Welcome to Nicolas and Ivan Pinzon's world of RC Scale Aerobatics.
We are a team of son and father born in Colombia, South America, currently living in Milton, Canada, who share the joy of RC model airplanes.

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Latest News:


• Sep: Taller IMAC, Bogota, Colombia, Nov 14 2015

Nicolas has been invited to give an IMAC judging/flying seminar as part of a Colombian regional contest to be held in Bogota Colombia.

• Aug: Tucson Aerobatic Shootout Invitational

Nicolas has been invited to compete in this prestigious event in the invitational class.
Practicing as much as possible and starting to make arrangements for sending the airplane, hotels, etc

Very interesting Known sequences. 3 of them. Lots of work.

• Jul: Spektrum DX-18

We've been using our new DX-18 G2 radios for 2 months already. Fantastic radio. We could tell/feel right away the difference in resolution.

Easy programming, all the functions we need, like the super useful Balance function (no need for matchboxes), battery lasts forever, light and comfortable to hold/use.


• Sep: IMAC Worlds

Nicolas finished 2nd !!!
Was not easy by any means. Top pilots from many countries but at the end Nicolas was very consistent and was able to finish second.
As always, meeting with old friends and making new friends is one of the most important parts of these contests.
This time, we met with friends from Colombia that we hadn't seen in at least 20 years, bringing back old good memories.
The Carden Extra 300 Pro with the DA-200 behaved flawlessly. Also, we are finishing to set up our new DX18. We really noticed the resolution and frame rate difference right away.

• Apr: Competition preparation
This is a busy year with some Canadian contests, XFC and IMAC Worlds. Building a Dalton Aviation Extra ML, 80% done.

• Jan-Apr: Crack Yak Season
Indoor flying having lots of fun with these amazing foammies (EPP). Our favourites are the Super Lite Yak and the Yak mini. But also, Nicolas has spent a lot of time with the classic Fancy Foam Yak.


Aug-Sep: Extreme Flight 104
Welcome Extreme Flight !!!
Nicolas has joined the Extreme Flight family and we are in the process of finishing the setup for a beautiful red 104. DA-120 with RE2 pipes. Very close to maiden. Can't wait to fly it.

Aug-Sep: Pro Construction
We ended up building both wings for the Pro. This unfortunately interfered with our flying season but we are close to be back on the air. We are eager to catch up with a lot of missing flight time.

• July: H9 Mystique Glider
We got a beautiful 2.9m Mystique glider. The electric motor setup keeps you in the air no matter how strong thermals are. Lots of fun when you want to relax and complement IMAC competition flying.

• July: Stoneycreek Imac Challenge, Nick 1st place, Ivan 2nd place
Nicolas finished in 1st place Unlimited flying initially the Carden Extra 300 Pro, DA-200 with KS Canisters and then the Carden Extra 300, DA-150 with greeves. Unfortunately, he had a midair and clipped his right wing. He was lucky enough to be able to use his skills to do the famous knife-edge landing and save the fuse, engine and other wing.
We ended up sharing my plane for the remaining of the contest.
To close the contest, he finished in 1st place in freestyle flying the H9 Sukhoi.

• June: XFC, Nick 6th place
Nicolas finished in 6th place flying the H9 Extra 300, DA-120 with KS Canisters. Amazing and fun contest as always with the ususal challenges that always happen in a contest.
He did a perfect inverted landing in one of the final's flights. As a proof of friendship, trust and quality of friends that we have in this hobby, a few pilots offered him an airplane to fly !!!
He flew Chris Gini's Aeroworks Extra for the last flight. It was definitely one of the most stressful flight of our lifes. Thanks Chris. We really appreciate your generosity.


• Aug-Sep: Clovercreek Invitational, Nick 4th place
Nicolas finished in 4th place flying the Carden Extra 300, DA-200 with KS Canisters.
This contest is just amazing: hosts, organization, field, competitors level.
Although the weather forecast was not looking good, huracan Isaac touching ground very close just a few days before the event, we only had 1 day with 15 min or so of rain. Wind was a different story. Every day was very very windy, 30-35 km/hr, except for the last day after the closing ceremony. At that point the wind died !!!
We had a chance to meet old friends from Colombia, Puerto Rico and Canada.
We want to thank Tina and John for the hospitality and for all the effort they put to make an event like this become a reality. Also the organizers: Joe, Gil, Kent, Wayne, the Youngbloods, Judges and Volunteers.

• July: US Nats, Nick 4th place
Nicolas finished in 4th place flying the Carden Extra 300, DA-200 with KS Canisters.

• June: XFC, Nick 6th place
Nicolas finished in 6th place flying the H9 Extra 300, DA-120 with KS Canisters.


• July: US Nats, Nick 6th place
Once again we attended the US Nats IMAC contest at Muncie IN. We went with our friend Mike Milos and stayed in his trailer. What a nice experience to stay at the field and share some time with all the nice and fun friends.
Eventhough attendance was low compared to other years, the contest was very good and well run by Gil and Curtis.
Nick only had like 20-30 flights on the new Extra but he felt comfortable with the plane. Carden dominated the event !

• June: Carden Extra 300 Pro
We finally finished building the airplane. Nicolas made the design and covered the plane. I did the rest.
The maiden day came and we were so anxious. Fortunately everything went well. The airplane is just amazing. Very smooth and precise an we really like the way it presents on the air. We started adjusting some settings because it snaps more precisely. Best plane we have owned so far. Hard to improve on this.
About the engine, simply amazing !!!
Super quiet and powerful. We love it.
For electronics we used the JR high voltage servos. Again, simply amazing. Very strong and fast and NO regulators !!!
Haven't weighted it yet, but weight is not an issue. We were concerned about the downlines with the thin airfoil. Not a problem.
These are the components:
- DA-200 standard, with KS 95 canisters, 3 bladed prop
- JR 8911 servos
- 4000 Powerbox batteries
- JR 12x and 1222 Rx

Extra 300 Pro Photos

• June: XFC, Nick 9th place
Nicolas finished in 9th place flying the H9 Beast. Fun contest as always, very good competitor level and also we observed a new flying style on some pilots, more agressive style, closer to what you see on foamies.

• April: Carden Extra 300 Pro
I've been building this plane for the last 5 months. Here are some pictures of the process:

Extra 300 Pro Construction Photos

It's ready to cover and we hope it's going to be ready to fly beginning of May. Can't wait.
Nicolas will be flying this one and I inherited the Carden Extra 300 (we sold the Extra 330).

• April: XFC
Will be held June 3-5, Muncie, IN. Nicolas will fly the Beast and/or the H9 Extra 260.
Not much time to practice.


• October: H9 Beast
We were able to put some flights on our new toy. Excellent quality on the kit and the airplane is just so much fun. Bipes are bipes.
We are using a DA-100 with RE2 pipes, 8711s with Powerbox batteries, JR 1222 Rx. Still need to set up a smoke system.

• September: Clover Creek Invitational, Nick 9th place
We had a great time at Clover Creek. This is one of the best contests in the world, from the pilots to the facilities. Nicolas finished 9nd, very close to the 7th position (cut for finals). He was the only invitational pilot flying a 150cc plane. Most of the other pilots were using the DA200. For the freestyle he used the H9 Extra 260.
We had the chance to meet many pilots from all over the world. We say hello to Bruno (Brasil) and the crazy group from Puerto Rico. This is one of the great things about our hobby: get to know lots of nice people !!!
A BIG thank you to Mr John Schroder and Tina. We hope we can see you again soon.

• August: Canadian Nats, Nick 1st place
Nicolas finished 1st on Unlimited and Ivan finished 2nd on Advanced.
After having a mid-air where I was so lucky to only have my landing gear ripped off on the Carden Extra 330, I was able to belly land with no issues and continued to fly for the rest of the contest with Nick's plane, the Extra 300. Nick then switched to fly the H9 Extra 260 to minimize chances of another mid air, since he is preparing for the Clover Creek invitational and this (Extra 300) is his main airplane.
At the end of the contest, Nick also finished 1st on Free Style with the H9 Extra 260.

• July: US Nats, Nick 5th place
Nicolas finished 5th on Unlimited. Great contest, lots of flying, very competitive class. Ivan finished 11th.
We met fot the first time the "Carden family", Dennis and Caroline. Very nice people and was great to discuss about current designs, building tips.

• June: XFC, Nick 5th place

Nicolas finished 5th. Amazing contest as always, very competitive, very talented pilots from many places from around the world.
It was not easy. We were planning to use the Aeroworks Extra 300 as our primary airplane but it crashed on the last flight on the last day of practice. Receiver battery problems. Next day we "swam" in a swamp for almost 2 hours and found what was left. Pieces.
Fortunately, we had been working on the H9 Extra 260, but it was not ready and we only had 1 day to set it up and try it. What a race.
Anyway, things started not that well for Nicolas and he had to concentrate and leave the crash out of his mind. He was able to improve and make the cut in 6th place and move up 1 place in the finals.

• April: Clover Creek Invitational
Nicolas has been invited to this event, which is one of the most (if not the top) important IMAC events in the world.
We feel very proud and excited about this opportunity.
2010 Clover Creek

• April: XFC
We are already preapring for this year's XFC. Hopefully the weather will help so that we can put enough hours of practice.
We are still deciding which is going to be the #1 airplane. We just got an Aeroworks Extra 300 and we are also waiting to see if the Hangar 9 Beast arrives in time so that we can set it up before the contest and then decide. We'll see.


Last update: Sep 12 2014

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