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Saturday, October 30


Just made this ::

But Will You Call Me In The Morning.wma

Wednesday, October 27

Say No More

Here, first - new Kila ::

DJ Kila :: Live at The Lounge [Hamburg]

Everybody take your acid now.

Saturday, October 23

Missing The Boat

Ok - so if someone could please tell me what's so great about any of the following, I'd be more than a little grateful ::

:: Famous people. None whom I know ever want to party anymore.
:: Theresa Kerry. She looks Mr. Magoo.
:: Shredded cheese-in-a-bag.
:: Sticking to your guns. No-one's paying any attention.
:: Tom Ford these days.
:: Most group sex - seems like there's always some highly toxic attention-seeking couple involved.
:: Sunday brunch. Bad time, bad day, bad idea.
:: Being gay & loving Rufus Wainwright & affecting an eating disorder. At the same time.
:: Being a fully realized adult...ha - it's called "settled", ya big fucktard!
:: Tooth whiten-ing. Frankly, I was hoping for a lot more....


Friday, October 22

Parting Shots

Fred has a new one - live from Chicago ::

BoomingB :: zentra.mp3

Play it out. Try to be real. And never let neutrals take over your closet.

Monday, October 18


No - I mean the guy not only had a fully articulated hair-piece, he also altered Modern Queer Usage forever with the invention of the Exclamatory Hello ["Hello?!?", "HELLO!", "uh - hello"]. This Gay WC Fields threw lotsa confetti in str8 people's faces. And they l-o-v-e-d it. It's the one & only Rip Taylor. And now - he raps.....[courtesy Fluxblog]

The Real Rip Taylor :: The Real Rip Taylor.mp3

Friday, October 15

Friday's Funk

You know - just for, like, whatever ::

The Funk Punks :: July 04

Thursday, October 14


My new clone. Looks like someone killed it.

Wednesday, October 13

The Good, The Bad and The Overrated

The Good

* Danny Tenaglia. I saw God - what can I say....
* A lovely package from Le Wah...and how'd you know I was sensuous?
* Clarins Total Wrinkle Control,YSL Clear Lip shit, and abundant pot.

The Bad

* Guys who are too good to be true.
* People addiction - it's the new heroin.
* Harsh messages from the almighty. Actually - these are really good - but just kinda hard to take, all at once, the morning after.

The Overrated

* Hotness.
* Being right.
* Knowing what others are thinking. Cuz sometimes - they just ain't.

Saturday, October 9

Reuse, Recycle, Remix

Sometimes, it's very easy: paste the drum track from your last song, combine it with another track you had actually forgotten about, nudge the tempo, house the vibe with various orchestral bits, trim & mount amazing vocals from some recent so-so top 40 ditty atop the whole thing....and, every now & then, you end up with something that smokes ::

Liberty X - Just A Little (Sean's Imperial House mix).wma

[I'm gonna see a certain Mr. Tenaglia this Sunday, at The Docks, in Toronto. I'll be wearing a white hat. Come & say "hi", if you're there....]

Friday, October 8

And Suddenly, You're Older.

But I'm certainly not gonna say by how much. Here are pics of La Famille doing their best to keep me from cutting. I coped by over-moisturizing. Thank god it's over. My therapist thought it would be 'healthy' to post about this ::

[He's no fucking Freud, that's for sure..]

Tuesday, October 5

Theft Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery

From my own take on remix hell, have a listen to a Lower-Estrogen Miss Knowles ::

Can U Say Beyond.wma

[...always thought she looked like a man...]

Friday, October 1

Life Gets In The Way/Sometimes A Girl Just Wants To Feel Pretty/It's All About Me

[Yes, I'm fine. Posting, as such, is over-rated anyways, I think; so here's a mix of a song I wrote last week] ::

My Sample Of Love (Diva Frenzy mix).wma

Crank it.