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Wednesday, September 22


Looks like now it sucks even more to be fat.

Monday, September 20

Something About A Swan? And A Song?

Well - it's almost here....the end of partying as I know it. In case you missed it, I had vowed some time ago, publicly, to exit stage left [as in, like, socially...so relax] by my birthday, this October [Fendi, Juicy, Y3...go ahead - surprise me], the better to leave the scene in a pre-demented, non-tucked, ok-in-dim-light kind of a state. If you're gay & over 35, you know e-x-a-c-t-l-y what I'm talking about. If you're not - never mind, I've just been under a lot of stress lately, you're best not to pay attention to anything I may say - in fact - perhaps you could go somewhere else for a bit, ok?

Anyways. Since it's always been about The Giving for me - I offer two things to you, today ::

First, is a song -

My Sample Of Love.wma

[Sorry Antoine, India & whoever the hell else inadvertently contributed to the above sketchy mess. Save your coupons - I'm not worth suing]

Second - is one of those self-important blog lists. Actually, it's the disorganized litany of some of the people, places & parties I've done/known/crashed over the last 20 years that's been flashing before my eyes lately...uh, 'cuz when you get as sketchy as I've become, 'flashing before your eyes' is about as close to nostalgia as it gets. Read it quickly - and feel the rush -

:: Pyramid Club [New York]
:: John Sex [New York]
:: Carter Van Allen Forringer [Hampshire College, Amherst, that ride in your rental car, god I hope you're not reading this right now...]
:: J Day [Copenhagen]
:: P. Fields [New York]
:: Rainbow Room [Toronto]
:: Turbo [Montreal]
:: Stereo [Montreal]
:: Boots [Toronto]
:: Ru [6th, between B and C]
:: Various raves in Manitoba, Upper New York State, Orgeon, Washington. Raving was the absolute best..
:: Anita [Vancouver]
:: Matt, whom I don't actually hate [Vancouver]
:: The Love Boat [St. George's, Grenada]
:: Sunday School [St. George's, Grenada]
:: Save The Robots [New York]
:: Pere Ubu [somewhere in Hoboken]
:: Mr. Boy George [everywhere]
:: Like, just Toronto today, ok? [Toronto]
:: Heath Ledger [Drug Deal]
:: LimeLight [New York]
:: Joy [Toronto]
:: Guvernment [Toronto]
:: Industry [Toronto]
:: The Go Go [Toronto]
:: The Holy Trinity [Twilo, Vinyl, Roxy][New York]
:: Area [New York]
:: Danceteria [New York]
:: The World [Vancouver]
:: Uri's various afterhours clubs - and the cute & dangerous Russians who staffed them [Vancouver]
:: The Vancouver BF's
:: The New York BF's [only 1 of whom was 'officially' str8. What was I thinking]
:: The Toronto BF's
:: The Others
:: Dressed To Get Laid [Vermont]
:: Frederick/Frederique [Vancouver, Toronto]
:: Sari [New York, Vermont]
:: Vincent [New York, Vermont, San Fran, Paris]
:: David & Heather [Stanton Street]
:: A whole bunch of bathouses - yes, guys used to actually party in bathouses.....

....and it was f-u-n.

Tuesday, September 14

Bite Me

Things I did this weekend ::

:: Mixed/redid - Get It Up (Put It Behind You mix).wma
:: Frightened some of my friends [told ya I was damaged.]
:: A little Spanish man.
:: Didn't take sides - simply left instead...
:: Moving, Hijinks & Fashion with Tony the Tiger.

Things I learnt this weekend ::

:: Some people just don't get it.
:: A precious few do.
:: If/when I become old - as in, legally - I'll need a personal assistant. Of this, I'm certain.
:: I can still outparty almost everyone I know. Not everyone sees this as a good thing, however...
:: Warhol woulda loved my friend Martin, my Background Girl - yeah honey, he's lookin' at ya right now, on the screen there, dear - du Jour.
never mind - background changed - honey - I don't know those trashy queens - but I feel like I do....

Ok - you're now dismissssed.....

Wednesday, September 8

New & Improved

Sometimes when I write music, I'll rush to complete a song 'cuz I know the remix will actually be way better. I think this is a symptom of ADD. No - better make that OCD. Anyways, here's my most recent example ::

Get It Up (Nice 'n Tite mix).wma

Sunday, September 5

Music With A Message

Here ya go ::

Get It Up.wma