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Wednesday, March 23

Cream Always Rises

Re-introduce yourself to the World's Best Techno DJ. Listen to this mix buried within, if you can't be bothered to navigate around the site.

- I know.

Tuesday, March 22

Et Tu Brodie....

The part he didn't tell you is that a) the cop wasn't cute but b) the rugby team was.

Monday, March 21

Hating Monday

And focussing on Friday. More like waiting, in fact. So I made a song ::

Soft 'n Dry [mp3]

Friday, March 18

L'il This & L'il That

[click it....yeah - just like that - ohhhh...]

Wednesday, March 16

It's Been A Blur


:: Derek Carter (Boa)
:: Jude Law (Film Lounge)
:: Maxi, in all her pre-release Chanel goodness.


:: Sudden, sad departures
:: Bodies that just don't quit - sometimes do.
:: Aging.


Here's a new mix ::

U Want ( Affirmative dub ).mp3

Wednesday, March 9

Stale Leftover House

[You try maintaining a veneer of praeternatural cleverness 24/7.]

U Want ( Chanel mix ).mp3

Tuesday, March 8

Ok - But We're Talking Clothes Here, Right?

Go here, then to 'Multimedia'. Nobody rhapodizes in fashionese like Ms Horyn.

Saturday, March 5

Fresh Homemade House

Here's a new albeit somewhat accidental tune [thanking Farley Jackmaster - ? - for the boozy lead vocal - uh, that just can't be your real name, btw...] ::

U Want [mp3]

Thursday, March 3

Loose Ends

Tuesday, March 1

John Galliano Wants Your Soul

[Contacts by Dior]