARKER Staff Writer, Bennington Banner BENNINGTON --

One of the two Bennington College students who fell through the window of a campus building on Wednesday has died. Kelly Muzzi, 20, of Troy, Michigan, died sometime between late Thursday and the early hours of Friday at Albany Medical Center in New York. Meanwhile, 19-year-old freshman Laura Jawitz of New Haven, Conn., who also fell through the window, was upgraded from serious to fair condition at Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. The students had been rehearsing a dance performance in the private school's visual and performing arts center. They were using a plate-glass window as a frame when they leaned over a low-standing radiator and placed their hands on the window, police said. The pressure of the students' hands shattered the quarter-inch glass and sent Muzzi and Jawitz tumbling down about 20 feet to a brick patio where they lay unconscious. Both students sustained multiple injuries in the incident and were taken by helicopter to the regional hospitals. While Jawitz gradually improved from critical to fair condition over the course of the past three days, Muzzi's condition worsened and she was in "extremely critical" condition Thursday evening. College spokeswoman Ellen Schulte said she got word around 8 a.m. Friday that the student had died. She said school leaders could hold a campus vigil as early as next week for Muzzi, who was remembered as a bright, friendly person and student. "People said Kelly was an exceptional director, wonderful to work with and she welcomed everyone to this campus," she said. School leaders held an open forum on campus Thursday night for about 200 students, faculty and staff members to talk about the incident which police called an accident. Schulte said a number of students expressed their love for Muzzi and Jawitz during the two-hour gathering. She said Muzzi's friends on campus weren't prepared to commment Friday but were expected to issue a statement early Saturday. Bennington College President Elizabeth Coleman issued her own statement to students Friday in which she said everyone on campus was mourning Muzzi's death. "Our community has lost a very bright light. Our hearts and love go out to Kelly's family and many friends," she said. "She will be remembered for her intelligence, her grace, her sense of compassion, and the joy she brought others."

Do the visual on this. Only at Bennington.

Dead Funny

It's all the preceding posts which make this so funny...

Wednesday, April 6

Drugs Not Hugs

Excuse me - but I am in complete party mode. Must be the thaw - but god, there's a lot of dog shit everywhere. Anyway, I've got my nostril repair creme, my motivation for the scene & I'm all set. Here's a new song ::

Totheclub (Gay Enough dub).mp3

[It's supposed to sound like that.]

Sunday, April 3

If You're Me, You'll Know What This Means

Libra :: Relationships are going through a very interesting phase this week, especially as the Solar Eclipse, in your opposite sign of Aries, takes place on Friday. You may have come to the conclusion that something was bubbling away beneath the surface some time ago. If this is the case then it is certainly going to become very obvious this week. You yourself know what kind of event it will be, either positive or negative, but you could also be taken by surprise - so do be prepared. Mercury is still retrograde, but not for too much longer.

[seatbelts fastened, as it were]

Friday, April 1

Don't Ever Post On April 1st.

I really tried. Had fully planned on working Terri Schiavo (bendy straws/happy meals/pepcid AC...nevermind...) into things - but my inner corporate censor said "no" . So here's a list of odds & ends instead ::

:: This shall be an amazing party. Great venue - and Tiga's spinning.
:: I just finished a song, using some of my favourite samples, for my friends - Totheclub [mp3]. They're a deep bunch.
:: "Bolivia" - pleasant cadence notwithstanding - is not an appropriate name for a child.
:: Read this before it gets shopped all over hollywood and destroyed.
:: For the record, I do not wear coloured contacts.
:: Ok. Madonna looks fucking fabulous in that Versace campaign. I said it, alright?
:: I fully intend on spending $900 on a Prada fedora and no-one's gonna stop me.
:: Robert Blake. Wow. Life imitates Art with a good lawyer.