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Thursday, July 29

The Best - is The Best

This set is soooo funky, it'll make your eyeballs sweat - I swear... ::

D'Julz :: FG mix [ram]

Wednesday, July 28

Just Be Who You Are

Yet another remix - can you detect a theme? ::

Do Me Right (Busy Little Bitch mix).wma

Cuz I can't.

Tuesday, July 27

Shapes & Colours

Writing - what little I do of it - is an utter drag these days. Like - when's the giving gonna end & don't bogart that ennui...anyways...just click the picture, ok? ::

[I'll work the pants in next time, Hon...]

Sunday, July 25

Sunday Sundries

Just a few things ::

a] Quit smoking. So much extra energy I think I may have to join frickin' OPEC. And I'm kiss-able, again.
b] A new mix :: Big Fat Cloud (Love Above mix).wma
c] They're loving me in Gambia.

Work - Word - What ?

Thursday, July 22

And Now For Something Completely Different

Fresh, Electronic, Fun ::

Seatech [various artists] :: Smart Seattle.mp3

[go to Seatech's website if you want more info...]

Tuesday, July 20

24 Year Party People

I decided some time ago that this summer would be the last power party period in my life because, by the time my birthday rolls around in October, I will have been going at it for a solid 24 years. 24 years. That's a long time. I feel like a Gay Keith Richards. I have incipient facial wrinkle-age. I'm developing concurrent phobias of both brightly lit rooms & overly demanding conversation. The last time I fell in love, it was because he had a nice apartment, the same waist size & slept less than I did. I involuntarily freeze in the presence of police officers, people who drive minivans, & devout christians. I have this sneaking suspicion that, once placed in an adult (grown-up - not porn) setting, I'll find I can't actually do anything....

Luckily, however, I still have 2 whole months to before I have to face that personal trauma drama!! So fuck the expected things-to-do-in-order-to-become-boring list. I'll post that when it's cut & paste time on the farm they're sending me to.

Here's how my weeknd went, instead ::

:: Arrived, baked at Lettieri, waited at Lettieri, got cruised at Lettieri, was interviewed at Lettieri (some gay rag from europe - they said I looked "typical") - all for the price of a medium iced coffee, which, btw, was rather good.

:: Decamped at Brodie's, after an unsettling orienteering episode which involved several import/exporters, a few friends, and alot of money. I'm fairly certain I'm not the one who fucked up. Well - that's my story & I'm sticking to it.

:: We got high & tried to go shopping at a volume discount store for clothes & such. Of course - it was 10:30pm, and said store was closed - as it had been since 6:30.

:: Tony, Martin, Danny, Omar.

:: Arrived at fly, good party (ohmygod) despite the preponderence of G'd-out muscleboys jumping up & down everywhere (listen for the beat, boys...it's the same as counting - get it?).

:: 8 hours later, arrive at Comfort Zone. Whoa. Talking to my friend Neil, feel something on my right hip - someone's trying to hump me laterally. This guy has pizza breath & follows me everywhere. I help this girl in a powder blue bikini fix her hair in the bathroom, which, apparently, bonds us for life. Great big bodybuilder has a Major Nellie Breakdown in the bathroom - he hides from us for the rest of the night. Testosterone doesn't stop you from being gay, Sweeheart - it just makes you bigger. Rebecca showed up, thank god.

:: 8 hours later, emerge from Comfort Zone...let's skip this part...

:: And this part...

:: Went to "Hung". I know - quel retarded, what an embarassing name for a club night - but, for the moment, it's de rigeur on Sunday Nights. Had no energy, hovered on the edge of conciousness, but I looked ok, made the appearance, formed discernible words & phrases. A sizable contingent had been to the Madonna concert, so the mood was very Vogue 90's Gay, which, of course, means drunken speaker dancing. Some traditions should die.

:: Accidently missed an entire day, sorta crashed an orgy (we think), definitely saw 2 police officers draw their guns at some poor unsuspecting wino at Yonge & Wellesley during rush hour. Last year, SARS devastated Toronto's tourism industry - this year, I'm certain it'll be the city's increasingly rabid cops.

Next blow-out will be Montreal Pride. You should come...

Friday, July 16

Checking Out

For the weekend ::

Big Fat Cloud (Under The Stairs mix).wma

Tuesday, July 13

Upwards & Onwards

Jair and I were kvetching the other day about the current dearth of vocals to be found in house club music...ok, that does't include coke-drenched soliloquys about shoes, money or sex on your Gulfstream V...but actual over-the-top Martha Wash/Loleatta Halloway wailing seems to be have evaporated from the playlists of clubheads everywhere. So I wrote this - cause I really needed a fix ::

Wig Flap.wma

Remember - if you dance with your hands anywhere above your head, it means you're definitely gay.

Saturday, July 10

Superstar, Exeunt

My friend/idol/fave promoter Venus [1976 - 2004], as in "House of - ", took risks none of us knew even existed. Now, it's clear, she's in a far better place.

Then again - she always was.

[ I wrote this song - DivaInMyYard.mp3 - for one of her shows, a while back. I suspect she'd want you to blast it.]

Tuesday, July 6

Phat Tuesday

Something new ::

Fix (Whine & Cheeze mix).mp3

Monday, July 5

Survey Says

Here I go again, polling myself ::

Summer House Away From It All or Gritty City July Heat? - I dunno....the best tan I ever had was the result of an afternoon spent on the roof of a Dunkin' Donuts right outside Boston.

Greece or Portugal? - Both. However, Athens is bound to become Primo Terrorist Heat Score of a city in a matter of weeks. And Fendi is heavily discounted in Lisbon (for real). Portugal.

Helen Mirrin or Maggie Smith? - Maggie, when she's doing her wandering eye snob thing. Ok - Maggie - all the time.

Donald in prints....or solids? - Ahhh - the debate that never ends. After having been chastised - severely - for having the temerity to suggest recently that our fave D.C. Doyenne of Design might want to branch out somewhat from his usual diet of Smith & Slimane, I can only cautiously suggest he re-visit the 2 basic fashion tenets which I know he knows so so well...colour & cut. Hear me, Donald - please hear me.

Britney - abort or not? - Like the world needs another example of mega-buck bad hair. Abort.

[here for you - always...]

Friday, July 2

The Morning After

More like the week, actually...here's a new song, borne of my sudden sobriety ::