Steppenwolf Musicians

The following musicians have all worked with Steppenwolf. Click on an artist to view their date and location of birth, date and reported cause of death (if applicable), the instruments they play, their solo discography, and which other artists they have recorded with.

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George Biondo
Mars Bonfire
Larry Byrom
Andy Chapin
Bobby Cochran
Wayne Cook
Bill Cooper
Jackie DeShannon
Dennis Edmonton
Jerry Edmonton
Don Ellis
Sam Falzone
Venetta Field
Lowell George
Welton Gite
Pentti Glan
Kent Henry
Ron Hurst
Danny Johnson
Gloria Jones
John Kay
Clydie King
Larry Knechtel
Russ Kunkel
Gary Link
Sherlie Mathews
Goldy McJohn
Gabriel Mekler
Michael Monarch
Ruston Moreve
Hugh O'Sullivan
Michael Palmer
Steve Palmer
Richard Podolor
Gil Rathel
Rocket Ritchotte
John Rosenberg
Jack Ryland
Tom Scott
Phil Seymour
Nick St. Nicholas
Brett Tuggle
Michael Wilk

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