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Pukta is the mascot of the Office of Boating Safety (OBS) - previously with the Canadian Coast Guard, but now with Transport Canada. "Pukta" comes from the Inuit word "puktaaq" which means to float or floating. OBS has produced a floating keychain as shown here. I have distributed 50 of these keychains into caches across Canada. I have numbered each one on the back and would like to track their destination. I would also like to know if they end up in a marine environment and where. If you pick up a numbered Pukta, would you please send me some information about the destination marine environment?  It could also prove useful for the Office of Boating Safety who donated these to me. You are under no obligation to keep these Pukta's in play - you can keep them, give them away to friends and family, etc. If you wish to keep them in play, then I would appreciate your assistance in tracking them. To update your Pukta Position, please e-mail me with the Geocaching mail feature at http://www.geocaching.com to username BLT and Family.  You can click on the Pukta # to list its complete history. Those that are in green coloured cells have travel photos. Check them out.

I have added a track history and distance information. My ISP doesn't provide all of the services of a full web server so to see the tracks in Google Earth, you must download the file (right click - save target as and then make sure that the extension on the file is .kml so that when you open it, Google Earth will launch and display the history track much like a real TB.

Thank you.

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Pukta No. Date Status Geocacher Last Known Cache

General Location

Kms Traveled
(Save Target as .kml and then open file to show in Google Earth)
49 30-Oct-2005 Traveling chocolatemal New Beginnings (GCQDGQ) New Hamburg, ON 78.5
48 03-Jul-2005 Traveling gucio321 Tunnel Rat (GCMV30) Ancaster, ON 0.0
47 20-Feb-2010 In Cache Mr. Wilson & a Mt. Goat No Zombies Allowed (GC23A2X) Fort Langley, BC 3124.6
46 05-May-2012 Traveling Crown&Fiddle One Amazin' Cache (GC1FZYF) Amherst, MA 8048.7
45 09-Jul-2005 In Cache tripod 'fort to fort' (GCH3DF) Maple Ridge, BC 6.4
44 25-Mar-2006 Traveling Firecats Prisoner's Cave? (GCR5CB) Halifax, NS 4534.7
43 12-Mar-2005 Traveling Chrisandra On to the Everglades (GCJYMP) Orlando, Florida 0.0
42 26-May-2011 Traveling TeamTurtleCrazy Park & "D"rive Two (GC25PXE) Cooper, MI 1553.6
41 14-Mar-2007 In Cache ender4232 Nature Walk (GCMBZY) Mobile, Alabama 2033.3
40 25-Sep-2006 In Cache Spudking&mspotatohead   Take a hike (GCP24C) New Brunswick 2310.5
39 15-Apr-2012 Traveling MinkyTennis 2.Chudleigh Knighton Heath. (GC39012) Bovey Tracey, England 8336.9
38 23-Mar-2006 Traveling Bushwhacking Drifter Trail Bug (GC8283) Kitchener, Ontario 441.9
37 09-Oct-2004 Traveling Boomer123 Forces of Nature (GCBA58) Grand Bend, Ontario 0.0
36 07-Aug-2004 In Cache KcIrTaP "Mnjikaning" (GCK839) Orillia, Ontario 45.0
35 02-Aug-2004 Traveling chris-mouse Mississauga Waterfall (GCJW1D) Mississauga, Ontario 0.0
34 28-Aug-2005 Traveling kashia Really.......It Was THIS Big!!!. (GCNVPJ) Charleston, Ontario 457.2
33 02-Sep-2009 Traveling jlee18 Opa's Cache (GC1XW17) Calgary, AB 2770.5
32 29-Aug-2011 In Cache loonleyranger Convention Center Hotel Cache (GCYDK5) Las Vegas, Nevada 5771.8
31 13-Nov-2008 In Cache Ozibags Itty Bitty Etty (GC12E6B) Queensland, Australia 20698.0
30 13-Nov-2004 Found a Home buttonmania It's the Pits (GCG27K) Petrolia, Ontario 0.0
29 24-Mar-2012 In Cache woody437 Fredericton Geo-Post Office (GC1BP69) Fredericton, NB 2043.1
28 17-Jul-2004 Traveling GuyandJalee   Can't Stop Mike (GCJVWA) Brights Grove, Ontario 0.0
27 13-Sep-2004 Found a Home Little Moo Moo Log Your Find!!! (GCJ6P0) Petrolia, Ontario 0.0
26 17-Apr-2005 In Cache jedi_jer Fairy Lake (GCGMN7) Southampton, Ontario 446.8
25 18-Apr-2009 In Cache Chister Actaeonella (GC1CFZB) Switzerland 8137.5
24 06-Jun-2005 Traveling USSDarwin The Walkup Trader (GCJY8Y) Boston, USA 1074.4
23 05-Apr-2006 In Cache Pentagram IJzeren Man Weert (GCR7VQ) Netherlands 7023.5
16 29-Jul-2007 In Cache vindevine allinfun6--Hangin' Around for the Fun of It (GCPNE7) Irvine, California 7669.6
15 05-Dec-2004 Traveling BadAndy   Happy Easter! (GCJA8Q) Idaho, USA 2900.2
14 22-May-2004 Wild BLT and Family Hanging around in Mississauga (GCF5E1) Mississauga, Ontario 0.0
13 12-Feb-2005 In Cache Team Picharkin Colonel Sam's Park (GC4D5A) Toronto, Ontario 51.0
12 09-Nov-2008 In Cache Starkathr Feather in the Glen Cache (GCJ4TW) Niagara Falls, Ontario 9977.4
11 12-Apr-2005 Lost bluelamb03 Con Currency (GCNEP8) Ottawa, Ontario 415.6
10 30-Oct-2005 In Cache Busy Hands Georgian Trail Multi Cache (GCJCPA) Meaford, Ontario 237.6
9 21-Oct-2004 In Cache Off the Edge The Hermitage Cache (GCGVH3) Ancaster, Ontario 34.5
8 05-Mar-2005 Traveling Les Voyageurs King Henry's Cache Night (GCMQJE) Niagara On The Lake, Ontario 256.1
7 27-May-2004 Traveling aminul A Trail of Two Bridges (GCH2P1) Lambton County, Ontario 0.0
6 26-Apr-2004 Wild BLT and Family Practice Makes Perfect!! (GCJ9X9) Sarnia, Ontario 0.0
5 10-Jun-2004 In Cache Hard Oiler Tour of Ingersoll (GCJ4PQ) Ingersoll, Ontario 102.8
4 20-Nov-2005 In Cache astrogirl A Trail of Two Dams (GCHW47) Virgil, Ontario 383.0
3 10-Feb-2007 In Cache capecodgirl Seaside New & Used Vehicles (GCNKXA) Plymouth, MA 4268.0

For further information about boating safety (and the group that supported my distribution of these cute critters) you can find them at http://www.tc.gc.ca/BoatingSafety/menu.htm

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