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Tuesday, November 30

Music For The Rich [part II]

Loving these DJ's from, like, Cap d'Antibes or wherever ::

Haaze :: Digital Antimix 04

Why - aren't you?

Monday, November 29

Rich Filthy Mix

Your yacht - or mine?....totally brain-dead & straight from the French Riviera ::

Miss Joli Dragon :: ElectroDance October04 [m3u]

Cin cin.

Saturday, November 27


One of the things which allows Canadians to feel smug most of the time, is the cbc. This nationalized (similar to "free", "not for profit", "non-corporate" but with commie-pinko overtones. Like NPR - but preachier) media monolith churns out arts-focussed, slightly precious programming in all formats, 365/24/7, in all regions of the country. It also slays, ratings-wise, most of its corporate competitors; which is interesting, given the cbc's (un)popular association with the (ruling) LIberal government (if you're American, just imagine a NEA-administered network outperforming CBS during primetime).

Some of the programs, especially on radio, are gems....I love, in particular, Catherine (pictured above) Jheong's Beyond Burgers; a short spot which runs once a week featuring her valley girl-esque take on cheap places to eat in Toronto. She's silly & she sounds e-x-a-c-t-l-y like a good friend of mine. I don't actually eat myself - so I can't attest to her restaurant choices - but the reviews sound plausible...

Catherine's review of some Maltese place

Catherine's review of some Columbian place

[Mimi Sheraton...are you out there?]

Friday, November 26

Top Triggers

What's been setting me off, recently ::

Pharmaceutical Hijinks - Just tell me what exactly you put in it. See? I didn't bite.....which probably has more to do with the fact I no longer have any feeling across the entire left side of my body more than anything else. Asshole.

People Who Eat People - are the most common people in Toronto. Emphasis on the word "common".

Gay Team Warfare - Think playground/Lord of the Flies behaviour, think grade 5, think adults with baggage, think your BF needs a leash.

The Lack Of Money, Everywhere - Ok - who's got all the money? huh?

The Phrase "It's All Good" - No, sorry, beg to differ. It's rarely "all good". In fact - you're lucky if you can get "sorta ok".

Projection, a la Freud - Especially when I'm the Object of Transference.

Alicia Keyes - Yay, you're a genius. Now go buy yourself an ass.

Whoa. That's better. Thanks!!

Tuesday, November 23

And Then There's Real News....

Don't read this sitting down.

Thursday, November 18

Only 35 Days Left To Kill Yourself Before Christmas

Anyways - here's a song I just made today, with vocals unashamedly swiped from Colonel Abrahms' "Trapped" [no - I'm not a Black Child Of The 80's][....but I know a few] ::


Cash...it's always appropriate.

Tuesday, November 16

Drinking With Your Sibs...

...is highly recommended.

Saturday, November 13

Other Pleasures

Ya - I actually read. A lot, in fact. I just never talk about it, because people who talk about reading usually talk far too much [how can you tell the speaker from the speech? Who cares!?!...so sorry, W.B]. But - you gotta check out Alice Munro's latest collection of stories ::

Quietly astonishing writing by a pro who owns the short story. Please read this collection. If you do, I guarantee that, on more than one occaision, you will find yourself in the midst of a story, puting the book down, uttering "oh - my - god" quietly to yourself and looking around to see if anyone saw - and compulsively diving in for more. I mean - she's good. Don't believe me? Check out this gush-of-a-review by the The Times.

CanCon, indeed...

Thursday, November 11

You Need This

Sandy Rivera :: October '04 [ram]

Tuesday, November 9

Still Wanna Marry Me & Live In Canada?

Read This

Wednesday, November 3

Now Dontcha Wanna Marry Me & Live In Canada?

Some thoughts ::

:: Can't wait for the Evangelical Right's true colours to emerge, in all their reeking glory. This will be Pat Robertson's Finest Hour (including commercial breaks, that is). Led by His Nastiness, The New Republican Faux Moralists are going to eat their young - mark my words.
:: There are now a lot of fucked-up Bush Women floating around, waiting to become en-scandalized. Jenna'll get all drunk & end up in Playboy - mark my words.
:: Theresa's already in the Dominican Republic, getting some papers drawn up...
:: Americans, who make more porn than everyone else on the planet, will always retain a closely held, inner puritanism. It relieves them from actually having to think - which, in any event, is for fags & foreigners only.
:: Back to porn for a sec.....uh, Iraq, dark hunky men in robes, invading - am I the only one seeing this?
:: Hilary is so going to be the first female American president, this is so obvious, she'll run a brutal, nasty, vengeful campaign - uh, baggage courtesy K. Starr - especially if you consider the fact that the Bush's have now made dynastic politics officially OK.

[Get me some liquor at the Duty Free on your way up - now there's a dear...]