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  1. The Statutes of Richard III's Parliament [19KB]
  2. Richard's Burial -- Decisions and Dilemmas [26KB]
  3. If Richard Had Lived... [14KB]
  4. A Pilgrimage to Middleham and Richard's North Country [20KB]
  5. Bones, Burials and Bunkum: Richard III and the Tower of London [24KB]
  6. Speculation on Buckingham's Actions [4KB]
  7. Was Weir Right? [16KB]
  8. Sir James Tyrell: Hero or Villain? [24KB]
  9. The Battle of Wakefield - A Study in Contrasts [12KB]
  10. What's Love Got To Do With It? Women: Courtship, Betrothal and Marriage in Late Medieval England [25KB]
  11. Titulus Regius - The Title of the King [68KB]
  12. Why Shakespeare Sucks

Web Links

The following web links are to articles and research papers which might be of interest to Ricardians in the pursuit of their own studies.   They are in no particular order at present.

Did Edward V suffer from histiocytosis X? by A.S. Hargreaves and R.I. MacLeod.  Published in The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, Vol. 87,  February 1994

Anne Mowbray and the Princes in the Tower: A Study in Identity by Theya Molleson    Anne Mowbray Molleson.pdf

An article from the May/June 2010 issue of British Archaeology magazine about the founding of the Bosworth battle site:

An article from BBC News, dated 31 August 2011, on Thomas Longe and his will.  

The Rehabilitation of Richard III, from Archaeology Magazine, dated December 19, 2012  

Richard III's Effect on US Laws: The Much-Maligned King's Bequest to the American Republic by D.S. Dunlap:  {short description of image}



  1. Recipe for Simnel Cake
  2. Other "Medieval" Recipes 
  3. York vs. Lancaster - A Game of Patience  
  4. Test Your Knowledge:  Ricardian Pub Quiz  
  5. Loyaulte Me Lie  
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