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                    Welcome to my Web site! **New Astrophotos added Feb 2,2009**


Hello, my name is Gary Colwell...

This site is dedicated to those like me who have always wanted to build an observatory of their own, but also wanted to use it in the elements without succumbing to them! This observatory does not have a roll off roof...it is a roll off BUILDING!

Ever since I can remember I loved looking up at the stars, either out in a field somewhere  or just through my bedroom window. I remember  the first time I went to the David Dunlop Observatory ( back when Richmond Hill was just that…a hill.) I often dreamed of one day owning my own telescope and perhaps, even my own personal observatory. Well here we are almost 40 years later, and that dream has finally come true.

Last year I purchased some land in the Frontenac Highlands about an hour north of Belleville ON.

The skies are soooo incredibly dark up there, and I had 3.5 acres on a private lake to work with, and the nearest town is 30 kms away with a bustling population of about 200. I also had an area that affords me a 360 degree clear view with only a few large trees to contend with.  So…the plan was on!....Here we go!

                                                                             (Check out the pics of the Log Cabin!)



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