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Friday, April 30

Do You Detect A Theme?

Some mixes, for adults ::

Markus Enochson :: Deep Vibes [wma]

Phat Phil Cooper :: Deep Acid Soul [rm]

Rayka S :: Public Handshake [mp3]

Wednesday, April 28

Home Grown

A remix...for the 7:11am crowd ::

Do Me Right (Church Street Prance mix).mp3

[...and you're there....]

Tuesday, April 27

Friends In High Places.

God help me, but I love me some Runtboy. If you ever manage to get into his apartment unscathed, be sure to check out the a) edgy vintage wardrobe, b) the edgy vintage furniture ("Don't TOUCH that!!! - it's REAL"), c) the edgy vintage cameras, d) the French Decor magazines which occupy most of the available floor space, e) the Big Important Books which occupy most of the available wall space, and, of course, f) the surfeit of glamorous debris (bottles, baggies, et al..) from all that Cotes de Rhone & Poudre de Columbe.

Think Debby Harry - with a beard.

Monday, April 26

New Music

I wrote this yesterday, for all the unhappy in my life who make it a point to act compulsively happy ::

Do Me Right.mp3

[Sometimes No Maintenance is, in fact, High Maintenance. Put that in your pipe & smoke it.]

Friday, April 23

Do Unto Others

A selection from the collection for ej ::

Swayzak :: Kensal Rising.mp3

Micatone :: Plastic Bags & Magazines.mp3

Undercover Agency :: Fire The Flame.mp3

Secret Weapons :: Bumps.mp3

Thursday, April 22

Blogging Basics

:: When the well runs dry, the animals start to look at each other differently ::

:: Beauty is in the eye of the be-coder ::

:: Even if your blog looks like a Soviet Block Burger King ::

:: Gay men still have no clue how to fight fair ::

:: Everyone's fucking fabulous ::

:: Yes - even you, dear...you just gotta believe it, ok? ::

Wednesday, April 21

Recycling For A Better Tomorrow

Here's yet another remix of a song I wrote a few months back. It doesn't mean....

DivaInMyYard (It's Your Fucking Life mix).mp3

...a thing.

Tuesday, April 20

Eat Your Heart Out, JT Brown

My backyard - is better than yours...

[awaiting your best shot, baby]

Monday, April 19

World's Most Under-Rated DJ(s)

Super-smooth Pucci house ::

Ben Watt

And we musn't forget this Vancouver purveyor of High Tech ::

Tyler 'T-Bone' Stadius

Sunday, April 18

Food As Drug

Due to a variety of reasons - ok, let's just call it Sudden Onset Agoraphobia Precipitated By A Tired Scene and, uh, no money - I forwent (?) the usual chemical soup this weekend, and actually found myself focussing instead on food as my main entertainment. Ohmygod - the stuff is good. Really, really good. Especially when liberally seasoned with the secret ingredient I've heard referred to as "PaidForBySomeoneElse".

From Friday 'til about 10 minutes ago, I've inhaled the following, courtesy family/friends/fans ::

:: Osso Bucco - Oh my Lord Jesus, that marrow gloop that lurks within the bone tastes as delicious as it sounds disgusting; my particular portion consisted of this ginormous joint 'mounted' atop a small mogul of saffron-flavoured egg pasta, which, in turn, was 'enrobed' in an olive-flecked sorta ratatouille sauce. Love Menu-ese. Anyways, I broke down and licked the plate, much to the delight of our barely legal Cuban busboy (Miguel), who, btw, is gonna meet me at Boa next Fri. if I go, 'cuz I had promised Shelley that I'd.....ooops, tangents, fuck.

:: Nutella - I were ever to become Prime Minister or Queen of Canada, I would extend the government's parvue over child welfare such that each kid would get their own jar every week, free. You know, 'investing in the future' blah blah blah. Plus - I do not understand how one can reasonably expect anybody to share the stuff.

:: Nacho Cheese Flavoured Combo's - Fuck off, ok? They're better than smoking crack - although they do leave the same hideous taste in your mouth after a while. To be eaten in private, with the blinds down.

:: Shrek Edition M & M's (Peanut) - Peanuts contain lots of protein (apparently) and chocolate contains lots of white refined sugar (obviously)....so I can't believe I haven't eaten these my entire life. And the tone-on-tone shrek colours are fun.

:: Baco Noir - Wine's a food, right? Went great with the -

:: Caerphilly Cheese - which, I was told, is the English precursor to our beloathed Cheddar. I discovered, however, that it's tendency towards dental adhesion renders it a lousy date food [thank god I have a nice ass].

:: Oreo Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches - Total genius, these 'sequels' are actually better than the original. Now...how often does that happen?

Methinks it's about time I trade in my feeding tube.

Saturday, April 17


What the fuck - electroclash is so 'out' right now that it's destined to be 'in' again in a matter of a few short years - so I thought I'd beat the Music Trendoids to the punch. Here's my paean to Miss Kitten ::


[yeah, well, she can afford way better coke than I can....]

Thursday, April 15

Miss Demeanor

Girl - if you needed some bling that badly - you shoulda called...

Tuesday, April 13

Just For La Jennie ::

Artist to Marry Dead Poet: Isidore Ducasse aka Comte de Lautreamont to Wed Shishaldin

Utilizing an obscure clause in French law, New York based artist Shishaldin is seeking governmental approval of her impending marriage to a deceased writer.

(PRWEB) March 29, 2004--An American artist marrying a French poet is hardly an unusual occurrence, unless, of course, the poet in question has been dead for 134 years. Utilizing an obscure clause in French law, an American artist, Shishaldin, has requested permission to marry Isidore Ducasse. Ducasse, writing under the nomme de guerre Comte De Lautreamont, is the author of "Les Chants De Maldoror", widely acknowledged as one of the masterpieces of 19th century French literature. His death at the age of 24, capped a short, controversial, and mysterious career.

Under French Civil Code 171, the President has the authority to sanction marriages between the dead and the living. The law was enacted in 1959 when then President Charles de Gaulle toured the town of Frejus where a dam had burst, killing hundreds. A young woman approached him with the request that she be able to marry her dead fiancee. A special law was passed and, to date, several hundred couples have been married as a result.

“As an artist, I feel compelled to make a bold stand in defense of marriage. I view marriage as a union that cannot be defined, a union of souls and minds, the sort of union celebrated by art and literature…in fact, a marriage of art and literature.” says the 23 year old bride to be.

The question of money is not an issue as the law prohibits financial gain that was not already provided for in a pre-existing will. Additionally, the author’s works have long since entered the public domain.

“This isn’t about money, this is about love and marriage and art. It is about enhancing the stature of a great artist through a spiritual partnership. This is the true spirit of marriage,” continues Shishaldin. “Our marriage would also be significant as a symbolic gesture of healing between our two great nations. This would be a marriage that spans across cultures, continents, centuries, and even the mortal plane itself.”

The marriage is still awaiting confirmation from French President Jacques Chirac but is scheduled for July of 2004.

About The Couple:
Isidore Ducasse: Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, the French national is best known for his work under the pseudonym Comte de Lautreamont. His novel "Les Chants De Maldoror" is universally regarded as one of the masterpieces of French literature.

Shishaldin: The 23 year old artist resides in Brooklyn where she is an MFA candidate at Pratt Institute. She originally hails from Alaska where she was the statewide women's tennis champion. She is the recipient of numerous awards in tennis and track and recently completed a piece called "Berserker: Meat Marathon" wherein she ran the 2003 NYC Marathon clad in salami. She has been awarded Outstanding Merit in Sculpture from Pratt Institute and was featured on the cover of The Coagula Art Journal. "Shishaldin: Collected Works and Writings", an 80 page illustrated book chronicling the artist’s career, was recently published.

Fuck Canada - let's all get married in France...

Monday, April 12


An Impertinent Yet Charming Little Number From Languedoc.

There was also a fair dose of Big City Mayhem ( Facist Power Bottoms, Coco Puffs, & Dance Club Mediocrity)....but you've heard all that before.

Thursday, April 8


There are strange plants making their appearance in my yard - this seemed appropriate ::

Oh So Stush (Sacre du Printemps mix).mp3

Wednesday, April 7

Deep Thoughts (b)

"Just looking for loopholes."

- W.C. Fields, reading the Bible on his deathbed.

Sunday, April 4

There Is A God, Afterall..

Abs-tonio Sabato attacked.

[Listen to the parasite in the background say "that was totally HOT..."]

Grammy-nominated comedy writers never die....they just end up writing funny shit for FAB

[Paul used to write for Kids In The Hall. I used to live with his sister - who's even funnier.]

It's good to have goals in life

[I've followed this guy from the beginning. Kind of an inverse Michael Jackson.]

Coolest DJ in the world - this week.

[One of the reasons why everyone in Toronto secretly envies everyone Montreal]

Saturday, April 3

And On And On

Here 's a repetitive thumping monochromatic remix of a repetitive thumping monochromatic song I posted a few days ago ::

TurnOut (I Saw Him First mix).mp3

Just the way I like 'em....