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Tuesday, July 30


I think there is something really creepy about anime.......

All those little pre-pubescent warrior/lawn-gnomes, eyes agape, like E-toddlers in space. All these strange girls with relentlessly cute sites brimming with graphics, pleading with you not to steal their images (honey, this is the internet).

Ditzy, with an edge.

Speaking of personality disorders, take this harmless little test.....I was so freaked out, I re-took it like 3 times. No fucking way am I posting my results!!! I mean, what if a member of the interesting & sexy set happened to visit or something?

As if.

Saturday, July 27


Here she is, my hero...

watch out, she bites..

I got this - and the following pics - at her site..it's amazing, this simply endless array of pics with quotes/anecdotes about the party/runway show/life of Miss Jones. Here are more pics,

with that hat, she needs to book 2 seats per flight..

Her former lover talks about she has trashed her career by partying too much, and how she could care less. This other groupie details how she pulls fans onstage,,by their hair (!). Her live shows sound like events - once she shows up.

This is a blow-by-blow action sequence of Grace belting some rude interviewer in the face (go to the site for the full story)..

Wham! Pow! Crack!

Probably the only celeb I would think of joining a fan club for..

Now onto shameless plugs. This is the new logo of the only decent blogging group I follow - in case you're unfamiliar with TO, that is a streetcar, and, no, there's street anywhere in TO called Desire..

The site is linked to the left ("Toronto the good"), go visit, they're a cut above the usual bloggin' dreck.

Now I'm off to find my old copy of "Slave to the Rhythm"...

Monday, July 22


Oh my, such good music during the summer. Go here (for tempting sample) or here (under mixes, for full length) to hear Il Padrinos "how good your love is". Nice thumpy garage, makes you feel instantly fabulous. Of course, the come down is harsh...

This site is very very cool. Emily, I think you should post here. Really!

She's called Cruella DeDuck,

always match your shadow with your beak, ladies.

I don't know why I find that so funny. Must be my day of Mirth. Anyway, check this one out...

are you sure you want this one in your wedding album?

Obviously, a handgun wedding.


Sunday, July 21

Let's all remember that blogging is just, well, blogging...... Jumping from cyberness to realness is tricky. I went here last thurs., for just such an event - a worldwide blogging "meetup" - but was only half surprised to find that I was unable to find anyone. Which was, in small part, a relief since I was all raver-twink, and the bar was all breeder-yups. I, uh, left quickly.

Next time, I'm going to be alot more careful with my anonymity.

Speaking of club wear, check out this funny shirt, called "lap dance",

clothes for men with small dicks.

I found it, along with a wide range of pimp & ho couture, at this cheeesy site. Notice the particularly stupid grins on the guys with receeding hairlines. The camera doesn't lie, eh?

See on my spot at the curb...

Tuesday, July 16

Praise be!! ....Lordy - I'm back!

Easiest flight I ever dazed through, despite the really wierd reaction to the Wellbutrin I took that morning. I thought that stuff was supposed to prevent anxiety.

I managed to find a so-so/OK afterhours the night before I left...it was called "foreever", or "flight deck", or "flags ahoy" - I dunno, it just started with an "f" is alls' I know, see? The bouncers thought I was dealing because I was so aggressive in trying to obtain treats (rather good, actually), but I talked my way out of it - and i think I'd be kinda hard to take seriously as a dealer, anway. I can't pull-off "tough" very well. Hungout with this college guy from Puerto Rico (every time he'd shout something in my ear, I'd get an ear full off his memorable lips. Shivers I have, for days!), he got kinda draining, wouldn't leave, good idea/bad idea situation, you get the picture. Anyway, I danced for like 5 hours straight with this group of neo-ravettes, I love girls like these at a club - they're so much fun, and not nearly as sweet as they look.

Here are some pics by Leni Riefenstahl-whatever - she was like Hitler's publicist (which makes people hate her) & a talented photographer (which makes people uncomfortable). I'm Jewish, we're allowed, so relax, OK?

Anyways, she was doing Bruce Webber before he got fat.


nice eh?


when you're a nazi, I guess everything has to be perfect...


Someone is doing wierd searches on Yahoo, using my name - like "fuck off, Sean", "eat shit & die, Sean" and (the wierdest of all), "sex on a door with Sean". And then they visit this site. I'd love to know who you are, because you sound like a person who knows how to use their spare time effectively. Drop me a line, let me know when visiting hours are, OK dear?


Sunday, July 7


Recently, I have been asked, for various reasons & through various forums (including this one - thx for the love, btw), to "describe" myself...can be a very tricky question....over the years (uh, you can stop counting, ok?) I've learned to refer this query to the stars, and let my sun-sign do the talking; so, for those who've recently indicated that they absolutely, positively need to know, I'll now quote the ever-cool Linda Goodman, on the topic of those born under the lucky sign of LIBRA, and you will know what you need to know.

"LIBRA - ....has learned that there is in the world (and in people) both night and day - good and evil - dark and light. Experience has taught Libra men & women to judge their fellows fairly. Because it shatters Libra's conscience to be unfair, decisions are difficult and painful {HELLO!}. Libra acts with a blend of wisdom composed of knowledge gained through one excursion into Water, and from twice experiencing Fire, Earth and Air.....Libra's positive qualities are justice, intelligence, charn, gentleness, and emotional balance...[negative qualities] are laziness, procrastination, indecision, argumentativeness, pleasure-seeking {uh-huh} and temperament...they recognize only that they love. It has not yet occurred to them to wonder why.

Well put, Linda. Actually, she makes everyone sound good (except for Cancerians, poor sensitive souls that they are).

Visit this site, it's the original/best online nighclub around - there are others like you!!

Saturday, July 6

Ottawa is NOT ok. I take back whatever nice things I said about it before. This is stultifying boredom at it's worst. I don't know what I was thinking when I a) agreed to undertake the "little" mission which brought me here and b) agreed to continue to undertake the "little" mission which brought me here.

Ethnic food in Ottawa means either Poutine or Shawarma. Barf.

Downtown looks like any Eastern-Bloc capital, circa 1978, while most residential areas could be taken, together, as an homage to the Brady Bunch school of split-level/what-a-lawn architecture.

People here are really really really earnest. And sincere.

Anyhow.....thank god for G I V E N C H Y, leave it to them to provide some of the best escapism on the net.

only 10 days 'til I'm home again......

Tuesday, July 2

Did everyone survive the weekend? How?

Ottawa is OK. Good place to read (currently "The Passover Plot", author asserts Jesus faked his own death. Less "Inside Edition" than it sounds. Sorry, no link to speak of), not so good to for clubbing ("Icon" - drag queens partying after a shopping spree at Payless). Nathalie, Derrick & Gerry (uh, YUM!) were fun. Rani, you were an unmitigated nightmare. Don't crash a party & force everyone there to read your look, and then get all pissy when assorted guests point out (correctly) that your wig is on backwards. God.

I can't do pics, I'm not at my 'puter, this piece of tin I'm currently using is some relic from an early anthropological era (mid 90's) on dial-up.

Christine - email me ("send me love"), I got your message, but can't flagrantly abuse the long distance plan of my hosts.