Chat Rooms

Most of the major Search Engines have topical Chat Rooms that may be entered for discussions with those with like interests. Follow the basic rules of netiquette. Many Chat Rooms have set their own rules and standards that must be adhered to. Many have moderators to facilitate conversation and monitor the compliance to the rules. You can be "locked" out of a chat room for non-compliance. Registration is sometimes required with or without a waiting time to enter. Passwords are required by most. Some allow a nom de plume. For safety, remember anyone can create their own personal profile. Never give personal information out. Never share passwords. It is a real no-no to solicit business in most chat rooms. DO NOT SHOUT BY USING UPPER CASE. Do not hog the conversation. Recognize the presence of all present rather than carrying on a "private" chat. Do not cause the screen to scroll rapidly as it will disturb others. Always tell others when you are logging off so that they can complete their thoughts and will know that they are not having a one-sided conversation. If you must leave for a "minute" but intend to come back, "BRB" (be right back/bathroom break) will let them know. Avoid humour/or sarcasm that may be misunderstood by those of different cultures. Remember to respect client privacy in nursing chat rooms. You don't know who is lurking or even to whom you are really talking to. Remember the "elevator talk" horror stories that we all learned about in the past.

Message Boards

Message boards have the advantage over Chat Rooms in that you have a greater audience. Your message remains on the "bulletin board" for a limit of time set by the webmaster of the site. This depends on the size of the server, number of messages etc. There is usually a keyword search facility if you are looking for a specific topic. Your suggestion, concern, question can be answered by those visiting. While your subject is not addressed in real time, you are more likely to find someone with good advice for you. You will need to check back with the message board frequently for the responses. Often people will e-mail their response to you instead of posting it especially if it is of sensitive nature. This is a good way to meet "internet buddies".

Nursing Chat Rooms and Message Boards

   Nurse Chat
   Virtual Nurse
   Cyber Nurse

The Basics of ICQ - (I SEEK YOU)

ICQ is a user-friendly internet tool that informs you of who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. ICQ will alert you when your friends/associates are at their computers. With ICQ, you can choose the mode of communication- chat, voice, message board, data conferencing. The program runs in the background, taking up minimal memory. At the time of writing, ICQ is free. The file can be downloaded from "". Go to download directory and select the version you want according to your operating system. Follow the online step-by-step instructions to install and register. You will be assigned an ICQ number to share with your friends.There is a FAQ and ICQ Technical Support Center if you encounter difficulties. This is an ideal mode for group conferencing or holding a chat in real-time with a nursing friend doing an exchange in Australia where time-zone problems are a negative factor for keeping up friendships!