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New! Walter Jefferson, chief executive officer of Toronto-based Global Benefit Plan Consultants, pleaded guilty to five counts of income tax evasion in court this week & paid a fine of $375,000. Jefferson, 71, did not report income totalling at least $646,712 on his 1996 to 2000 tax returns. He received that money while serving as a director & officer at Global & a related firm, Canadian Benefit Consulting Group Inc. He misappropriated funds from the 2 companies for his own use by submitting phony expense claims & service invoices. $12.5M July 2002
(Lotto Super 7)
New! Florence Ayers, a 69-year old Jackson bookkeeper, abruptly quit work 2 weeks ago after 20 years on the job at Basilon Inc., a chain of dry cleaners & tuxedo rental shops. Florence, her son, James Ayers, 41, of Mars, & her daughter, Sharon Kreindel, 48, of Beachwood, Ohio, near Cleveland, presented the ticket but declined to participate in a lottery news conference or make any public statements. Delaware & New Hampshire are the only 2 states where lottery winners may remain anonymous.
Despite the winner announcement, all was quiet on the narrow, twisting 1-lane road in Jackson where Florence lives in a 2-story Cape Cod home on a plot of about an acre. Only 5 homes are on the road, which is within earshot of Interstate 79.
U$93.4M - 25% taxes Dec. 8, 2004
(US Powerball)
Country Food Mart in New Castle, Pennsylvania. As the seller of the winning ticket, store owner Russell DeMatteo receives $100,000.
New! The families of Dave & Byron Hopper made an agreement years ago that if they ever won the lottery, they’d split the winnings. Dave Hopper & his wife Angela had bought 2 tickets.
Dave called his financial advisor & brother-in-law, Gary Robertson. “I’m in trouble,” Dave told Gary. “Did you win $25 million,” joked Gary. Gary couldn’t believe it when Dave answered “Yes.”
Dave & Angela have 3 children and Byron & his wife Nancy have 2 children. Dave, a carpenter, says he’ll continue working but “not on a schedule.”
$25,418,294 Dec. 29, 2004 Firehouse Variety & Pizzeria, Colpitts Settlement, NB
New! Joseph Petto family - Joe, 61, & his wife, Mercedes, 64, of Philadelphia; Mike Tartini, 41, of Roseland, New Jersey; & Keith Wesley, 40, of Trevose, Bucks County. U$5,662,888.20 Dec. 22, 2004
(US Powerball)
Petto, who selected his own number combinations, purchased the ticket at the Beer Express, 11718 Bustleton Ave., Philadelphia. Beer Express, owned & managed by Robert Parmar, will receive a $100,000 bonus for selling the winning jackpot ticket.
New! 8 employees at a Boucherville plant where Vision 2 protective eyewear is manufactured: Longueuil residents Martin Riendeau & Danielle Hurteau; Manon Mallette of Varennes; Thérèse Robinson of Sainte-Julie; Suzanne Chrétien of Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu; Julienne Lacoste of Longueuil; Sainte-Julie residents Mélanie L'Heureux & Nathalie Gauthier. Mallette immediately called her husband on draw night, who quit his job on the spot. Of the 8 winners, 7 are women, all of whom have handed in their resignations. $6.25 Dec. 17, 2004
(Lotto Super 7)
Tigre géant (Giant Tiger) store located at 218 Quévillon Street in Varennes, QC. This retailer will receive a 1% commission of $62,500.
New! Group of 10 current & former employees of Chez Raymonde, a snack bar: Gertrude Rousseau, Sylvie Villeneuve, Lise Imbeault, Bérangère St-Germain, Nancy Mailloux, Danielle Martin, Noëlla St-Germain, Serge Lalonde, Nancy Lalonde, & Raymonde Cormier. All are Chibougamau residents, except for Sylvie Villeneuve and Danielle Martin who live in Roberval and Mont-Laurier, respectively. Formed 15 years ago, the group has always bought Quick Pick tickets.
There have been more than 900 lottery millionaries in Quebec, of which more than 530 have been in Lotto 6/49.
$4,101,763 Dec. 15, 2004 Tabagie et dépanneur Merrill, a convenience store located at 99 Merrill Road in Chibougamau. This retailer will receive a bonus cheque for $41,017, which is 1% of the prize.
New! Taxi owner Albert Duval recalls how he'd left his unsigned ticket on the dashboard of his taxi the entire day . . . He still shivers at the thought! His wife, Lucette Duval, who has been working at a home for seniors until now, also plans to retire earlier than originally expected. They have a son Daniel & daughter-in-law Annie St-Germain. $8,033,623 Dec. 8, 2004 The lucky Quick Pick was purchased at Dépanneur St-Laurent (GEM), a convenience store located at 365 Saint-Laurent Street in the Cap-de-la-Madeleine district of Trois-Rivières. This retailer will receive a 1% bonus cheque for $80,336.
New! Ronald Cissell & a group of 17 Leduc high school co-workers. "Some of us play by Subscription, and I also organize collections for larger Jackpots," explained Ronald, the group's trustee. "When the jackpot was $16 million, 17 of us put in $2 each."
The day after the draw, the 62-year-old checked the winning numbers in the daily newspaper. "I stuffed the ticket in my shirt pocket, & without telling anyone, I walked across the street to the store," he remembered. "The clerk checked it and said, 'You've won $8,000.' I said, 'I think it's a little more than that.'" "It was pretty stunning to see the slip, and I couldn't wait to tell the others!" the married father of 8 and grandfather of 9 continued. The members of the group are: Connie Becker, Lesley Schulz, Les Lytviak, Chris Madden, Gail Froland, Ed Sommerfeld, Julie Carter, Jan Mason, Marie Petryga, Doug Saumer, Barbie Staples, Owen Mattson, Al Horvat, Stan Staniszewski, Dennis Nosyk, & Linda Owens.
$8,033,623 Dec. 8, 2004 Quick Pick tickets at Mac's Convenience Store, located at 100, 4302-50 Street in Leduc, AB.
New! Réjean Leblond & Ghyslaine Gagné Leblond, former teachers who retired only last March. They sought the counsel of a financial advisor before making the claim. $9,666,864 Nov. 27, 2004 Supermarché B. Gagnon, a grocery store located at 125 Champoux Street in Disraeli, QC. This retailer will receive a 1%bonus cheque for $96,668.
New! Whenever Eila Lamb takes a trip, she likes to buy a few SCRATCH 'N WIN tickets wherever she visits. She is a 78-year old retired teacher from Okotoks. $1M Nov. 2004
(Set For Life)
She bought her winning $5 SCRATCH 'N WIN ticket at The Java Shop, located in the Fort MacLeod bus depot at 2302 - 2nd Avenue, Crowsnest Pass, AB.
New! Brian Follett checked the winning lottery numbers on the Internet. He left work without saying a word, not even taking a minute to call his wife, Nancy, & made his way downtown to the Toronto Prize Office. Follett, 53, is a programmer developer with CGI in Markham. $9,955,558 Nov. 20, 2004 Eglinton Smoke and Gift in Toronto, ON
New! Jim Steckley has been playing the same numbers for a long time. This is his 2nd time claiming a large prize; he was part of a group that won $69,000 in the early 1990's. Steckley, 51, works at L and S Electric as an electrician & has 2 children. $1,526,193.90 Nov. 20, 2004
Princess Variety on Princess Street in Stratford, ON
New! Lorraine & Stanley Bronishewski have been married for 53 years, they have 3 children, 7 grandchildren & 4 great grandchildren. " We were retired before but now we are very happily retired!" said Lorraine. $1M Nov. 10, 2004
Four Season's Convenience on Wilson Road in Oshawa, ON
New! Cecil Yeomans is a father of 4, grandfather of 10, and great-grandfather of 3. The life-long resident of Moncton has been playing the same Lotto 6/49 numbers for years. $2,068,848 Nov. 10, 2004 Chubby’s Variety in Moncton, NB
New! When Darren Arbeau found out that he won, he immediately ran out to the car to tell his daughter, Jessica, that they were new millionaires. She didn’t believe her father at 1st, but once she was convinced that he was telling the truth, she asked if she could have a 4-wheeler. Darren has a girlfriend. $1M Nov. 10, 2004
(Atlantic 49)
Devon Park Ultramar in Fredericton, NB
New! A group of 6 deli co-workers have worked together for over 2 years & been playing together for just over a year. The winners are: Ursula Heinemann, 59, of Whitby; Agnieszka Kozlowska; Anna Schank of Scarborough; Ernest Wendling; deli owner Jana Striezova; Mary Mosolanczki. They all plan to keep working. $18,168,976 Nov. 6, 2004 Markham Convenience in Scarborough, ON
New! Jean & John Galliott. John, who has been working since he was 14, is a fish plant worker. This win will allow him to realize his life-long dream of retiring at 55. The couple, who have been married for 35 years, plan to share the windfall with their family of 8 brothers and sisters, 18 nieces & nephews, & several great-nieces & nephews. $5M Nov. 5, 2004
(Lotto Super 7)
Dominion Store in Bay Roberts, St. John's , Nfld. & Lab.
New! Group of 18 employees from the local employment centre in Montréal's Plateau Mont-Royal district. Ms. Nathalie Bouchard has been in charge of the group for the past 13 years. $1M Nov. 3, 2004
(Québec 49)
Dépanneur Kiatou, located at 2700 Laurier Avenue East in Montréal. This retailer will receive a 1% bonus cheque for $10,000.
New! Sukhi Kohli & wife Rashmi. Rashmi is 28 years old & works at Royal Bank. Sukhi is 36 & recently started at a recruitment company. The couple has been married for 8 years & they have 2 children. $2.5M Oct. 2004?
(Lotto Super 7)
Longo's Major Mackenzie Drive in Maple, ON
New! Paul Ruel, Jacques Langevin & Benoit Arvisais are childhood friends who met up again about 3 years ago & decided to play the lottery together. $1M Oct. 30, 2004
(Québec 49)
New! A last-minute Quick Pick led to a spectacular haul for Jacques Babeu, a Régie intermunicipale Roussillon police officer living in the Montréal suburb of Saint-Philippe. He has a wife, Lina. $24,426,784 Oct. 27, 2004 Dépanneur Medeiros, located at 784 Lamarre Street in La Prairie, QC. This retailer, who was just as dumbfounded as his customer, will receive a 1% commission of $244,267.
New! Jacquelyn Moore, 54, a mother of 3, has worked for 25 years at a Kellogg's cereal plant in Omaha, where her main job is to make Corn Pops cereal. She stuck her ticket above 1 of the sun visors in her pick-up & didn't check it until late Monday. Before that, she admits she was growing frustrated with the as-yet-unknown jackpot winner. “I kept telling my sister, ‘Why doesn't that idiot say something or do something?'”, she said with a laugh. “Well, I'm the idiot.” She thinks that she has a convenience store clerk to thank for her big win, & she will thank her properly. U$14.4M Oct. 16, 2004
(US Powerball)
Easy-pick ticket that clerk Sheila Wright offered her at the Jump Start convenience store in Carter Lake. Carter Lake is a community of about 3,200 along the Iowa-Nebraska border in the Council Bluffs area. The Jump Start will receive a $10,000 bonus.
New! Group of 33 employees who work for a printing company in Seaford, Delaware, who have opted to remain anonymous. Each of the 33 winners will receive a payment of $2,657,754, which represents their share of the jackpot after federal taxes. They found out they won by checking the Internet. U$116.9M Oct. 9, 2004
(US Powerball)
Uncle Willie's convenience store, 50 S. Market Street, in Blades, Delaware.
New! Sylvia Alzner, 58. She has a husband (Heinz), 3 children & 7 grandchildren. $1M Oct. 2004
(Set For Life)
Chalet Foods in Grande Cache, population 3,800, situated approximately 180 km south of Grande Prairie, AB.
New! Jackie & Jim Lagoon U$7,549,484 after witholding taxes July 7, 2004
(US Powerball)
SuperAmerica, 2455 Centennial Road in North St. Paul, Minnesota
Judy Park purchased a lottery ticket after scolding her husband for buying the wrong ticket. Dean Park of Cornerbrook Park initially purchased the less lucrative Atlantic-49 & TAG draw tickets on the way home from a moose hunting trip. "I always check my numbers on the internet before I go to bed," said Judy.
The 36-year-old unemployed man had to borrow a car for the 12-hour drive & ferry ride to pick up the jackpot. 37-year-old Judy has quit her new job as a waitress after working at McDonald's. They have 4 children aged 8-17.
$17.7 Sept. 25, 2004 Vi's Confectionary in Corner Brook, Newfoundland will receive a seller's prize of $177,757.13.
Shawn MacDonald spends about $5 each week playing lottery. The 33 year-old federal government employee, who is originally from Port Hawkesbury, N.S., discovered his win when he checked on the Internet. His partner's name is Cheryl Beesley. 7.5 Sept. 17, 2004
(Lotto Super 7)
Lotto Booth in Scotia Square Mall, Halifax, NS will receive a seller's prize of $75,000.
Brad Walz, a 43-year-old golf pro, regularly plays lottery games and purchased a WESTERN 649 Quick Pick. He & his wife, Wendy, have 2 children & 2 grandchildren. 1 Sept. 11, 2004
(Western 649)
Mac's Convenience Store at 20 Crowfoot Crescent NW, Calgary, AB
Patrick & Barbara Carriere of Manitoba. The Roblin-area couple have been playing the same lottery numbers for 18 years after creating a 7-number combination based on family birth dates & anniversary dates. The 50-year-old oil field consultant checked on the Internet. They have been married 29 years. 3.1 Sept. 11, 2004 Radisson, Saskatchewan on their way home from a business trip.
Riviere des Prairies resident Andre Leveille. The retired woodworker kept $4.5 million, but gave his wife (Diane), son (Patrick) & daughter (Josee) $3.75 million each. Diane plans to retire from her 2 jobs. Josee said she wants to have a 2nd child. Patrick, who got married just 2 months ago, never had a honeymoon. 15.75 Sept. 1, 2004 Gas station in Mascouche
Ardrossan resident Sophia Harvey. She & her husband have 5 sons. 1 Sept. 1, 2004
(Western 649)
The 40-year-old homemaker purchased a $3 WESTERN 649 Quick Pick from Sobeys Lakeland Ridge in Sherwood Park, AB.
Tze-Lam Chan & wife Mei-Ling Chan buy a ticket together every week, but said they never win. Tze-Lam, a jeweller, plans to stop working. They hope to share the money with their son & other family members as well as taking a cruise. 26.9 (3rd largest prize on a single ticket in Canadian lottery history) Aug. 27, 2004
(Lotto Super 7)
Toronto, ON
Chuck Davits, a 54-year-old maintenance manager, scratched his ticket while sitting in his truck having lunch. The father of 4 & grandfather of 2 said he & his wife Tracy took some time to decide what to do with the windfall. 1 Aug. 2004
(Set For Life Scratch 'N Win)
Econo Park at 405 - 11th Avenue in Nisku, Alberta.
Kathy Laboret of Black Diamond. She is a recently retired 56-year old teacher. The mother of 4 & grandmother of 2 said she plans to share her windfall with her sister. 1 Aug. 2004
Purchased 3 different SCRATCH 'N WIN tickets from Hilltop Shell located on 401 Centre Avenue in Okotoks, AB
Mary Beth, 47, & David Wenell, 52 spent the weekend in northern Minnesota unaware that a winning Powerball ticket sitting on a dresser at their home. U$53.11860853 (35.9 after withholding) Aug. 14, 2004
(US Powerball)
5-line quick-pick ticket at Cub Foods, 8015 Den Road in Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Carla & Brad DiCesare of Stephenville, Nfld. & Lab. were in Codroy Valley for her sister's wedding. The morning of the wedding they realized they did not have enough balloons for the cars. While running the errand Brad saw that the Lotto 6/49 jackpot was $29 million & decided to buy a ticket with Atlantic 49. 1 Aug. 7, 2004
(Atlantic 49)
Mall Kiosk in Grand Bay Mall, Port Aux Basques will receive a $10,000 seller's prize.
Four couples were having a backyard BBQ when they decided on a whim to play 6/49. Three of the couples are from Milton, 1 from Mississauga. The winners are Ken (construction worker) & Bernetta Thistle (supply teacher); Gregory & Lorraine Ulrick (customer service representative); Debbie Smyth, Joe D'Alessandro (auto-parts worker); Michael Banks, who works for his wife Margaretta's recycling company. Debbie & Joe were going home to pick up a computer program for their hosts when Ken suggested they grab a lottery ticket & persuaded everyone to chip in. 14.6 Aug. 7, 2004 Milton, ON
Sandra Shumila's 60th birthday - Sunday, Aug. 8 - started out quietly. She had a cup of coffee & read the cards she received the day before at a party in her honour. "Some of them had lottery tickets in them, so I started to scratch them, and I made a pile of the EXTRAVAGANZA tickets. I won $5 on 1 of them, and then on the last 1, I saw it had won $1 million!" The retired office administrator is a mother of 2 & grandmother of 1. 1 Aug., 2004
Gibbs Drugs at 366 Main Street in Selkirk, MB
Ben Manuge, 45, is a Police Officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. He & his wife Bev have 2 daughters & 1 son. 1.35 2004
(Bonus Cash For Life)
Westside Jug City on Highway 35 in Minden, ON
Jean-Paul Paquette of Montréal's Pointe-aux-Trembles. He had played a wager 10 for $5, which enabled him to increase fivefold the 10 on 10 category's $200,000 prize. He & his spouse, Nicole Langevin, plan to pay off their car and buy a new house. The new millionaire, who had never played Banco before, hopes to keep a cool head & make a few investments. 1 July 28, 2004
Pharmaprix Pharmacy at 12800 Sherbrooke Est, Montreal will receive $10,000.
Gary Froescul, a 46-year-old operations plant worker & wife Charlotte, a 45-year-old healthcare worker, play 6/49 regularly using their own sets of favourite numbers based on family ages. 4.8 July 21, 2004 The parents of 2 were buying groceries for a fishing trip when they purchased their winning $7 ticket at Sobeys Station Square, located at 10004-99 Street in Fort Saskatchewan.
Having retired after 33 years at Telus, 56-year-old Robert Foote had been working at the Field of Dreams RV dealership in Calgary. Wife Alice is a receptionist. He is the father of 1 & stepfather of 1. 10 July 14, 2004 Foote used his Petro Points to buy a $2 quick-pick ticket at Vulcan Auto Truck Stop (Petro Canada) in Highway 23, Vulcan, AB
Jeff Cockburn has been playing Western 6/49 since it started. The 46-year old is a single father of 1. 1 July 14, 2004
(Western 6/49)
$4 WESTERN 6/49 Quick Pick at Save-On Food & Drugs, located at 8124-112 Avenue in Edmonton, AB
Dane Mitchell bought a $100 lottery ticket. Mitchell got the call from the foundation while golfing at Saugeen Golf Club. The 53-year old & his wife have 3 daughters. Mitchell said the most he ever won prior to this big pay day was $100 from a Lotto 6/49 ticket. He said he plans on contacting a financial advisor to help him deal with the money after he returns from visiting his parents near the Ottawa Valley. He was 1 of 3 grand prize winners in Ontario’s spring draw. The other winners are in Pembroke and Whitby. 1 July 2004
(Heart and Stroke Foundation)
Southampton, ON
Asad & Tammy Abbas of Ottawa have an agreement with their family. If they or any of the other family members ever win the lottery, the prize will be shared amongst them. The group is made up of Asad & Tammy Abbas, Asad's parents Noorjahan & Hasan Abbas, Tammy's parents Patricia & Marcel Lapensee & the remainder of the group are Asad's siblings. 4.3 July 7, 2004 Shoppers Drug Mart in the Van Leeuwen Centre in Kanata, ON
Jackie & Jim Lagoon of Stillwater. U$11.14315 July 7, 2004
(US Powerball)
SuperAmerica, 2455 Centennial Road in North St. Paul, Minnesota
Carlos Darjuan, 49, is a concession attendant for the City of Burnaby. He is married, with a son & a daughter. 8.6 July 3, 2004 Tommy's Market on Edmonds Street in Burnaby, BC. Carlos was at the market to buy some produce & to purchase a watermelon his kids had asked for. "I noticed that Lotto 6/49 jackpot was $17 million so I bought a ticket."
Roland & Melody Lajoie 8.6 July 3, 2004 Petro Canada station in Edmonton, AB
67-year old Geraldine Williams cleaned homes after retiring as a janitor at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. Williams, who was once in the US Marines, told her 3 children about her win as soon as she knew. The grandmother of 8 who moved to Lowell more than 40 years ago, said she plans to stay in the area. U$117.6 July 2, 2004
(Mega Millions)
Her cleaning clients included the brother of the owner of the liquor store where she bought her winning ticket in Lowell, Powers Wine Co., Massachusetts.
Karl Wietholter of Chilliwack. 1 June 26, 2004
(Western 6/49)
Edson, AB
Michael Lavigne is a volunteer firefighter & forklift operator at Brunswick Cloverleaf Inc. 1 June 26, 2004
(Atlantic 49)
Hooper’s Convenience in Blacks Harbour, NB
Joseph Greenwood, 87, is in the real estate business with his brother & has no plans to retire. He has been very lucky in the past as well, winning a Saab convertible last year, a cruise to Ireland a few years ago & numerous other smaller prizes. 2.48 June 16, 2004 Loblaws Princess Market in Kingston, ON
Montréal couple Jeannine & Jean-Paul Huard have decided to share their good fortune with their 3 children. 2.5 June 16, 2004 Pharmacie Jean Coutu, 4770, rue de Charleroi, Montréal-Nord, will receive $24,803.
Norma & Brian Sitar. Norma, who turned 47 the day before the draw, will also celebrate her 29th wedding anniversary in July. The couple has 3 sons, ages 18, 23 & 25. Norma was born in Ireland, but moved to Canada at the age of 3. Norma works part-time as a secretary for the local surgeon & Brian works for CN Rail. 12.5 June 12, 2004 Sioux Lottery Centre in Sioux Lookout, ON
Hye Soon Lee, 54, has 1 son. 1 2004
(Ontario Instant Millions)
Purchased at Seven Days Variety, which she owns & operates, at Wilson Street in Hamilton, ON
A group of 5 employees from Home Depot: Daniel Kelly, Sylvie Miljour, Edmond Volgo, Antonio Tringali, & Mario Lemyre. 12.5 June 12, 2004 Canadian Tire, 1454, Le Corbusier Blvd., Laval, QC, will receive $125,109 which is 1% of the prize.
A group of 8 hardware store employees have been playing together for the past 8 months. “I checked the winning numbers on the internet Friday evening,” said Sharon Freier, a 55-year-old cashier. The group, who range between the ages 45 & 58, include accounts payable employee Shirley Gammon & Steven Lengyell, the player who purchased the winning ticket. They all plan on retiring. 10 June 11, 2004
(Lotto Super 7)
Safeway on Highway 97 in Kelowna, BC
Ralph & Donna Ryhorchuk won with their regular set of family birthdates and ages. "After being married 3 years, we can also finally go on a honeymoon," said Ralph. 10.9 June 5, 2004 $5 ticket at Klein's Food Mart, located at 6887 Rochdale Boulevard in Regina, Saskatchewan

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