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Wednesday, December 31

It's Over

Wow. We made it. Just. [This year, let's avoid the precipice altogether, n'k?]

Time to dance this mess around...

Our Buddy, Paul Farris....

Tuesday, December 30

High Resolutions

It's not about becoming 'better'; it's about evolving. I think. Anyways - here's the mandatory list of things which others have suggested I might want to pay attention to for '04::

Divert more funds to footwear - and less to nose candy - whatever.
Talk less, listen more - whatever...(you're snickering, I'm being glacial - see? I've already started)
Make - More - Money - I always put this on the list, but actually haven't a clue how to do it legally.
Adopt a more sincere, less socially promiscuous modus operandi for dealing with others, particularly during nightlife excursions - Ditto.
Open up my heart - or close my legs - I can't help it if others crush on me. But I promise to be nicer this time....
Get invited to a Gay Wedding - I cannot believe that no-one has asked me to attend a Gay Matrimonial Gala yet!!! I mean - I know, know a helluvalotta minimally cute priests, am only a size 6 (Ladies), most of my shoes are already dyed to go with matching outfits, and have a general idea of who has what rash where. I'm talking p-e-r-f-e-c-t b-r-i-d-e-s-m-a-i-d material.
Skincare, hardcore - This is too depressing to even think about. The mirror crack'd...
Revamp this here page - So fabulous it will blow your mind. As soon as Colin finishes that course....
Burning Man - Everyone is going next year. It's all I care about. 4,000 freaks in a desert playing with matches, while on drugs. Sounds just like Toronto - only warmer.
Let Donnie have his way with me - At the Dorchester, in London, after plying me with well-aged English Beef, Oysters & several bottles of Chateau Petrus. Make sure it's a '66, Darlin'.....

Up, up and away.....

Saturday, December 27

Post Binge

I have one thing to say....burrrrp.

Here's something I wrote for the New Year, which, incidentally, is already starting to feel old ::


See ya at Fly.

Saturday, December 20


Probably because they only come in white. Ha Ha.

[And forget trying to play this on it]

[But you could play this...except Podders don't present as a terribly deep bunch, now do they?]

To the holidays - and their speedy coda.

Friday, December 19


A new song ::

And Who Are You.mp3

Wednesday, December 17

Guided Tour

Somewhere along the way, we lost touch & morphed into polar opposites, the unproud parents of an aching void. So why go on? There is no more truth - freedom is for, well, the free - and dignity can only exist so long in a hyperbaric chamber. I never thought it would be like this - and neither, to your greater dismay, did you.

Only children seem to understand...never ask the "why" of a promise.

Monday, December 15

Weekend Residue


To :: Hell's Angels, Pharmaceutical Division
Re :: Those nasty nasty tabs

That latest batch of double-stacks can cause e-blues of such intensity that some of my friends are worried they may kill their pets over the next few days. Killer roll, however.....

A Concerned Customer

Here's a piece of music if you're so afflicted ::

Le Ditzko.mp3

Thursday, December 11


Here's a lovely & mellow mix, for what ails ya ::

Soul Vision

Wednesday, December 10

What You Should Do

I'm gonna be serious here, for about a nano-second, ok?

People are freaking out everywhere :: Help them calm down, by whatever means necessary. Sometimes, that means grinning & bearing it - even if you're a diva.

What you say carries weight :: Think. First.

You own way more than you need :: Share it. You will also look good - and you can always borrow back at a later date. This, of course, does not include make-up.

If someone's driving you crazy, it's for a reason :: Who knows why - but you might as well comply - they have their reasons. And like, you've always been such a peach...

It takes a lot of work, over many years, for someone to de-volve into a Total Loser :: So you're not gonna be able to cure 'em over night. Don't worry - they, too, shall pass.

There - that should satisfy my guru. Now - where all dem gifts?.....

Monday, December 8

And Thoughts Turn Towards New Years...

...and dancing for 3 days straight. So I wrote a 'new' song ::

Mr. Van Helden Doesn't Know Me.mp3

[it's a lot better loud]

Oh yeah - and Baby? Rock on.

Sunday, December 7

When Jews Do Christmas -

- basically, it's just another excuse to a) overeat and b) show the WASP nation what's what - without any of that cheezy hagiolatry/tannenbaum (...please...) crap.

And don't even get me started on shopping...

This one, who is far too talented for her own good, is withering under the misapprehension that Truth In Blogging Has Moral Implications. Come on boys...someone help her out, ok?

For Ghislaine de Rothschild, the scariest quote ever ::

"Creatures extremely low in the intellectual scale may have conception. All that is required is that they should recognize the same experience again. A polyp would be a conceptual thinker if a feeling of "Hello! thingumabob again!" ever flitted through its mind". - Wiiliam James.

[Bill despises the same people, I think...]

Friday, December 5

One Last Thing...

Here's a remix/revision of a rather irritating song I wrote last year ::

Huh (it's all about me mix).mp3

Thursday, December 4

Shalom Doesn't Call Me Anymore

Actually - I don't even know her. So anyways, here's a remix ::

Boulevard (General Anna Thetic Mix).mp3

Wednesday, December 3

And They're Off !!!!

I'll see ya 3, and raise y'all one ::

"There are certain persons for whom pure truth is a poison" - Andre Maurois

Tuesday, December 2


You re-attain consciousness, trying to arch one of your sensational eyebrows, and cast a glance at the peer group. They don't recognize you - for a second - but when they do, there's a lot of embarrassed over-compensation & reflexive gushing. I wonder if they were talkin' 'bout me? Everyone, apparently, "loves you" - but no-one tells you why. You're not the only one to have fucked the DJ - just the first, that's all. And I most certainly didn't broadcast it. Bitch. Remembrance of Things Past Flattered informs you that you're funny and have a nice ass. Nice ass. What a charming affirmation. Choosing your issues carefully, you move on; blaisé faire is the mood, the attitude and the credo - huh?....exactly. Of course - you look fucking great. But so does everyone else. All that work for nothing. It's lonely at the top. No-one I know pays rent ever. When you don't know what to wear, start with your hair. Thank god I'm not fat. Look - Sean's here! We really, really want you to come...blah blah blah.

Perhaps this is the last, most maudlin stage in gay adult male development - called "not that fabulous anymore". Or maybe I'm just in a really toxic mood.