10 = Perfect Stereo

   9 = FM Radio Broadcast

   8 = Excellent Audience

   7 = Very Good Audience

   6 = Good Audience

   5 = Fair Audience

   4 = Poor Audience

   3 = Un-listenable



  © = Mono Creation Loop

  ® = Stereo Replay Loop

Total Time : 63 mins



Upgraded from an even better 1st generation cassette recording of the original broadcast

with very little of the signature radio interference hum present on many versions.

Some portions have been augmented with another recording of the same broadcast

to fill out any missing segments.


Pitch-corrected to A440 tuning using the first note of 1986 as a guide.


Many versions appear to have the left and right channels reversed for some reason.

However this new cassette recorded from the original broadcast shows that

it was indeed broadcast in the correct manner and this is reflected here

and all missing portions from part way through 1900 Over 1901 until the end

of the broadcast has been corrected.


The final complete recorded performance of the 1979 Frippertronics World Tour.


During Fripp’s spoken introduction, he notes that this is a live radio broadcast

from the CKOI-FM 96.9 Montreal radio station studio.

It is not from Le Pretzel en Chaine as it is frequently reported.


This is the complete live radio broadcast in stereo,

with the exception of a small portion of Fripp’s spoken “God Save The Queen Introduction”,

missed on all versions received so far.


Time lengths now INCLUDE the surprising amount of dead air between pieces.


There are other recorded versions of this same broadcast, many of which

have edited out portions, especially the dialogue and “dead air”.

This is a recording of the original live FM broadcast without edits.


The broadcast introduction and conclusion and station ID’s are all in French.


Some unconfirmed reports have this source recording as August 17 & 19, 1979,

however August 18, 1979 is the correct date.


1986, Red Two Scorer & God Save the Queen all recorded

at either the afternoon performance at Tower Records and at

the evening performance Bear’s Lair, Berkeley, CA, USA. all on 1979/07/30


1983 is from Madame Wong’s 1979/07/25 - Early Show


Fripp plays the opening melody from God Save The Queen on

1899 Over God Save The Queen, immediately followed by a

“One time only” performance of “La Marseillaise” (The national anthem of France).

Fripp must have thought this appropriate for a performance in

the primarily Francophone Montreal, however Quebec is not part of France !

“O Canada” might have been more appropriate, maybe that just didn’t sound so good.


The enhancement technique of utilizing the “official releases” has been foregone

on this recording as the quality is quite high and in full stereo making

little improvement and tends to cause an overpowering of the “solo element”,

unless the recording is converted to mono and panned to the centre.

This mono conversion process has been undergone for an extended mix of

1904 Over 1986, which can be found on the USA 1979 compilation disc without

the Francophone broadcast introduction.

Date : August 18, 1979

Venue : CKOI-FM Studio

Location : Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Broadcast Introduction (0:24)

1904 Over 1986 (4:25) ®

1903 Over Red Two Scorer (7:01) ®

Frippertronics Introduction (7:02)

1902 Over 1983 (13:48) ®

Mono Creation Setup (4:15)

1901 (5:07) ©

Stereo Setup I (0:41)

Station ID (1:26)

Stereo Setup II (0:15)

1900 Over 1901 (5:24) ®

God Save The Queen Introduction (1:40)

1899 Over God Save the Queen (10:23) ®

Broadcast Commentary / Sign Off (1:07)

Sound Grade : 9