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Tuesday, August 31

The Weekend - It's Over

The Highs

* Travis - the birthday boy - gets a boy - who's built like a house. Travis actually makes his bed - every day. We love Travis.
* Bobby & his boyfriend - until Bobby started to twitch uncontrollably, like, in my lap, in public, at Fly. All messiness is to remain at home, please.
* Tony and his amazing spray paint & rice t-shirts. Just remember - I knew him before he got all famous.
* Diesel (I know) ski pants - nyoprene & corduroy, in a soft cappucino, for $30 - a savings of roughly $270.00
* Dj's Stephane Grondin (well, ya woke me up, that's for sure) and DeKoze (just like the old days at CZ - but next time, weed out some of your groupies - people that happy make me nervous)
* Having my longest conversation, in person, to date, with my oldest blogging brother. He sends his love, btw.
* Francesca De Lamar's brand new, custom pink sapphire & white gold ring. It's hard to like someone after they score a number like that

The Lows

* Same old tedious bullshit re: people who pull the same tedious bullshit.
* Suede protectors which don't protect.
* Pitbulls. No - the actual dogs, stupid.
* Rigs-in-baseball-caps - new street trend - uh, no.
* Not winning the lottery.
* Wishing you could help some people more.


Friday, August 27

Watcha Got

Brand new Kila ::

DJ Kila :: Diary Of A Madman I
DJ Kila :: Diary Of A Madman II

Take two - and don't call me in the morning.

Wednesday, August 25

Watcha Need, Part II

Courtesy of Mix Of The Week, here's a keeper ::

Entity :: skyhi.mp3

Have a Remy Martin kinda day.

Tuesday, August 24

It's Not Watcha Want, But Watcha Need

Pre-Sept.11 club music ::

Huggy Burger Queen :: 40 of the funkiest disco house classics.mp3 [may not stream automatically....d/l it anyways...mix makes you feel young & old at the same time....kinda like many men I know]

...fucking, like, terrorists...

Friday, August 20


Goldie Lookin Chain :: Guns Don't Kill People

Swayzak :: Keep It Coming

Double Drop :: Fierce Girl

Junior Jack :: Stupidisco

Tuesday, August 17

Do Unto Others - Especially When They Beg

This is for Wah, the only blogger whom I'd ever allow to take my picture ::

It's 6am and you need to get up (La Wah La dub).wma

[start checking your mail in about 10 days, k?]

Friday, August 13

Att :: To All Meth Heads And Those That Hate Them

The last time I talked about crystal here on this site, it caused an online fracas the sort of which I'd rather not repeat. So just hear me out - and if what I have to say incites you to violence, you can either flame my Gmail account, or attack me in person....but let's forgo the tired blogging drama, which feels like watching Judy Garland way past her prime.

Anyways, some thoughts on the current crystal discussion ::

:: A lot of former users - are talking about crystal. A lot. Over & over again. To the nth degree. As though they were tweaked. Maybe it's time to move on, fellas...
:: A lot of people who lost their jobs, their homes, their cars, their 'health'...had issues before they brought speed into their lives. Big issues. The mighty often fall - sorta on purpose. I know this, ok? And things have been kinda fucked up in our community for a l-o-n-g t-i-m-e now, above & beyond crystal usage. And gay men would rather blame their various products [moisturizers, shoes, gib], than look at what they themselves might be adding to a given problem in their community. And there's a reason we do this...
:: It astounds me that we continue to discuss drug abuse as a sort of victimology, all wrapped up in the hushed tones of 'addiction theory'. Sorry - but addiction theory is bullshit - a lttle bit of science that has been perverted into self-defeatist drivel which primarily ensures that certain counselors & programs remain funded through to eternity. You choose to use a drug, like Chrissy, you choose whatever consequences come your way. Yes - you knew what could happen, so don't play dumb, it doesn't get anyone anywhere. Which means you can also quit using - by just quitting - like that. Like I did. It was not the easiest project I've ever undertaken.....uh, but so the fuck what?
:: You are who you are, not what you take. Let's make that the new mantra - ok?

I've found that in life, if you focus on what you're able to do, you'll end up being able to do it.

Thursday, August 12

Master At Work

Pure - Uncut - House ::

Louis Vega :: July August 2004 mix [ram]

[....what else - is there to say?....]

Saturday, August 7

Dull Soul-less Dance Music

Directions ::

a] Light up a big fattty
b] Click on this - I just wrote it :: It's 6am and you need to get up.wma
c] Up the bass, up the volume
d] Revel in the void called "Nothing Else To Do...."

Bye bye, Becca - - -

Monday, August 2

Show & Tell

This weekend, I made music ::

Do Me Right (Petty Crime mix).wma

and pictures ::

[Below are photographs of The Distillery District - an inspired risk in urban planning, geared largely towards artists & heavy drinkers - only problem - no-one lives there or actually buys art in Toronto - prediction? - A Banana Republic, a club with a name like Jaded, and lot's of Fat People within 6 months - ]

Go anyways - the oysters [a la Pure Sprits] were juicy & cheap...