by Ray Saitz

   Online is a weekly column which appears in the Peterborough Examiner three Thursdays per month.

I am a retired Secondary School teacher who lives in Peterborough, Ontario. The column is based on the Internet and ranges from

useful sites to controversial or topical items of interest to those who use the Internet casually or intensely. 

The column has appeared regularly since 1998, with the only exceptions being major holidays.

       I'm always looking to expand the horizons of the column.  Feel free to contact me with any requests for syndication or re-printing at


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  • Internet browser and e-mail configuration

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  • Internet instruction

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  • Written summary of everything covered.



Here are the links contained in recent articles in The Peterborough Examiner.  


2016Article Links

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Microsoft Forces Windows 10 Upgrade, June 09

Linux a Viable Windows Alternative, June 23

The End of Free Win 10 is Near, July 14 (no links)

Choosing Your Favourtie Browser, August 04

Equipping a Student Computer, August 18

Cloud Services Change Computing, Sept. 15

Keeping Your Files in Sync, October 06

Internet Videos Better on a Big Screen, October 20

Getting Help For Your Computer Problems, November 10

Click Bait and Fake News, December 01

Christmas and the Internet, December 15

The Battle for Your Home Page, January 14

The Gentle World of Casual Gaming, February 04

Read Carefully to Avoid Spyware, February 18

Solving Your Digital Photo Problems, March 10

The End of Picasa, April 07

Internet Radio, April 21

Using Task Manager to Solve Issues, May 12

The Internet Archive Takes You Way Back, June 02

Speeding Up a Pokey Computer, June 16

Handy Ideas and Questions from Readers, July 07

Securing Your Travelling Computer or Device, July 21

Enhancing Your Dull Digital Photos, August 11

Parental Controls for Your Computer, Sept. 08

Communicating With Social Media, Sept. 22

The Battle Over Ad Blockers, October 13

Recovering Your Missing Files, November 03

Christmas Shopping at Home, November 17

Finding the Truth and Silencing Cortana, December 08

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