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NOTE: This is not a chat room, it is a message exchange center for topics directly related to ODSP Issues.

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Time For Life - ODSP Fireside Chat
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NOTE: This is not a chat room, it is a message exchange center for ODSP Recipients to talk openly with each other.

What Is ODSP Fireside Sample of Fireside Topics How Did Fireside Start
What Is Time For Life Why Have Two Groups Time For Life Background

What is ODSP Fireside

Fireside is a place where you can go to ask questions about ODSP and receive answers from other ODSP recipeints who have been there already. It is common knowlegde that your average ODSP CSR (Client Service Representative) only relies on the information provided by their internal computer system. This is the system that was created by Accenture with the sole purpose of reducing the monies spent by our Ontario government that are used to directly provide assistance to those most in need in Ontario. This system is so out of balance with the full rights of extra monies that ODSP recipients are entitled to that Ontario now spends huge sums processing SBT (Social Benefits Tribunal) appeals and then still has to pay out to the recipient what they should have gotten in the beginning. But I guess that is okay as so many recipients do not realize their rights and do not persue the SBT appeal so the government still saves more than they would if they were honest and above board in the beginning. Just for awareness the contract between Accenture and the Ontario government of Mr. Harris stated that there would be bonus paid to Accu? prorated on how much the new program could reduce the monies paid out to ODSP recipients. This was primarily done by finding ways to remove clients from being eligable to collect benefits to avoiding paying the extra benefits whereever and however possible.

Fireside is a online Message Exchange system that allows members to post (submit) questions or comments about ODSP policies or problems they have experienced when dealing with their local offices. All questions and comments that are directly related to dealing with ODSP personnel, legislation or policy are welcomed and forwarded to the group for replies. Please remember that Fireside is not a 'Family Chat' room and topics that drift away from being related to ODSP will have to be deleted.
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How Did ODSP Fireside Start

The ODSP Fireside Group was born out of email that I received from the Activism web site. Maggie would read the questions (horror stories) and actually suffer with empathy. We quickly realized that recipients need a place to be in touch with other recipients for exchanging fears, questions, tips, suggestions, and having someone to listen to them. The group grows daily and the responses we receive are wonderful. It is really fulfilling the design so far and it has become anchored by very caring recipients. The group is fully moderated by Maggie to attempt to keep the topics disability and ODSP focused.

The ODSP Fireside group is growing daily and there are some good discussions happening. Recipients are asking questions that ODSP is not good at providing answers to and experienced recipients are responding. Great things are happening on the Fireside as well, more members are needed always and the project that is starting will need helping hands, hearts and heads.

What is
Time For Life - ODSP Fireside Chat

This group has been started to provide a place for ODSP Recipients to:
    . Share your thoughts about ODSP with others
    . Vent about problems you are having or have had with ODSP
    . Post violations of human rights or the legislation made by ODSP
    . Warn others about bad experiences with ODSP employees
    . or just chat about anything

This is an un-moderated private group. All requests for Membership will be expected to provide a mini-profile including verifiable contact information. This information will not be made public or used for any other purpose than to verify your existence.

'Flaming' will not be allowed or tolerated. Members found Flaming will have the flamed posts removed from the site and will be placed on full moderation until they convince moderators that they will not Flame again in the future. You are on the honour system and are expected to treat other members in a manner that respects their humanity.

ODSP Fireside Chat group was created and is moderated by Maggie Dilts. I am a fellow ODSP recipient trying to make a difference in the lives of other recipients.

Time For Life - ODSP Fireside Chat

In the spring of 2005 Maggie had a vision to begin a place where ODSP Recipients could gather online and provide moral support for each other during the trying times of having to deal with their local ODSP office and navigating the treacherous pathways of the legislation. She had become involved with a couple of 'Yahoo Groups' and thought that using a Yahoo Group would be a wonderful place for fellow ODSP Recipients to make connections.

Maggie laid out a format for what the group should be and how it should operate. With the guide lines developed it was time to start the group. A Name? What to call the group? Maggie wanted to provide a place of comfort where other recipients could feel at ease. Somewhere that they could talk without fear. What better place to talk than by a fireplace. With that picture came the name Fireside Chat. For those who remember President Roosevelt the term Fireside Chat would already be a familiar name.

Fireside Chat was born and it grew quickly. Before long there was a 'family' feeling developed between the members and great discussions were being had. Unfortunately trouble began, a couple of members just could not interact with the group. Misunderstandings developed, members were becoming uncomfortable and Maggie had not had enough time to learn the best ways to overcome the problem. Unfortunately for all Maggie was forced to close the Fireside Chat group.
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To fill the void and continue to provide the help and support that began with Fireside Chat Maggie turned to Google Groups and began a new information only group. She tightened the guidelines and concentrated the purpose of the group on providing only information about ODSP issues. The new Fireside began to grow and stabilize. Some excellent information and assistance was flowing within the group but that sense of family was gone. Some post requests were moving away from ODSP issues and into other areas of concern to ODSP recipients and they could not be sent to the group.

Maggie went back to work on how to revive the Fireside Chat group. She decided to try again with a more defined and stricter outline on membership but with a much more hands off approach. She hoped that the membership would take an active role in keeping the group a good place to be a part of. Fireside Chat was re-born as a members only group with the onus being placed on membership to monitor their own actions and bring problems with other members to Maggie's attention.

It quickly became evident that confusion was building between the two groups. There had to be a better way of easily telling the two apart. But how to change the name with out throwing everyone for a loop. Maggie's outlook is that it is time ODSP Recipients were able to take some 'Time For Life' by taking back control of their lives and not relying on dodging ODSP regulations a way of living. Voila - a new name without a radical change. Just add Time for Life to the name.

Why Have Two Groups

Trial and Error has shown that ODSP Recipients have two main needs. Learning more about ODSP and how it works and learning how to live under the restrictions placed on them by ODSP regulations and legislation.

Out of need grew two groups. One serving the need for information on ODSP and the other to provide a place for Recipients to "connect" with each other.

Sample of Topics on ODSP Fireside

The following are some of the topics being discussed on the ODSP Fireside Group in Google Groups (This list was prepared on June 29th, 2005).

Not usually funded like duh! - 1 new of 1 message - 1 author - Jun 29

How do you Get the Diet Supplement? - 5 new of 5 messages - 5 authors - Jun 29

People with disabilities falling through the cracks - 2 new of 2 messages - 2 authors - Jun 28

Can I own my own home while on ODSP? - 9 new of 9 messages - 5 authors - Jun 28

Dependent-Adult (Student) - Part II - 1 new of 1 message - 1 author - Jun 28

Research finds people with disabilities often fall through the cracks. - 2 new of 2 messages - 2 authors - Jun 27

Question about being married on ODSP - 11 new of 11 messages - 4 authors - Jun 27

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ODSP and CPP - 2 new of 2 messages - 2 authors - Jun 26

free reuse GROUPS in Ontario, Canada - 3 new of 3 messages - 3 authors - Jun 26

Canadian Provincial/Territorial Welfare Policy Manuals - 7 new of 7 messages - 4 authors - Jun 25

Resource Centre/OW - 1 new of 1 message - 1 author - Jun 24

ODSP then CPP - 3 new of 3 messages - 3 authors - Jun 24

Dentures - 2 new of 2 messages - 2 authors - Jun 23

policy and directive - 1 new of 1 message - 1 author - Jun 23

Gov't checking your ODSP, Psych letter for CPP - 1 new of 1 message - 1 author - Jun 22

How many times can you get interviewed?? - 8 new of 8 messages - 4 authors - Jun 22

ODSP just can not be trusted!! - 3 new of 3 messages - 3 authors - Jun 20

Posting Links - 1 new of 1 message - 1 author - Jun 20

house repairs - 1 new of 1 message - 1 author - Jun 20

Hearing aids - 2 new of 2 messages - 2 authors - Jun 20

Report...'Denial By Design' - 6 new of 6 messages - 4 authors - Jun 18

Maybe Sandra Pupatello wants out of her portfolio? - 5 new of 5 messages - 5 authors - Jun 17

New Insulin Drug? - 3 new of 3 messages - 2 authors - Jun 17

Home Ownership - 9 new of 9 messages - 6 authors Jun 15

Discounts for Disabled persons at Ontario Provincial Parks - 4 new of 6 messages - 4 authors - Jun 14

for those in london needing dentists - 2 new of 3 messages - 3 authors - Jun 14

getting help for medical suppies - 3 messages - 3 authors - Jun 13

16 yo part time Earnings - 4 messages - 4 authors - Jun 13

Assistance in Planning Move from one Region to Another - 1 new of 2 messages - 2 authors - Jun 13

My worker told me that only what you have in the bank is considered an asset. - 8 messages - 5 authors - Jun 12

Dependant-Adult (Student) Earnings - 1 new of 9 messages - 4 authors - Jun 11

Self-Employment and ODSP - 1 new of 14 messages - 6 authors - Jun 11

We must start pressuring odsp that dentures need to be covered - 6 messages - 4 authors - Jun 10

Dentures covered by Ontario Works only - 1 message - 1 author - Jun 10
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