Note: This server has issues with '.zip' files. So if you want to download Folio, you should right click on the link below and select "Save Link As".

Download the program:

Folio is an interactive fiction interpreter for zcode machines. It's written entirely in Python using the PyGame module for rendering (you'll need to install these to run Folio). What makes Folio unique is that the story text is rendered into a graphical book, helping to create the illusion of reading a book. Well, at least that was the idea...

I've only tested it under Linux, but there's no reason it shouldn't run under MS Windows too (or any other platform with Python and PyGame).


The biggest change in this version is the use of dynamically rendered pages, rather than just using the pre-rendered book image. Although it looks a little less-nice, it was necessary in order to make the game window freely resizable.

Fixed some problems with reading certain zcode files. There's still only support for Z5 and Z8 files, and no glk support yet.

Still the occasional rendering glitch and a problem with big save game files, but otherwise most games are very playable.