Total Time : 28 mins + 47 mins = 75 mins


Bootleg Notes


Remastered from 1st generation cassette with some light EQ on top end to reduce hiss

and removal of microphone noises due to movement.


Feb.20th additional compression and de-hissing due to much lower signal-to-noise ratio.

The recording device (and the recorder) was seated much farther away from Fripp.

Especially during 1896 and the opening of 1895, where the original recording level was almost non-existent forcing a massive volume boost to be audible.

Massive level increasing and subsequent EQing had to be applied to make it listenable.


The first two minutes of 1892 has been restored using the replay version 1889 Over 1892.

All available audience responses and discussions have been restored, although some of these were not recorded, badly edited or in the case of the discussions on the 20th, largely unintelligible.


This was a benefit concert put on by the University, something which Fripp has mentioned is helpful in establishing the right audience for active listening.

Because the audience knows that he is donating his time, they are not prone to making him “perform” to expectations and are also likely more receptive to experimentation.


This was a comment Fripp made about his experience (an extract from Eric Tamm’s book)


“I was soloing over the Frippertronic loop and I heard  the next note and played it and heard  the next note

and played it, and I was weeping as I was playing because something was beginning to move.”


It’s not known which performance or if that specific portion was captured here, nor is it known if anyone else was aware of this experience.


In a joint interview with Joe Strummer, Fripp mentions this “event” again and says he’d been waiting

23 years for “that” to happen.


Fripp also mentions at the beginning of the Feb. 21st show that he was suffering from a stomach virus.  Despite this setback, the performance quality is superb and therefore even more commendable.


In addition...Fripp mentions in his diary entry of Feb.17, 2003 that


The 1980 touring was mainly for The League of Gentlemen, although I did play a Frippertronics performance in Philadelphia, as a benefit organized by Kimberly Haas. I remember this performance for several reasons, among them: my intestinal composition was of a fluid disposition; I had the experience while performing of seeing the next note to play, playing it, and then the next note to be played after that; and the next one after that. This was a valuable experience, and one mentioned in an interview with Joe Strummer, conducted by Vic Garbarini, that became the cover feature (1980) for Musician in its glory years. Joe discussed this interview with Vic only a few weeks before Joe died. During the interview, Joe & I played pinball, and I turned the machine over (at 100,000) on my first ball.  (Note : The Musician Magazine issue was actually June 1981). the same diary entry...Fripp describes an encounter with the fan who recorded these particular shows some 22 years later.

back in 81, robert fripp was doing his first frippertronic tour and was playing at the u. of pennsylvania in philly...we knew we had to tape it, but knowing how quirky fripp is on this issue and the small size of the venue, we had to resort to unconventional we went to a medical supply house, rented a wheelchair, taped the mics to the arm rests, and had my buddy sitting in the thing with a blanket covering the deck...fripp, who was tuning up and checking his decks, graciously requested that our suddenly wheelchair bound buddy be placed right in front of the end of a nice 60 minute set, and after fripp takes his bows, my buddy, who was being fed margaritas via a straw the whole time, starts screaming: "fripp healed me...i feel my legs...hallelujah...fripp is god", jumps outta the chair and runs outta the place...pandemonium ensues of course, and fripp is flabbergasted...the story does not end day, fripp is doing promo signing at a record store, and i walk in with a j-card and ask him to sign it for the guy he had healed yesterday, becuz the tape of the gig would be incomplete without it...needless to say, fripp went ballistic, spewing obscenities left and right…i had a good laugh...


Date : February 20/21-Afternoon+Eve, 1981

Venue : Houston Hall

              University of Pennsylvania

Location : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

TRACK LISTING - February 20, 1981

Sound Grade : 7 except (a) = 6


1896 (1:11) © (b)

1895 (7:56) © (b) (a)



1894 (7:12) © (a)


1893 Over 1894 (7:13) ® (a)


TRACK LISTING - Feb, 21, 1981- Afternoon

Sound Grade : 8.5


1892 (8:46) ® ©




1891 (13:14) ®

1890 (10:16) ®



1889 Over 1892 (8:46) ®









Houston Hall

3417 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19104

Revised Notes


This wonderful set of 3 shows has now been officially released by DGM Live

and can be purchased as a bundle (recommended) or separately as desired here, here and here.

Alex Mundy has combined the audience bootleg performances with Fripp’s original backing tapes

to produce a vastly superior version to anything previously heard.

These amazing performances are among Fripp’s very best and not to be missed.

The DGM Live Uploads have been accompanied by notes and memories supplied

by Kimberly Haas who was the organizer of these events in conjunction with various

tidbits of information gathered below referencing these performances.


The sequencing of Feb.20 - Afternoon is believed to be correct although not certain as to the order

of the 2nd playback of Loop III. It may have occurred as listed or possibly prior to the 2nd dialogue set.


Feb.21 - Evening - Loop I appears to suffer from some tape warbling, which was common and could

be a result of insufficient tape tension issues during performance or subsequent tape degradation.

Total Time : 41 mins

Date : February 20, 1981

Venue : Houston Hall

              University of Pennsylvania

Location : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


 10 = Perfect Stereo

   9 = FM Radio Broadcast

   8 = Excellent Audience

   7 = Very Good Audience

   6 = Good Audience

   5 = Fair Audience

   4 = Poor Audience

   3 = Un-listenable



  © = Mono Creation Loop

  ® = Stereo Replay Loop

Sound Grading : 10



Loop I (4:50) ®

Loop II (8:11) ®

Loop III (7:21) ®

Loop I and Solo (5:02) ®

Loop II and Solo (8:26) ®

Loop III and Solo (7:38) ®

Total Time : 68 mins

Date : February 21 - Afternoon, 1981

Venue : Houston Hall

              University of Pennsylvania

Location : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Sound Grading : 10



Loop I (12:35) ®

Loop II (10:02) ®

Loop III (8:52) ®

Loop III (9:04) ®

RF Dialogue (2:17)

Loop I and Solo (12:58) ®

Loop II and Solo (10:27) ®

RF Dialogue (2:02)

Total Time : 17 mins

Date : February 21 - Evening, 1981

Venue : Houston Hall

              University of Pennsylvania

Location : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Sound Grading : 10



Loop I (9:44) ®

Loop II (7:29) ®