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   Cushman Service Manuals

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Cushman Model 301 Scope Module   [Available on CD Only]

Cushman Model 302 FM Deviation Meter (Qty  2)

Cushman Model 303  BroadBand Mixer [Available on CD Only]

Cushman Model 305B  Preselector Plug-In (Qty 2)

Cushman Mobile Radio Testing Applications Manuals :  (1)  Transmitters   (2) Receivers (3)  Spectrum Monitor & Tracking Generator.  These Mobile Testing Procedures are based on the CE-50A & CE-5100 Series Monitors, but the methods apply to almost ANY Manufacturers monitor. I will supply a CD with ALL the Manuals for  $25 including mailing OR $10 per CD for each book.  See my Home Page for more info or email me above.