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Thursday, January 27

Gettin' Thru

:: Today's the first day of the rest of your life....which is great....except I didn't get the memo.

:: This too shall pass. Not soon enough, I say.

:: Never say 'never'. And try to avoid 'because' as well.

:: The grass is always greener; especially when it's artificial....

:: Karma is a bitch - well, we're hoping at any rate.

:: Find your safe space [in other words, take your meds]

Tuesday, January 25

Uh Oh

I just bought one of those camera phones ::

Just wait 'til I actually leave my house....

Sunday, January 23


It's snowing - and I can't go out - have been running outta things to do - managed to waste a few hours on this ::

Clepto-love [wma]

Friday, January 21


Dear Dr. Dobson ::

Please focus on
your fucking family. Who on earth invited you & your homophobic trailer park polemic to the Canadian debate on Gay Marriage anyways? Last time I checked, even the Mormons hated you - and 'homosexual' pedophile priests were recommending your books. Maybe gay marriage will erode str8 matrimony - and if that means no more James Dobson's are brought into this world....then honey - sign me up.

Tuesday, January 18

Hand To God & Pass The Prozac

Yesterday, I felt all spiritual & mental health-ish at the same time. Which begat the following ::

Party With Mr. Joey Negro (Schizo 2 Gospel mix) [wma]

[If you play it backwards, you can hear Joan Rivers reading selected excerpts from the Kaballah]


Monday, January 17

Gay Jeans

Not just clothes, but a way to shop ::

You can 'work' a look...or just fucking wear it.

Friday, January 14


Not a good week - but we survived it - so - best to soothe your soul with this ::

Michael Fossati :: Lost Grooves 2004 [rm]

[further treatments can be found here]

Thursday, January 13


:: BoomingB [aka My Friend Fred] scratches for you.
:: Scott plugs me sweetly.
:: Korea leads the way
:: Scroll down....and I am confused

Tuesday, January 11

Sad But True

Vengeance is sweet...especially when you put it in a song & publish said song on your blog which is read everywhere. Yes - I guess I do pick my hobbies carefully. Stolen vocals courtesy Debbie Pender ::

Guess What [wma]

Go ahead - squirm.

Sunday, January 9

Gimme Shelter

Yo - Head of State!! Give ya $$$$ to Indonesia - or buy me this instead - the choice is yours....

Friday, January 7

Things That Won't Happen [Again] This Year

:: Brown.
:: Secret histories.
:: Her.
:: Him.
:: Age Pity.
:: Aimless expenditures. This time - I have a plan.
:: Chronic Inertia.
:: Making promises I can't recall.
:: Advertising all them cracks in the facade...'cuz some things should remain unsaid.
:: Cheap drugs, cheap cologne & generic scenes. Toronto, in other words.

Upwards & onwards.