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 Robert E. Heard


The Nostalgic Art of Robert E. Heard

I now live in Port Colborne, Ontario Canada. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. 

My art has evolved over a period of time. I won many awards in elementary school, and in recognition, received lessons in perspective and technique. From my early days, I knew I was given a special talent to become an artist. One of my memories of lessons taken, was the discipline to maintain the high degree of detail and clarity. Mainly self-taught since school, I strive for perfection in my work. There are many times in my work, that I will actually spend more time on the research than the actual painting itself.

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   What I Love to Paint                          

Versatility has offered me a variety of commissioned work. Victorian homes, century farm homes, barns, Steam engines, Railway stations and even marine craft. While I have worked in mediums such as charcoal, graphite, pastels and acrylics, the medium now used is mainly Watercolour and Pen and Ink. I have lived in cities such as Toronto, Windsor and the harbour town of Waubaushene. The memory of these areas bring to mind the marine and rail scenes that were a great influence on me at a young age.

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