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Thursday, June 27

Bon Voyage - - - - - - I'm off to Ottawa (like right now, I'm going to miss the plane if I don't hurry up)- - - - -just wanted to post this really funny pic of the the poor lamented Gary Coleman (different strokes midget). Yes, he's in drag.

work it, honey....

Look, blonde makes the guy feel tall, so give 'im a break, ok?

Here's a hunk from the past (way past). They don't make 'em like they used to, eh?

hurray for hollywood.

Have a Happy Pride (sniffle).

I'm sure my glaring absence won't totally destroy it for you...

Sunday, June 23

Hi. It's Sunday and I'm bored. Nothing to do, except scour the net for celebrity scat. This is the best I could do;

someone told her the blue would hide the scars.....

She never used to scare me - until now.

Sunday was always a good day for sex, but I don't know anymore....this group seeks to change all that (I think).

Here, the line should be, "I won't get INTO bed for less than $10,000". Linda? Cross your legs, OK?

Linda, thinking.

He inspired the above (watch "Bellini's Drive, you'll see), he just seems to understand her so well.

I have to go now....my neighbour's lawn mower just caught fire (!), literally - I was watching her peripherally while typing this - , and I think I should go help her ( read=keep my house from catching fire, it's all wood). At least I'm not bored anymore.

Friday, June 21

...astounding technique....

I don't know whether this picture makes me hungry or horny.

Yes, that's Brad.

Pass the Mayo.

Wednesday, June 19


Christine - lunch? Write/call me...my treat.

You know, Superstars are a dime a dozen these days. 15 minutes can be too long. I know you know what I mean. However, there remain a select, special few, who acquit themselves with distinction not only on but off stage as well. Like, this pioneering goddess, who still makes the time to connect, personally, with the many workaday plebs who've had the good fortune to intersect - however briefly - her starry path to Famedom.

Here's another pleasant celeb. My friend Jennifer B. and I gave him some E once at a club in Van., about 2 years ago. Nice in person, but kinda hagged out,


Ok - now for something completely different from the breeder world. This is sort of, uh, off. So slick, so sick. Ladies, watch out - that adorable computer geek you're thinking of fucking is toxic.

....til we meet anon....

Tuesday, June 18

Today, for some unknown reason, I've been thinking of New York, where, once, a long time ago, I used to live.

famous nyc personality, stevie.... (courtesy Motherboardsnyc.com)

Well, actually, maybe it's because I get paid thursday, and can get a really cheap ticket, and I really want to go, and know, if I go, I probably won't return. Which is how everyone feels after they visit NY, right?

Although clubs there aren't what they used to be (nothing, it seems, is what it used to be), it still packs more stimluation per tenament than anywhere else in the western world....

Amanda Lapore.....(motherboardsnyc.com, again)

Before I go, though, I definitely want to check out this ultra-cool bunch. Here's Miss Guy, in all her glory, with the cute bassist (I think);


So, I'll be busy over the next few weeks - first, Ottawa (never mind); then (I just decided) NYC. Thx to Darious re: party tips in and around our nations capital. I didn't realize it was that bad....don't worry, you'll still get your prize (yawn).

Anyhow, we'll talk soon, won't we?

ps - I was recently rejected by this so-called service to the "blogging community". If you're so inclined, please flame them.

Friday, June 14

Someone is recruiting again. Now, we're supposed to write about Pride Week/Month/Era, preferrably of a personal nature. Hmmm.....now, I wonder if I should go flip & funny, or stark, serious & slightly depressing?

BTW, for the uninitiated, that pretty much sums up Pride Celebrations everywhere.

I've got it. First, let's just skip the stories, shall we? Gay politics is getting a little too 12-stepish for my liking - sharing is not always caring. Pretty much all of us are survivors of some sort of abuse, we've all experienced sustained emotional isolation, we can out-party and out-organize any other life form, we invented sex, blah blah blah.....y'all been to this church before, right?

The only thing I can (and feel like) sharing is the simplistic code I try to live my gay (among other things) life by - because after all the crap & craziness & drama & fun & enforced sobriety & outfits & death, it's the most important thing I've got. So, here goes;

1. Everyone is basically good.

2. That includes you.

3. The future is always better. Think about that for a second.

4. You have no idea what others are thinking.

5. When things get very very shitty, remember what the Chinese say - "your eyes are in front of your head"

6. Only have sex with people you like. Tell them what you like about them.

7. Try really hard not to lie.

8. Dancing - in any form - is the most therapeutic thing you can do.

9. Your mother gave birth to you. Yes, it's true - you owe her BIG TIME.

Armed with this trite little litany, I manage to remain fairly proud, most of the time. I think people (these days) would rather I were alive than dead (and I am alive & healthy, which is absolutely incredible - but that's another story). Pride then, I guess, is more about feeling glad & fortunate for me.

OK, enough already!

PS - some real stories for ya.

Tuesday, June 11

Well, I'm sure you've seen it by now. She's revamped her site, but it barely works. So ironic that it's based on Flash. Get it?

I always liked this one better.

The Former BestFriend.

Uh, nice boobs, Sandra. Jesus.

I'm going to Ottawa in 2 weeks at the beginning of July for.... well, it's not important...anyways, if one of you wonderful people out there could possibly send me a note re: Ottawa, re: places to go (for dancing), party favour availability (for whatever), places to avoid (for dancing), places to stand (for men) and places to eat (for eating), I'd be ever so grateful. There's even a PRIZE involved...but you have to write to find out.


Sunday, June 9

by You-Know-Who

All these people around me are gardening. I don't get it. That's what Art is for. Flowers without the dirt.

Wednesday, June 5

Great start to a GREAT day. Showed up at work - at the wrong time. Came back home (to do this). Now I'll have to maul ( oops, I mean "haul" - lord, that's one helluva typo) my ass back up there at 3. Just when my circadian clock was staring to settle nicely.

Edie, one of my heroes/heroines, was always on time....uh, maybe a little too on time. Like with her syringes et al. Look at the pic below - almost 40 years ago !! Eternally Fabu.

That's  Ms. Sedgwick to you, honey...

Who says music on the net is dead? I keep finding, with little effort, tons of great FREE mixes - check this out - go to Mr. Parr's mix, (under "mixes", duh) the one with Byron Stingi-whateverthehellhisnameis. Reminds me of this time I was the only one dancing at this afterhours in Vancouver (long story, basically my friend, who was running it from his loft/apt, forgot/couldn't get it together to publicize); had a DJ ( Dave "Friendly" Clark) to myself, it's 8 am, i'm not tweaking i'm twirling, and he spuns the Funky Funky stuff you don't hear at 'superclubs'. Then, suddenly, it's, like, OVER. The DJ had to go home. For me, it was Instant Clinical Depression. I think he felt bad, because he drove me all the way home which more than made up for it, because he was cute & curious.

Tuesday, June 4

Pity the dwarves..

This site is hysterical. Really.

I am home from work (yes, I actually have a job) because my sciatica is crippling (literally) me today. It's also horrible outside, adding to the general air of malaise. So I've had lots of time ( and lots of coffee - whee, look how fast i can type!) to find tasty tidbits in cyberville. This kid is the world's first toddler DJ, as far as I can tell. Wow. Scary. These people make the BMW's of computers, in case you're into that sort of thing. Do you remember that character in the british Q.A.F, who said something like, "Well, if you're into that sort of thing..? Anyways, I digress.

Our Majesty, on the verge of a psychotic break;

And then I'll kill Phillip, and chop him up into teeny, tiny pieces and feed him to the corgi's, goody, goody, goody, kiss me, I'm the Queen!!!

Token porn (and a very very funny movie, I think);

Bruce LaBruce, Inc.

God, that was exhausting. Where the hell is my walker?

Monday, June 3

Ok, so I'll take 1 of those blue ones, and, hmmm, two of the yellow, I think......oh, hi! Just getting myself together. So little to do, so much time - God, how I simply despise Mondays.

I've been recruited into the sex industry again. And I haven't even met my new pimp. Maybe I'll get paid this time.

For Rannie. Whoever you are, where ever you are.

Sunday, June 2

I recently re-read some of my offerings here, and, much to my horror, found them to be singularly pretentious. I sound like a manic dilettante: smug, snotty, trivial. WTF would wanna read this?

So - from this point forward, I'm going to talk less, and show more. Which means pics, something that, up to now, I've shunned - I was originally attracted to blogging because it seemed to emphasize reading & writing (=thinking) over scanning & posting (=getting your attention for a few seconds). However, I see now that pictures are far more interesting than my obnoxious print ego. So, I'm going to fuck around with the page abit, get some images, type less. Hope the results ( over the next few weeks) will be an improvement....

Still, I will always link great music sites like this.....listen to Mr. Bentley's mix, awfully good, and he's real nice and will write you if you write him.

Let's all channel Peace to the Punjab.