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 Most artists are passionate about either their medium or their subject matter.  With me, it seems to be the process.  I love working in a variety of disciplines from photo realism paintings to welding torches and caldrons of bubbling wax.

 Major themes seem to recur in my work whichever medium I choose.  One is Wabi Sabi – an appreciation of the beauty of things in their naturally deteriorating state … of the simple, the humble, the often overlooked.  With this in mind I often incorporate beautiful bits of rusting metal into my paintings, and stones and old keys or anything else I find interesting.

 The second theme is Time and the constant struggle between Chronos, or man’s time and Kairos – God’s time.  Several of my gallery shows have dealt with this theme.  ‘Touched by Time’ at Industrial Artspace; ‘Summer/Time’ at the Sovereign House and ‘Timeless’ at Beans and Blossoms all contained old watches and lots of thought.

 The third theme is cats.  I have been a contract artist for Pine Ridge Art Inc, a Canadian company with international distribution for the past ten years.  What began with my first calendar containing 12 paintings of my own cat T.C., has grown into a full line of cat-related products featuring paintings of cats based on photos sent to me from all over the world.  I now have done over 100 paintings of cats, and still find them fascinating.

 “Lyn’s constant quest for new and meaningful ways to express her unique point of view has led her to experiment with widely divergent techniques and media”.

Pine Ridge Art Director

 It is that quest and the excitement of learning that hopefully keeps my work fresh and new.


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