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Welcome to the lobby of the MILARUS MANSION! At some point in time, this will be your one stop gateway to the world of classic rock! To date, only 10 artists are listed here, but there are plenty more to come. Check back often to see who has taken up residency at The Mansion.

To avoid undue duplication, I have only included links to these artists - with a brief description of what the site contains. I have tried to avoid listing mirror sites and separate pages within sites, but I imagine a few have slipped through. There are currently 3,217 links, 591 pictures, and 25 midi files at The Mansion. Some of these links point to simply outstanding sites and are well worth a look. Some of the links point to sites which aren't so great, but then that is only my opinion. You may think different and they have been included. Many links also do not pertain directly to the artist, but are in some way related to them. In any case, I have not rated the sites or given my opinion of them.

If you know of any links for an artist that are not listed here, please E-MAIL me with the info and I will gladly add the link. I will try to keep these links up to date, but it seems one or two die every day, so please forgive any broken links. If you do notice any broken links during your travels, you can let me know that too. Broken links are frustrating.

OK. A word about the photos on these pages. I have given credit where credit is due. If I was able to determine the owners of the photos used on these pages, I have attempted to contact them to get their permission to use the photo. Some have responded and some haven't, but all are given credit. Some photos were given to me, although I do not believe they are originals. In these cases, I have modified the photo a bit - in an attempt to make it somewhat original. If you should happen to be the owner of one of these photos, and have not provided your permission, please let me know and I will give you the credit for it - or remove it if you so desire.

What is classic rock? Everyone has a different definition for this question, but for the purposes of an invite to The Mansion, an artist must have released at least one album prior to 1980. These are also bands that I either am, or at least was a fan of. At some point in time however, way down the road, there will likely be links here to bands that do not fall into my definition of classic rock.


The candle icon is placed on the artist's page, and on the musician's page, as a memorial to one (or more) of the band members, or contributing musicians, who have passed through the gates, and into rock and roll heaven.


The Musicians Guide gives a brief overview of each of the 562 musicians who have contributed to the recordings of the artists at the Mansion.

Please feel free to make your way around the Mansion - the guests are always eager to meet their fans! Consider The Lobby (this page) to be your starting point.

Enjoy your stay at the Mansion, and please be sure to sign the guestbook or take a peek at who has already been here!



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