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* Johnson    COMCO  727    VHF-AM Service Manual     $10

* JOHNSON DL-3480 Spread Spectrum Unit   $10

STANDARD  GX-3000 VHF & UHF             $10

KENWOOD TM-702 VHF/UHF Mobile         $10

Philmore CR5-AC Vintage Receiver        $12

* MIDLAND 70-340 VHF                                          $10

  * MIDLAND 70-1320/1440                            $10 

*  MIDLAND  70-155A  VHF                         $15

* MOTOROLA Portable Test Set Model: S1056/1057A/ 1058/ S1059A    $10

CT Systems 3000B Communications Monitor $15

* Gould Dual Trace Scope Model:  OS3000     $15

*  STANDARD 766L 4 CH UHF Radio with Diode Matrix Programming   $15

*  Cushman Model 301 Scope Module.        $10

*  Cushman Model 303 Broadband Mixer Module  $10

* Cushman CE-3  Communications Monitor     $25

*  Singer FM-10C  Communications Monitor    $25

Cushman Mobile Radio Testing Procedures on CD's:    Part 1 - Transmitters    Part 2 - Receivers    Part 3 - Spectrum Monitor and Tracking Generator.  These Manuals are designed to use as a training manual for the Cushman CE- 46/ 50A/ 5110  Series Communications Monitor.  The procedures are based on the CE-50A  BUT I am sure they can be applied to most of the various Manufacturers making Communications Monitors.   Email me if you are interested in a  scanned list of the Table of Contents for each manual. These manuals were distributed in 1982, but the Applications & Theory are still applicable or  $20.00 for all Three including Mailing.... A good value for  the price.