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My academic/research/professional interests include, broadly, magnetic-confinement nuclear fusion, coal and waste gasification technologies, hydrogen fuel cells, electric cars (including all types of hybrids), anthropogenic climate change, and societal energy use trends (including “peak oil”).

Within my specific area (magnetic-confinement nuclear fusion), I'm currently working on disruption mitigation for tokamaks using massive gas injection.

I went to Fairfield Public School in Burlington, Ontario from kindergarten to grade 4 (1989–1994). The school isn't there anymore; it was torn down sometime around 1998 (?). There's very little evidence now that it even existed — the former school site is a subdivision of houses. Here is a picture of the school from 1996. (This was taken from the Burlington Public Library's image archive here.)

Then I went to John T. Tuck Public School for four years (1994–1997; grades 5–8) as part of the gifted program. (This program was apparently relocated to the new Charles R. Beaudoin Public School in 2003.)

For high school, I went to Aldershot School — which was called Aldershot High School until 2001 — from 1998 to 2002. See also Wikipedia. I was part of the last year to have OAC (Grade 13) education, and so was part of the double cohort. I actually finished school in December 2002 (I worked for my last semester) but graduated in 2003.

From 2003 to 2007 I was at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, from which I graduated with a B.Sc.(Eng.) in Engineering Physics in 2007. (Yeah, I was there for the Homecoming “riot” in 2005 that ended with a car being flipped and torched. Picture of the car here on The Strand.)

Finally, after spending a year working and travelling, I am now (since fall 2008) pursuing a Ph.D in Applied Plasma Physics at MIT, working on fusion energy with the Alcator C-Mod project at the Plasma Science & Fusion Center.

Contact info:

My two active email addresses are:
      geoff at olynyk dot name for personal stuff
      g olynyk at mit dot edu for school-related / professional stuff
These email addresses are put in as images to prevent scraping by spam-bots.

I also can receive email to the address g olynyk at psfc dot mit dot edu.
Finally, for completeness' sake, I used to have the email address cruz at tropical storm dot com, although I haven't used that one since about 2002, and I don't have the password anymore.

I'm not putting my home address or phone number up on this website, but here is my office contact info:

Geoff Olynyk
77 Massachusetts Ave., NW17-169
Cambridge, MA 02139-4262
United States of America
(617) 324-6098

Other ways to contact/stalk me:

Facebook logo, tiny I am user number 870200601 on Facebook.
Windows Live Messenger logo, small My Windows Live Messenger (aka MSN) address is I don't use this email address for anything other than MSN, and I haven't used MSN since the end of 2007. So you probably can't actually find me on MSN, it's just here for completeness.
Skype logo, small, with alpha channel I can be reached on Skype as user geoff.olynyk.
ICQ logo, small, with alpha channel As far as I know, I'm still technically registered for ICQ as user number 24653091, although I haven't used it since probably about 2000 or 2001. logo, small I also regularly use (which used to be called Audioscrobbler) to track my music habits. You can find me on there as username geoffolynyk.

Publications & Papers

See my publications and papers (updated 2008-09-01).


November, 2001: The Geto Case Mod

February, 2002: The Gas Tank Mod

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Flow chart of Canada's energy use in 2003 - interesting! Link

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