September 1, 2002 - September 8, 2002

Malcolm and Joan Murray / Patrick and Joan Conlon

On Saturday 1 September 2002 we arrived at the Conlon winter residence in Tucson Arizona for a one week get-together. The fact that it was still the middle of summer is another story. We arrived by car having driven over 2000 miles from Ontario. It had taken us a week to get there as we had detoured to Las Vegas for 2 nights and also taken time to visit the Grand Canyon.

It was great to meet up with Patrick and Joan again, we had both attended the reunion in Birmingham last May but realized that we still had lots more to talk about. Although the reunion was a great success we felt that a weekend was not long enough to really renew acquaintances with everybody.

We had a very busy schedule which inclueded a visit to Tombstone and the OK Coral and watched a re-enactment of the famous gunfight that took place there over 100 years ago.

Another day, while the two Joan's went shopping the "boys" visited the last remaining Titan Missile site which has been preserved as a museum.

Malcolm and Patrick teed off for the first recorded game of golf between two members of the 20th Entry Air Radar Class. This was held at the Tuscon City Course which was in encellant condition. Neither of us had our "A" game, Patrick being the enventual winner with a score of 105 to Malcolm's 109. However the temperature was over 100 degrees and our thoughts during the last couple of holes was of the cold beer awaiting us in the club house. Incidentaly, while we were on the course we watched several F16's of the U S AIR FORCE taking off from and landing at the adjacent air base. Patrick reckoned, (later confirmed), that one of them would have been piloted by his son Gary, a major stationed at that base.

We also went for a day trip to Nogales, Mexico, were we spent a few hours checking out the shops. Nogales is a typical Mexican border town, all shops seems to be selling the same things. After a while we found a nice shady bar and relaxed with a cold Mexican beer.

The week just flew by although we did manage to get one more game of golf in. This time we were joined by Patick's son Gary. As in the first game Patrick emerged the winner so he can now claim to be undisputed champion of the 20th Entry Air Radar Class!!!

Saturday September 8, and our visit was over. However it had been an excellent occasion with Patrick and Joan being perfect host's. We hope that one day soon we can repay their kind hospitality.

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