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Scanned  Manuals I have available....Check with me for pirce.

Can Email most of them, but if TOO large, might have to put on a Disc and Mail.

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Diawa  NS-660  SWR - Power Meter

Cushcraft Ringo AR-2   Antenna

Ringto Ranger II   Antenna

Ringto Antenna

Datong FL-2 Audio Filter

Dentron RT-3000 Antenna Tuner

Drake FR-4TR Frequency Readout

Drake MC-4  Mobile Console

Drake RV-3 Remote VFO Instuctions

Drake Model W-4 Wattmeter

Eddystone 830 Receiver

Eddystone 840 Receiver

EICO 147 Signal Tracer

EICO 720 Transmitter

GAP Challenger Vertical Antenna

GELOSO Equipment Manual Information

GOULD Dual Trace  OS3000 40 Mhz Scope


Hallicrafters S-38....SX-62A

Heathkit Audio Analyzer AA-1 Schematic only

Heathkit HA-10 Warrior Linear Amplifier

Heathkit HD-20 Xtal Calibrator

Heathkit HR-20 Notes

Heathkit HX-20 Schematic

Heathkit IT-21 Tube Tester

Heathkit Mohican GC-1A Receiver

Heathkit MT-1 Cheyenne Mobile Tx

Howard  430 Shortwave Receiver

HP 208A   Audio Oscillator

HP 1471A  100 Mhz Scope

HP 4815 Vector Impedance Meter

HP 8560A Spectrum Analyzer

HP 8640 to JEDIC Parts Conversion

HP 8754A Operation & Service Manual

Hy-Gain AV-640 8 Band Vertical Antenna