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Wednesday, June 30


No drama - just lots 'o fun & tons of phone numbers & mysteries revealed & rumours squashed & inner-superstar powers unleashed. Enjoy my friends, pictured below ::

Omar, Brodie.



An adorable stranger. When we do become friends, I plan on stealing that shirt.

Bewildered sketchy twink. Welcome to Toronto.

The Help. Welcome to Toronto.

Loved these two. They thought knew me - we talked for about 5 minutes - haven't a clue who they are.

Cliff. He owns 6 tarantulas & more sunglasses than Ivanka Trump.

Derek. Punk will never die, eh?

Omar, Richard


Tony - ah, Tony...

Valerie, me. I specialize in vertical K holes.

Very sweet poet type. Didn't catch the name.

Another year, another pride, a better time.

Friday, June 25

Gay Christmas

Ok - I'm off. I'll see you if I see you. And here's a remix, which is best blasted ::

Big Fat Cloud (Pride Survival mix).mp3

Remember - it's all fun & games until someone falls from a float - cuz then it's Gay Roadkill Drama.

Wednesday, June 23


Michael just recently posted a piece - I'll call it "I Dream Of Jennie" - which had to do with missing the online eminence grise of Jennie. I'd like to add to this tribute by mentioning her impossibly well-turned email; as enjoyable a correspondence as I've ever had [and I correspond a lot]. Here is a brief aphoristic selection of some of the zingers she's sent me ::

"but invisibility, for me, always cannotes rage.... oh wait

huh, that's really interesting"

"it's like when someone screamed at patti smith "help us, patti!"

and patti was all, "help YOU?" "

"i never considered breasts genitalia"

"*sigh* witholding men are dreamy"

"fuck it. i'm eating dinner before i kill myself.

be back around 11 pm"

"8:08 pm state, my dear.

gotta run, see you in a week."

"oh baby, hi.

me, myself i'm on a fetal position on my couch, about my freelance gigs, getting existential about my years of hedonism and regret and guilt and nothing to show for it (oh great stories). meaning no indie film, no novel, no solo show. some very intelligent smartass (sara) said, "well, it wouldn't be hedonism otherwise, baby") shut up stupid, but i didn't really say that. i just curled right back up and cried."

"madonna failed us all, dude. take time to grieve."

"but you know what? keep asking. don't stop because you think you've fucked up or you're fucked or you're hurting again, the answers will come at the most inappropriate, funny moments. beautiful delicious things sell themselves. see? i am comparing you and me to things like olive oil. trust."

"Big Turk
This definitely gets my vote for "Best Candy Bar Which Is Also Someone's Prison Nickname." It intends to taste like Turkish delight ("Loukoum") but as far as I'm concerned it's essentially Swedish fish covered in chocolate. Combining Swedish fish and chocolate is one of those really great ideas, like combining Playstation 2 and oral sex. It does not float in water. B+"

"i should explain that poem. yes, that poem is about Lady day's death, but it's also about Frank's essential "flaneur-ness". he does this and that, sees them and what, proustian transport, wanders through and then he sees the newspaper and Lady Day has died. and her scorched whisper takes over. the sound of her voice is both unexpected and inevitable. it stops the din in the memory of the bar, it stops the din in the his mind.

when something or someone ruptures the surface of daily life, was in fact always in daily life at all times."

"i'll put it this way:

very rarely do i experience people (i can name 2 counterexamples) who are in AA as anything less than retarded and maddening. i hate prostylatizing, mantra spewing, and deeply unhappy narcissism."

"if you're a child of entitlement, you walk around with a certain guilt; or at least i think you and i do. but somehow that has to end. noblesse oblige, indeed. some people, cerain parentals, just never had the quiksilver we have in our blood. and they've missed the chance we gave them over and over. what do you do with a person like that? you say goodbye."

"that was a direct order from glinda the good witch".

And to think she went to school in California....

Tuesday, June 22

We Are All In The Gutter -

- but some of us are looking at the stars ::

Big Fat Cloud.mp3

[An Oscar Wilde moment]

Sunday, June 20

You've Got Questions, I've Got Answers

In no particular order ::

1) Charles - Maybe.
2) Hunty - Yes. The rate is $200/hr.
3) Shelley - Here it is, just for you, Dear ::

Bi-Chronic (Dismemberment mix).mp3

4) Adam - Uh, I don't believe we've met...
5) DJ BoomingB - Here's your link, my friend...sorry that took so long.

Now - off to the beach.

Friday, June 18

Things To Remember, Cheat Notes

Feel as though I am simply brimming with wisdom this afternoon. Here are some tidbits ::

1) God isn't watching.
2) The meek don't want it.
3) I don't care - having a more interesting name - makes you more interesting. "Claude" isn't interesting, btw.
4) Pigs as pets is really the most retarded idea, when you think about it.
5) Sometimes, when you render people speechless, it means that they hate you.
6) If you're not 'on the same page' as me - buy another fucking book. Sister.
7) Gay Shame. Just magine the floats in THAT parade...
8) Boys who like boys who like girls who like girls who like boys....well, like, when's the giving gonna end?
9) Being a first quadrant Libra isn't all fun & games. Ok - actually - it is...but I want more. I think.
10) 'You don't know me ( la la la). But I like to think I know you' ....gestalt of the moment.
11) If Jennifer Lopez gains any more weight, we can call her 'Jell-O' [here's to hoping].

If you're planning to be in T.O next week, write me for my cell #. I'm easy.

Wednesday, June 16

State of the Union

This country is set to elect, as Prime Minister, one of 3 talking heads whose median charisma quotient is - out of 10 - roughly 2. Gay Rights have become the "hot button" issue. Please note that none of these suits will ever attend an afterhours, none of them has ever fucked a man, none of them gives a shit about you.

Anyways - here's a new mix::

Bi-Chronic (Uptake Inhibitor mix).mp3

Back to tanning.

Tuesday, June 15

Sharing Is Caring

Oh Brodie...

Sunday, June 13

Sunday Remix Cuz I Have Nothing Better To Do

From that song I wrote a while ago & can't leave alone & for a friend who should know better, by now ::

Do Me Right (Done Me Wrong mix).mp3

Life's not a bowl of cherries - the schmuck beside you is eating chocolate.

Saturday, June 12

So Here, It's Now

A new set, by my favourite DJ ::

DJ Kila :: Im Nachtclub der Vampire [wma]

Yeah - he's beyond good.

Friday, June 11

Britney Made Me Gay

Anyways, now that I've got your attention...

1. Ever wonder how to maintain a semblance of calm in today's increasingly frantic world? It's simple - just keep...

a] your powders separate
b] your friends outta jail
c] your hand off my leg

...and the rest will take care of itself.

2. Here's a new song...

Not Dead - Yet.mp3

Less...is less.

Friday, June 4

For Your Weekend Party Needs

Here are 2 mixes which, together, provide 4 hours of music by the world's best techno dj, bar none ::

Laurent Garnier :: Rex Club, pt.1 [rm]
Laurent Garnier :: Rex Club, pt.2 [rm]

Have fun, Ladies.

Thursday, June 3

Yes - Uh Huh.

Two very very nice mixes ::

Chris Gray :: caught me looking [mp3]

Greg Wilson :: Best of 83 [pls - mp3] **you gotta download the pls, which turns into an mp3. Don't ask me...but it's worth it....this is a f-a-m-o-u-s mix, many consider it the first 'real' DJ mix....**

Paradise indeed...

Wednesday, June 2

Oh God - It's Coming...

Yeah, I'm talking Gay Pride, the annual fertility rite where no children are ever produced. Which is a good thing - meth & botox combined tend to exert a deleterious effect on human offspring. Anyways - here's the required post....

First :: let's try & get into the mood ::

World Boys :: Afro Boogie

Second :: yup - I'm having a party at a hotel - like I always say I do - but usually sketch out - so never mind...

Third :: a handy dandy checklist

a) coke - yes, it's back.
b) big stupid parties - no, and, btw, I thought Chaka Khan died years ago.
c) big stupid statements - yes, 'cuz they're not just for power bottoms anymore.
d) the docks - y-e-s-s-s-s.
e) semi-out politicians - maybe - but I wanna hear 'em squeal-like-a-pig.
f) your boyfriend - already happened, Sister.
g) this year's best look - skin.

Tuesday, June 1

For A Beautiful Day

Just wrote this::


[Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Really.]