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It was my original purpose for this web site to only display the updated genealogy work of my aunt Ethel MacPherson. She had published her book "Descendants of David and Mary Thomson" in 1958. Robert Sewell in his site displays the contents of her book without updates. For the following 12 years she continued to gather data, which I have had in my possession. But as I checked around the various genealogies, I discovered that a number more of the Thomsons from Westerkirk, Dumfriesshire, Scotland have immigrated to Canada and the family tree has not been presented in its entirety in any one place. This is my attempt at doing this. Hopefully it will be useful to you.

With certainty the root of the family tree from the beginning of the 17th century has been established as an Archibald Thomson. John and Robert Hyslop, local historians and authors of "Langholm As It Was" report that the Thomson family resided around the Westerkirk Parish, Dumfriesshire, Scotland from at least 1470. The Parish of Westerkirk is the most westerly of the five parishes that are in the Esk River Valley (Eskdale). The valley is just north of the English border in the county of Dumfriesshire, five miles north west of Langholm, Scotland. The properties which the Westerkirk Thomsons occupied down through the centuries included Bonese, Netherknock and Midknock. Except for the Ancients, the links to my pages on the left are arranged by descendants of Andrew Thomson(1713), the fifth generation after Archibald. David is Ethel MacPherson's David and the others are his brothers.

This genealogy was assembled by me, but I take no credit for most of the work. I, of course, thank Ethel MacPherson posthumously for her work on David. For the work on William, I thank Wayne Thomson. For all areas, I thank William Higgins, Bob Galbraith, Ian Glendinning and The information herein for "Unknown Thomson" to "Andrew Thomson 1713-1792" has been recorded from "A Backward Look at the Forefolk of Lord Thomson of Fleet and North Bridge". Like all these people I can not guarantee the accuracy of the source information. Should you have corrections or further information, please feel free to let me know.


Robert A Thomson

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