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An avid collector and restorer of vintage farm equipment, actively involved with the Quinte Flywheels and the Ameliasburgh Historical Museum

Owen and his 1942 Dodge

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  Married, and living in the COUNTY OF PRINCE EDWARD “Quinte's Isle”
 since  early 1960
Mailing Address: Owen Bosma, 67 Barley Rd. RR1, Belleville Ont., Canada K8N 4Z1
Phone: (613) 962-9838  

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My Interests
Goold Shapley & Muir Co. Ltd.     Model Engines       Ameliaburgh Historical Museum
Horseless Carriage        James Smart Co. Collection     Antique Radio Collection
Shingle Mill    Quinte Flywheels    Engines Time-Line   
My Better Half

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Links to My Favorite Sites
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  Prince Edward County     Terry Sprague Nature Stuff
Animated Engines     Horseless Carriage Museum
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