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  Zephania Mortimer, Eli’s brother


Robert Mortimer b. ? m. ? (1st marriage)   m. 21.6.1776 Anne Rowe(2nd marriage)

There is strong evidence indicating Anne Rowe came from Henley, the daughter of John and Martha Rowe; the Henley parish registers show the following entries:

1756 Anne daughter of John and Martha Rowe 11th April

1755 Martha son of John and Martha Rowe baptized 13th April,

1758 William son of John and Martha Rowe baptized 1st January,

1759 John son of John and Martha Rowe baptized 28th October,

1763 Elizabeth daughter of John and Martha Rowe baptized 24th May,

1766 Mary daughter of John and Martha Rowe baptized 7th December,

1768 John son of John and Martha Rowe baptized 23rd October,

1771 Arney daughter of John and Martha Rowe baptized 7th April, and

1772 Joseph son of John and Martha Rowe baptized 10th May.


Robert Mortimer buried 31.3.1793 as a widower.


Children from the 2nd marriage to Anne Rowe

Robert baptized 20.1.1777 buried 10.7.1779

Susannah baptized 27.9.1778

Robert baptized 11.2.1781

Elizabeth b.19.10.1783 baptized 18.12.1783

William b.18.11.1786 baptized 29.5.1787

Amy b.7.8.1791 baptized 14.8.1791


Anne Rowe had children after Robert died

James (illegitimate?) baptized 21.2.1796 m.2.6.1819 to Sarah Cutting

The Ashfield-cum-Thorpe parish record entry is “James Moss Mortimer bastard son of Anne Rowe”.

George (illegitimate?) baptized 11.2.1798 m.1820 Sophia Francis in Rishangles

The Ashfield-cum-Thorpe parish record entry is “George bastard son of Anne Rowe”.


Sophia Francis, George's wife, was baptized Rishangles 'Sophia daughter of Edward Francis and Emilia his wife

 formerly Osborne publicly baptized Sept 20th 1807 being four years old'. The marriage to George 'George Mortimer bachelor, and Sophia Francis spinster, married by banns 31st July 1820 ( both signed) presence of Charles Hall and John Mills'


Sophia's parents Edward and Emilia Francis also had: Charles bapt 23rd Nov 1800, William bapt 19th May 1799, and Edward bapt 25th Dec 1797.


 George Mortimer b.1796c and Sophia Francis b.1803 children were:

William     b.12th November 1820c, 

Eli           b.1822C m.18.11.53 Mary Ann Ramsey b.1896c

George     b.1826C

Ebenezer  b.1827C married Athelinda Clarke b. 1828c

Ezekiel     b.1827C                    d.3.11.1894 Ipswich

Elijah       b.1830C m. Ann Read b.1832c

Thomas    b.1832C m. Louisa b.1833c

James      b.1834C

Edward    b.1836C

Zephania  b.1838C Wetheringsett


1838 Zephania Mortimer b. Wetheringsett, Hartismere District Vol 13 Page 379


1841 Census Westcrup Street Wetheringsett cum Brockford

George Mortimer       40 Miller                     b.Suffolk

Sophia Mortimer        40 Wife                         “

Jne Mortimert           20 Daughter                   ”

George Mortimer       18 son                           “

Ezekiel Mortimer       14 son                           ”

Elijah Mortimer         12 son                           “

Thomas Mortimer      10 son                           ”

James mortimer         8 son                            “

Edward Mortmer        5 son                            ”

Zephania Mortimer  3 son                            “


1851 Census Rishangles

Thomas Wright             72 Head Farmer of 38 acres employ 2 men        b. Rishangles

Elizabeth Wright            76 Wife                                                      b   “

Eli Mortimer                  27 Servant Ag Servant                                  b.  “

Zephania Mortimer      13 Nephew Scholar                                       b. Wetheringsett


1861 Census St Margaret Ipswich

Zephania Mortimer    21 Head unmarried Corn Chandler                  b. Wetheringsett

William Bailey             26 Head M. Carpenter

Maria Bailey               26 Wife


1862 Marriage Zephania Jul-Aug-Sep 1862 E London Sub District 213  Vol 1C Page 11


1867 Zephania Mortimer age 27 died 3rd May 1867 2nd qtr Ipswich Vol 4a pg 381

Buried 3rd May 1867 in Ipswich cemetery with a stone, same grave as Alice Moule.

Zephania buried next to his in-laws, the Bakers.


Zephania married to Jesse Zana Baker who died in 1878 buried Ipswich cemetery.