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Wednesday, February 23

Picky Picky

I look for several things when I go to bathouses: towel size, thread count of the men, a lack of food [pizza grease? barf...] - and the music. My current favourite has a DJ, which is the primary reason it's my current favourite. There's nothing like feeling a busy funky beat while you're becoming Linda down the aisles between, uh, scheduled activities. Plus - it helps wear off the e. I hope someday someone plays this remix in a bathouse near you ::

Don't Flunk The Funk, George (Today Was Tomorrow Before mix) [wma]

"Just resting, thanx...."

Monday, February 21

Where There's A Will, There's A WAV

Retail is for suckers.

Sunday, February 20

Cold Medication

Click the picture - here we are @ 3 packages of Neo Citran ::

Courtney don't got nuthin' on me.

Thursday, February 17

Bad Year

God knows - it's been hard, ok?

First - a tsunami...

Then - this...

Wednesday, February 16

If I Were A Rich Man

...I'd get Cristo to do my yard; we'd call it fences; there'd be glory holes.

Monday, February 14

Weekend & A Remix

Fri p.m.

:: Did this - Don't Flunk The Funk, George (Alone In The House mix) [wma]

Sat a.m.

:: Just sat still for a while. Not doing anything. Attempted to become one with myself. Hated it - got ready for partying instead.

Sat p.m.

:: Devyn's Birthday (Laurentian Room, GirlToronto, some new boys, $11 drinks, new clothes).

Sun a.m.

:: Comfort Zone
:: B & B courtesy Wilma Checkclear.

Sun p.m.

:: Comfort Zone
:: Heavy drinking at Woody's, apartment hopped, B & B courtesy Hairy Mary.

And suddenly it's Monday - again...

Friday, February 11

Eat Your Heart Out -

- cuz you ain't gettin' chocolate. This Valentine's Day be glad that you, like me [recently; don't ask; I know; the sheer unmitigated gall], find yourself chronically single - just look at what you get to avoid ::

Sharing - Ick. Doesn't synch well with most Petit Bourgeois agenda's. Besides - my DSquared's look better on me.

'Friends', as in his - I know who I wanna know already.

Bad Dancing - "uh - like right here? - hon - there are speakers throughout the club - we can dance wherever we feel like - I know - quelle concept - so let's get off this stage - now"

Bad Light/Suddenly Hideous/Must Be The Drugs - Yikes. And I thought love was Never Having To Evacuate.

The "Sweety, wtf is my wallet?" Fight - Somehow it's your fault & also because he loved you so darn much, so just sit there & take it 'cause no-one has any respect for you anymore, anyways, and this certainly won't help your cause with The Bitches Who Brunch - a.k.a. your friends - who'd secretly rather you remain unattached, in any case, because, fuck, they are, for crying out loud....

Shut-up and pass the chardonnay.

Tuesday, February 8

Giving & Taking

With apologies to A. Bambaata, here's a new song ::

Don't Flunk The Funk, George [wma]

Saturday, February 5

Gettin' Thru [pt. II]

:: It is most definitely not 'All Good'.

:: God is in the details. Which is why I generally love footwear made in Italy.

:: God is watching. God has issues.

:: Be who you are - except when in drag.

:: Fences make good neighbours. As do grenades.

:: Beauty is skin deep; so moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!

Thursday, February 3

Lighten Up

Q. :: What do gay horses eat?
A. :: Heeeyyy!!!!

+ + + +

Here's something - equally silly - which I did yesterday ::

Many Of My Good Friends Are Cuban [wma]

+ + + +

It all started - The New Mood, that is - after I watched this last weekend....