Two-Way Radio Communications Items For Sale Amateur Radio in Burlington, Ontario


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Two-Way Radio Communications Items For Sale

Welcome to Norm's Garage Sale, in Burlington, Ontario where you'll find Two-Way Radio Communications & Amateur Radio equipment, manuals and accessories for sale.  Clearing my Inventory since 2005!

Have been a licensed Radio Amateur since 1960 and retired from the 2-way Radio Communications Industry.

Have lots of items collected over the years...Time to reduce the Inventory.          Ask if you are looking for something.



Email Norm  at:  if you have any questions...Thank You for Looking...Comments always accepted.

**Shipping Extra..if required *****


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Contact Norm  VE3CZI

Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

UPDATED: July 16 , 2017



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Service Manuals:

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Recently added manuals to the Miscellaneous Manual Section...Might be something there you are looking for

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 ITEMS FOR SALE :    Email Norm  at:

$50  Vellman K8048 PIC Programmer Board c/w connecting cable, spare PICs, Software, STAMP2 Book with CD. From an Estate, Powers up, but Sold AS-IS  Shipping Extra  [picture 1] [picture 2] [ picture 3]


$50     40 Meter Dipole with 2" Spaced Open Wire Ladder Line. Two Diploe Lenghts of 33 Ft and 35 Ft of Ladder Line.  This Antenna can be used on ALL Bands with a Tuner.  More efficient than using Ladder Line of Plastic. [picture]


ARRL HANDBOOKS (Shipping Extra)  Pictures :  [1968 Handbook $15]  [1978 Handbook $15 ]  [1986 Handbook $15]  Older Books have nice Ads in the back for older equipment along with Tube information.


$10  Radio Shack Model 100 Feet to Elevate the unit...Very Rare!  [picture]


 $ 80  OptoElectronics Handi- Frequency Counter, Model 2600 HA, c/w Wall Charger, Antenna, Case, Has no batteries installed but any recharageble "AA" units will work. 1 MHz to 2.6 GHz [picture]



> ALMOST FREE ITEMS <   Shippping Extra

These Items are available FOR FREE or a Contribution to the General Coffers !  Pickup at my QTH in Burlington OR you pay for Shipping.  Click on Numbers to get a picture

All Items are SOLD AS-IS, but probably working.



$15.00 Each  <picture> I am selling a  Ferritronics FT-128 Module Assy.  Ferritronics was a very popular Mfr in CANADA who made modules used for radio industry in 1960 - 1980's used to Encode & Decode CTCSS Sub-Audible Tones.  Although many radio now have this feature built-in, there are many applications where such a module can be used for specific projects.  
This unit contains the Ferritronics FT-128 Encode/Decode module (schematic & info supplied) 
Unit was surplus from my Radio Business and have been collection dust in a drawer.  Is time to find them a new home.
Have more and different types..just ASK!  You never know.

10 Each       TN-22S  CTCSS Board  GX-3000 or HX-400  radios  if you need CTCSS.   [picture]



> Radio Equipment For Sale <      


 $5.00   SSC (Solid State Communications)  Model 224BA/BY  2-Tone sequential or burst Tone Decoder.  With Documentation    [Picture]

> Computer Items <

$5.00 EACH.  Have a quantity of older Computer Memory Sticks available for those who are working on vintage computers.  Have sizes of:   4 MB  32 MB  64 MB  128 MB  256 MB  512 MB.     Please advise quantity desired.

Assorted Computer Interface Connectors....All for $5.00 plus shipping or Pickup.   

> Radio Accessories < Email Norm  at:

$70  HEIL SM-1 Shock Mount Assy [Picture]

 $10 Ea        Motorola Mike

  $10 Ea      Standard Radio Mics   

  $10 Ea     G.E. Mikes 

  $8.50     Assorted Radio Knobs


>Radio Parts - Electronic Components/ Kits ETC <

 $10 EACH     MOTOROLA CTCSS Tone Reeds for Radio  (Shipping Extra about $8.00 )     Quantity Discounts available.

I have the following tone reeds available:

KLN-6209A Vibrasponders:    7A  * 4Z  * 6B (3) * 146 (445.7 Hz)

TLN-8381A Vibrasponders:  6B * 3B (5) * 7A (2) * 4Z *  2Z * 1A 

TLN-6824A Vibrasender:  7A * 5Z *

KLN-6210A Vibrasender:  3B

Please contact me for  the  particular Freq you are wanting

As with all Electronic Units ....are sold AS-IS.

  Click on "HERE"  for Larger Picture


$10 Ea                Motorola Antenna TX/RX Reed Relay Switch.  This unit from an earlier Motorola Mocom 70 Mobile, is activated with 12VDC and Freq Response is good to 500 Mhz.  Uses Hermetically Sealed Reed Switches ...NO Weather Problems.  Great for switching VHF/UHF Antennas on the Tower and lower your Loss.  

Click on Heading for Larger Picture


 $20 Each:  Remote Controls for TV/DVD etc.  Various Manufacturers.   Pictures available on request.

* SONY TV/DVD Model: RMT-D215P   *  Panasonic  RAK-RX949WK  * Panasonic VEQ-2249

 * Technics RAK-SA926MK *

Resistors, Capacitors, Variable Capacitors etc....To be Listed Shortly


MOTOROLA Semiconductors For Sale. [nond] A Lot of devices are available in a nice parts bin for servicing Motorola Communication Products.   Pic 1    Pic 2  Parts List  ONLY $100 Plus mailing O.B.O.


$10   Potter & Brumfield 11 PIN Relay Test Socket Have this  Potter & Brumfield 11 Pin Test / Relay Socket unit.  Very handy to measure levels at each pin on an 11 pin connector, relay or what have you.  As with all Electronic Units ....are sold AS-IS

   Click "HERE" for larger picture 


Kits for Sale: 

> MFJ-5100K Boy Scout Badge LED Flasher Kit  $5.00

> EKI...Build a LED Blinker  $5.00

$20.00          HAMMOND  Audio Transformer Number 850G  Broadcast Series Transformater  Isolating or Hybrid    Primary: 150/600  Secondary:  150/600 Like New Condition   (Cost $60 NEW)  [picture 1]  [picture 2]

$5.00 Ea     HAMMOND Audio Transformer  Number 145-B Driver Output Transformer  PRI: 600 Ohms  SEC: 600 Ohms  DC Pri: 18ma  Output: 200mv    [picture]

LIke New Condition..Slightly Used but Not DOA.  Very useful for Isolation in Digital Interfaces and other projects     Small Quantity  Available.  Want more than ONE...ASK !

>Books, Magazines, etc <

$10  SIGNAL WIRING Book  Printed in 1926 (PICTURE) [PICTURE 2] [ PICTURE 3] [ PICTURE 4]

$10     Mobile Handbook   [picture]

$10  Radio Amateur's MOBILE Handbook by Bill Orr W6SAI Printed 1953.  Lots of older Equipment used in the 1960, but like all older Literature...Lots of basic on "How it works"  [picture]

$10   Beam Antenna Handbook by Bill Orr W6SAI.  Published in 1983  Lots of information on Data for Yagi HF & VHF Beams  [picture]

$10 Each O.B.O.  SPECIAL ISSUE  Magazines   LIFE Celebrates 1945      TIME was there...Events that shaped the 20th Centruy.

> Base/Mobile Duplexers...NEW <

Here are some Nice NEW Products available:  Click on Heading for Flyer Info

> 1.2 Ghz  Base/Mobile  RF  Duplexers

> 23 cm Triplexer  Duplexer  (D-STAR Complete Solution)     > Page 2 <

> UHF  Base/Mobile  RF Duplexer

           As an agent for Paladin RF Duplexers, please contact   Norm VE3CZI  with any questions. Thank You

> Test Equipment Items For Sale < 

 Email Norm  at:

$13.00 each    BIRD 43 Meter Type 4204-062  Female "N" Quick Connector.   This Bird Meter Quick Connector will fit the Bird 43 meters as well as most of the Bird Line Sections.  [picture]    

$30    Batteries America UNIVERSAL BATTERY CHARGER/ REFRESHER. This unit will charge many of the Portable Batteries on the Market.  Is in NEW Condition.   [picture] Also see:


> Eprom Programming For  Midland and Standard Radios <

MIDLAND     70-336 / 340 / 440 Mobile  ( Z-273 eprom)  

STANDARD  GX-3000 Series Mobiles / HX-400 Portables     VHF/UHF (2716 eprom)                                        

Programming Cost:    Chan 1-16 $25 Chan 17-64  Add $15   

Have some 2716 EPROMS available for the GX-3000 or HX-400V radios.

Ask if you have any questions.


 WANTED ITEMS:  Take a look, maybe you have something I need! 

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