This article began as a research project into the Regimental and Battery markings of units in the Royal Canadian Artillery. Through contact with the curator of the RCA museum, I was provided with a text document compiled from HQ 2 Canadian Infantry Division and 6 Canadian Infantry Brigade that had been received from Headquarters First Canadian Army on 12 June 1944. Only 58 of these guides for marking and identifying every major unit and many sub-units were put on distribution for the entire Army. With this abundance of information in hand, I decided to expand the scope of this project from just the artillery markings, into all of the field units assigned to the First Canadian Army.

I have organized each of those approximately 400 field units into their respective formations, and provided a colour illustration of both the formation insignia and corresponding AOS marking. Beside each marking is the name in full and/or regimental number of the particular unit. Units are also displayed with respect to their seniority of service within the formation, which is why some AOS numbers are not sequential.

While many of the markings for Armoured and Infantry units are well documented, I thought some might find it valuable if all the supported arms that comprise the Division, Corps, and Army Troops were included. So if you've ever wanted to build a vehicle or diorama with a soldier getting mail, doing laundry, getting his teeth pulled, receiving his field pay, loading a tank transporter, or being carted off by the military police, then check out some of the 400 units listed below.

Special thanks to Clive Prothero-Brooks, curator of the RCA Museum, and to my internet helpers; Mark Cooper, Mike Taylor, Pete Andrews, and JP Morgan.