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Saturday, May 29

Party Like It's 2999

True Sterling not only wants to kill GW - she wants to have fun while doing it. So there's gonna be a party somewhere around the end of August, in NYC, to kick off the coup. For real. Everyone - and I mean everyone - is invited. We need, in no particluar order, dealers, dj's, pundits, the loudly-dressed & your geeky hacker friend to attend en masse. This group blog is serving as a steering committee of sorts - go read - it'll make sense after a while.....

Friday, May 28


...you were just born that way - or perhaps, due to some closely-felt trauma, you actually chose to become a facile asshole. Actually - the inner workings of a nazi-maniacal mind are interesting to me...but only for a little while ::

Blockhead :: Carnivores Unite [mp3]
Breakbeat Era :: Sex Change [wma]
Dirty Beatniks :: Whores, Freaks, Saints and Angels [mp3]

It's called "Better Things To Do"....guess I'll see ya in hell, Baby.

Wednesday, May 26


Here's a mix, for drifting ::

Say Vegin :: B.B.B.

Tuesday, May 25

Waiting For My Wallace

You must become an ignorant man
And see the sun again with an ignorant
And see it clearly in the idea of it.

[- Stevens, Towards A Supreme Fiction]

How true.

Wednesday, May 19

Be True To Your Own

For all my friends who think they're butch; a remix of a song I wrote a few weeks ago ::

Do Me Right (Sissy Anthem mix).mp3

[Even Charlton Heston crosses his legs, Dear...]

Tuesday, May 18


...even though we all claim to hate it, drama is what rocks our world back & forth & up & down, 24/7, in our sleep, before our eyes, inside our heads & beneath our very noses ::

Pepsi (Ultimate Drama Mix).mp3

...some people should just stand there ::


Would you have it any other way?

Sunday, May 16

Cream Rises To the Top

The one & only Todd Edwards - who could remix a yawn and make it funky funky funky - is presented for you here by Julien Ferment, that force of nature from France ::

Julien Ferment :: The Best of Todd Edwards [rm]

It's ok - you're supposed to dance to it...

Saturday, May 15

Everything Happens For A Reason

This tune was inspired by someone you all know who has, somehow, inadvertently inspired the wrath of Trolls Who Code::

Pepsi Did It With Coke.mp3

[Maybe Joe Clark is a really bad drag queen. That would explain the saliva everywhere...]

Friday, May 14

Pest Control

Honey? That's nice, thanks for your input. Now - go find a friend.

Past Blasts

Feeling singularly uninspired by anything today.....(chalk it up to Pre-Pride Anticipatory Anxiety - which float, which wand, which geo-political stance to adopt vis-a-vis lipstick lesbians with waterguns - btw - any thoughts?)...I decided to post some old songs of mine, 'cause some of you have been kind enough to express an interest ::

Pro Tribal.mp3



Now - all I have to do, is to turn 'interest' into 'income'...

Tuesday, May 11

For Your Quiet Moments....

Better than Spider Solitaire - or Crankbunny, for that matter...

Monday, May 10


...came rather suddenly, according to my legs. I think I over-danced this weekend ( fly - erroneous review - no-one in their right mind would drive from NY to TO - we go there 'cuz it's our social duty to; then Comfort Zone - funny review - btw, it's not meth, it's K & no-one has been shot there for at least 5 months). So - since my fingers are the only thing working today - I did a remix of a stupid song I wrote a few weeks back ::

Something's On Your Face (Everything's A-OK mix).mp3

I also accidently left my bank card & certain vital facial products (ok - like almost the entire Clarins' mens' line) at Brodie's...but am unconcerned since a) I have no money anymore anyhow and b) Brodie has good skin. Thank heavens for small miracles.

Saturday, May 8

Taking Orders

Reposts of old songs of mine - for Kendal & Mel, who asked - but didn't want to be named ::

D.I.M.Y. (InTheBubble mix).mp3

Coatcheck (MaintainMix).mp3

ForReal (WayTooLate dub).mp3

Hey...It's my page.

Friday, May 7

Good Folks

People sometimes wonder why I prefer to post DJ mixes rather than straight 'artist' singles. That's easy - DJ's are generally nicer people than most contracted-to-death musicians. And DJ's, from what I've seen, actually give a shit about your experience of the product they put out. Musical generosity, dontcha you know.....

Anyways - Mr. Black has written to let me know that he wants y'all to hear this, his lastest ::

Gabriel Black :: ft [mp3]

Have an incredible weekend.

Thursday, May 6

Techy - Funky - Fabulous

Jay Tripwire :: Frying Pan [mp3]

Gabriel Black :: Highlander [mp3]

DJ Oxide :: Grocery Shopping [mp3]

Wednesday, May 5

Nothing To Do With Anything

Ah, 2003....remember it?.....here's a tasty flashback ::

King James :: A Night In Chicago

Then again, there's nothing like the here & now ::

Dino & Terry :: Yellow (WMC - 2004)

Tuesday, May 4

People Who Need People

For most of my adult life, I've professed to & proselytized about the virtues of being single. Even during a long long l-o-n-g period a while back when I had nothing but boyfriends. I'm sure you're well-acquainted with the whole I'm-so-over-bf's song 'n dance.....

"YOU are the only one who can make YOU happy"
"Men are dogs"
"Relationships are for uptight breeders"
"Settling makes you fat"

Well, Super-Libra that I am (almost every house), I've had a change of heart. I've come to the realization that even though I quite like to be alone - in actual fact, I don't do well alone. The Entourage - hi guys!!! - just doesn't cut it anymore....and I'm worried that my already high-maintenance disposition is going to morph - as I, uh, 'mature' - into a full-fledged service plan, which only a love-struck/love-stupid partner would consider tackling. Recently, I've had horrific visions of a future, hermetic sean; never leaving his home except to buy smokes & coffee, calling people, suddenly, at all hours, changing outfits 6 times a day for no reason, cleaning the tub a lot, committing acts of random rudeness....

You know - just like a meth head - but without the meth.

So - my goal is to be successfully hitched by next October - which gives me tons of room in which to change my mind a few more times, whine, fuck around over the summer & re-adjust my presentation from that of Klub Klutz to Viable Guy. Oh yeah - plus, I gotta actually find someone....and here's what I've thought about that ::

Entrance Requirements Into My Life

Have A Name I Can Pronounce :: I think Arab guys are totally hot - but I'm worried that Farsi could come between us.

Know How To Use A Phone Book :: I've learned that this is often an indicator of bigger more important things (don't ask.)

Look, Well, Uh, Delicious :: Notice that I didn't say "hot", "yummy", "drop dead"....delicious is an entirely different concept, which is difficult to quantify through the usual gay custom of using porn lingo & ruler measurements. If you don't know what "delicious" is, you're not.

Understand The Difference Between A Mood Swing & An Argument :: ...and we'll probably get along just fine.

Don't Make Me Meet Your Mother. Ever :: One is enough, ok?

Love Is Optional - But Tardiness Is Just Plain Rude :: I hate a) to wait, b) people who are late and c) the bullshit that goes with it. Bring the other guy if you have to...just don't me make stand there like an idiot who doesn't know what time it is.

Money Is Always Appropriate :: So let me help you spend it.

No Dogs, No Kids, No Matching Sweaters :: I know, I know...that this even has to be stated, eh?

Oh yeah - I almost forgot - Cancers are off the list......

Monday, May 3

Oh God It's, Uh.....Monday

Fer what ails ya ::


[bloody effin' bongos, I swear]

Saturday, May 1

Politically Inchoate.

Really wrong - but funny - but wrong - but, ah, really REALLY funny - no - it's wrong - but SO fucking funny - but - God, what am I thinking? - so so SO wrong - ok, just one my more read...