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Welcome to Shawn and Shirley`s Web Site, now with 19 pages.

     Thank you so much for checking out our site. We hope you like it, and that it helps you with your tank(s). All we used was BETTA TALK, her site was the first we stumbled across for some help. She gets very in depth and you can use it for general health, fish are fish pretty much. The second was FISH DOC he has a ton on ponds, diseases and filters but again, water is water, whether it is in a tank, pond or lake. Great article on filters too, they are so important. The third was FISH BASE if you know the name of your fish you can find out more specific what they will tolerate, or thrive in. ST. CATHARINES AQUARIUM SOCIETY is really good too, we became members in December of 2008. Sorry we have just too many to mention, but we did put a few more at the side to hopefully help you further. If you want something specific, like live food cultures (we have 5 cultures, hopefully 6 soon.) e-mail us and we can help you farther.

Don`t want your pets look here

     If you or someone you know does not want their fish any more please e-mail us or call 1-800-563-7711 and we will help find a good foster home for them. It is really bad for OUR LAKES and STREAMS to get these unwanted pets and just down right mean to put these pets in something that is not their natural habitat. This does also include aquarium plants too. Sorry for the preaching but we WILL help you out, and it has to be done to help OUR PLANET.

A little about our tanks

     So far we have 7 fish tanks going, 6 tanks are freshwater and 1 tank is saltwater. We have 2 tanks on the main floor, and 5 in the basement, for a total of 182 gallons (689 liters). We also have a 2 gallon that has one of my Daphnia cultures. Our filters are all AquaClear 20/30/50 (Thanks Dan and Jessica.) a Fluval 2 plus and an Elite A-900 biofoam. The heaters are all AquaClear 10/30/70 except one is a Stealth 50 watt. We keep all our freshwater tanks at 26 Celsius, with only about 1 degree difference either way, the saltwater tank we keep at 23/24 Celsius. As far as light, they are all fluorescent on for 11 hours a day, just to keep our plants healthy. We do all our water changes with PRIME. It is great stuff, you use so little of it and it does NOT go bad. Prime does so much more than any of the other water conditioners out there, and it works out cheaper than the others because you use so little of it. Prime is just 2 DROPS per gallon (5 ml treats 50 gal.) compared to 10 drops per gallon (5 ml treats 10 gal.) for AquaPlus. If we have a sick fish we raise the temperature to 30 Celsius and possibly medicate with a partial dose (depending on what other fish are in the tank).

And a little about what's in our tanks

Amano Shrimp Caridina multidentata
Assassin Snail Anentome helena or Clea helena
Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish Betta splendens
Butterfly Splitfin or Butterfly Goodeid Ameca splendens
California Tiger Endlers no name found yet
Cherry Barb Puntius titteya
Convict Cichlid Archocentrus nigrofasciatus
Electric Blue Jack Demsey
Guppy or millionfish Poecilia reticulata 'Fancy'
Ob Peacock Aulonocara hybrid 'Ob Peacock'
Redfin Hap. Copadichromis borleyi
Red Empress Protomelas taeniolatus
Royal Kerri Tetra Inpaichthys kerri
Silver Molly Poecilia Sphenops 'silver'
Sparkling Gourami Trichopsis pumila
Yellowtail Acei Pseudotropheus acei
Yoyo Loach Botia lohachata
     Amano Shrimp do not have baby shrimp, they have eggs, larva, then baby shrimp stage. Right now we have 4 berried (Shrimp word for pregnant) females. When they are close, and I have some more time, I will collect the eggs and put the larva into the saltwater tank. That gives us 5 mature females so far. That is a total of over 40 fish, loaches and invertebrates.

     We will update this site near the end of each month so please visit often, and tell your friends that are thinking of getting aquariums or have aquariums already.

Thank you, oops, mean Tank you again, Shawn and Shirley.

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updated 01/28/11