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Wednesday, November 26

One For The Team

Someone sent me an email today where they asked, among other things, if I were gay.


Which inspired me to write this ::


[Totally gay, Darlin'. Totally.]

Tuesday, November 25

Doing My Part

Monday, November 24

Relationships Can Kill Ya

Tired but true. More reasons to remain single ::

:: 'Cuddling' in public - the physical equivalent of asking "do you think I'm fat?", this behaviour usually rears it's needy head when the sex starts to suck.

:: My friends are your friends - uh, that would be "no" - mine just want to fuck you, Sweety; big difference, n'k?

:: Nothing to talk about - thank god for coffee-table books.

:: Nothing to talk about (2) - thank god for double-stacked tabs.

:: Nothing to talk about (3) - and K.

:: Your respective mothers become involved - Even my therapist shakes her head at this one....

:: What happened to my Y-3's? - He's wearing them. Again.

:: Unabated cynicism - in other words, you encourage all your friends to have affairs....lo & behold, Projection is a four-letter word.

:: Strange fashion choices - that "For Sale" party T is nice - once in a while...

All I want for x-mas - is my own time-zone.

Saturday, November 22

Sunday Best

New - and straight from his deck to your head ::

DJ Kila :: sink the pink.wma

and, on a flakier note, from me ::


[music makes the room go round...]

Thursday, November 20

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

Wellbutrin makes you think like that, I swear...anyways, I wrote a song to mark my latest mood swing ::


[Happy Thoughts - only - today, please & thank you]

Tuesday, November 18

Nailing It

speak in tongues

her mouth open wide
she only knows
how to speak in tongues
and it’s the width
that worries me

- Bitterman

Oh so true.

Saturday, November 15

Home Alone

And on a Saturday, no less....so I wrote some music ::


Actually, rumours of my demise are untrue - I'm just saving my energy (read = money) for tomorrow's night with her which takes place here. Honey can be all over the place (read = cracked out) - but she's always fun. So if you're bored (read = TO contingent), come join me and the gang for some hazin' and a fazin'.

I'll be in red & blue (read = next season).

Friday, November 14

Friday, Finally....

This is kinda fun....

Thursday, November 13

I Guess There Is A God, After All...

This from The CBC ::

New York renames street corner after Joey Ramone

NEW YORK - The City of New York will honour Joey Ramone by renaming a street corner after the late punk legend.

Beginning Nov. 30, the intersection of East Second and The Bowery will be known as Joey Ramone Place. The legendary club CBGB, where The Ramones made their name in the 1970s, is on the same city block.

Since Ramone's death in April 2001, following a long battle with cancer, there have been several tributes to the band, now considered a musical pioneer despite never having enjoyed commercial success.

Most recently, a tribute album was produced and, in 2002, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Right Fucking On.

Wednesday, November 12

[The Things We Do For Our Friends...God...]

Someone get Queen Mum a drink, fast....me thinks her bag is leaking.

West Coast Wonders

Well, it's decided - I'm going to Vancouver for New Years. You see, I wanna hear DJ Kila throw sets like this.

Tuesday, November 11

Sister Gurlfriend is Actually My Sister

Now watch my sister, Kendra, age before your very eyes ::

Happy Birthday, sib......

Friday, November 7

Old War Stories

This guy made a good point a few posts ago when he wondered aloud over what seems to come of all the collective wisdom & experience that should reside within - but these days seems to have vanished from - any kind of dialogue with many Not-So-Young-Anymore gay people. Bitter self-editing queens who don’t wanna share, the lot of ‘em…..if I’m reading JH right.

Well, I may be bitter – but I love to gab – and, on a pseudo-profound note, kinda think it’s something of an individual responsibility to re-hash antics from one’s sordid past (assuming one has one) for our gay youngin’s – esp. since “How to be a plausible sketchy fag” has yet to find inclusion in the syllabi of any school I’ve come across (can you just imagine attending such a class? One would receive marks for their entrance.) Moreover, stop to consider that Personal Experience is really not all that removed from General History – and is key to the survival of our culture, the evolution of our traditions, and the as yet unattained legitimacy of our ‘alternative lifestyle’ . In other words - if you’ve lived to tell it – you’re automatically a somebody.

I’m gonna go way back….

Story #1 – Le Papillion

There used to be this restaurant in Hamilton, Ont., where I lived for a brief & unfortunate period of my adolescence, called Le Papillion; it’s name – wow, c’est French – bestowed upon it an immediate and secretly acknowledged bohema-queer status, so, although it was nominally an eating establishment, a creperie no less, it became something of a clandestine prancing ground for gay teenagers. They also served alcohol to anyone with a pulse, which was an additional draw. Anyways, this is the place where I, at age 15 or 16, after a boozy & widely flirtatious evening, I found myself hooking up with a few others to form my first orgy ever. And what a bizarre bunch they were – I especially recall a white Bahamian couple (Xavier & Sondra, or something like that...) who spoke with this weird inflection, a children’s book writer (Ralston – he later turned into my 2nd official BF), my best and later thoroughly schizophrenic friend Jacquie and this teen hunk, Josh. Josh and I attended the same high school, where we used to peer at each other suspiciously. Indeed – they are almost always named ‘Josh’. In record time, we organized ourselves ride-wise & ended up at someone’s house in nearby Dundas, where I was guided, room by room, by the aforementioned couple, and introduced to various people in various couplings who used various sex toys. I was not impressed with the sex toys. I just wanted sex with Josh, and learnt right then & there, that a) you can have sex with someone whom you find unattractive as a purely strategic manoeuvre in order to get to the one you want, and b) a lot of people are unattractive.

Oh – and I also learnt to never have sex on mushrooms.

Story #2 – Joe

Joe was the first guy with whom I had semi-consensual sex. He had a recently immigrated from Poland, had a breathtaking Slovak build and picked me up in this parking lot one night; he was older & dumb & sexy & had this gigantic Ford LTD with vile green bordello-brocade upholstery which I remember so well – cause we had sex in the back seat. Or rather – I just lay there & watched as the amazing reality of oral sex unfolded in my lap & came to understand what all the fuss was about. A few days later, he showed up at my door bearing the 3 pizzas my family had just ordered from a joint nearby. I had, if I recall, a small seizure – but no-one was the wiser (I had not come out to my parents yet). He just winked at me – and we remained friends for a number years hence. Lessons learnt? Find out what they do for a living first and “it’s a small world” is more than a just a perky Disney-ism.

[Hey – I’ve just started….]

Thursday, November 6

Those Pesky Kids...

From this guy, here's The Funniest Site Ever.

When In Doubt - Remix.

Self-explanatory ::


Tuesday, November 4

Music For A Poster

I love this poster ::

And I wrote a song for it ::


Society's been sick for a long time, eh?

Monday, November 3

A Good Thing About Socialism

Go here and see how Canadian Tax Dollars are spent. No wonder everyone thinks we're so funny - there's actually funding for it.

Saturday, November 1

Cause Mikey Likes It

Here's a remix for this fine specimen ::


[I live to serve].