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Happy New Year !  Apologies for the long silence for technical reasons.

We should see in 2016 some archival Frippertronics releases from DGM from the classic 1979 tour.

(Most likely resuming chronologically where the last bundle left off in May 1979)

Anyone with anything from that period (or any) not already noted on this site,

please get in contact and perhaps it can be incorporated into these fine releases for everyone to enjoy.

Currently updating the Fripp & Eno Paris Olympia page with some updated information.



I’ve seen and heard an advance copy and I have to tell you that the packaging

is absolutely gorgeous and worth every penny spent,

not to mention the extras you get below and the great booklet inside

with numerous tidbits and rare memorabilia like “the setlist” !

Get it while it’s hot at DGM Live here or here.


We are thrilled that DGM has finally announced the long-awaited official CD release of the

classic Fripp & Eno Live in Paris 1975/05/28 show that includes some additional material

not contained on the DGM Live download including a reverse backing track version

of Wind on Water used in part to create the version heard on the official Evening Star release,

the restoration of the Francophone audience announcement heard at the show

and the rare B-Side of Eno’s Seven Deadly Finns 45 RPM single entitled “Later On”,

which is a collage of extracts from No Pussyfooting along with some extra

VCS3 synth parts performed by Eno.  This track has never been released before on CD.


A newly discovered audience recording from June 17, 1979 recorded at the Washington Ethical Society

in Washington, DC has been unearthed.  The recording appears to contain a playback and solo

of a piece(s) from an earlier show on June 8, 1979 at Plastic Fantastic in Philadelphia.

Watch for a detailed account at a later date.


A truly unique studio recording of Frippertronics from December 1979 that was recorded

possibly for My Life in the Bush of Ghosts or the unreleased Healthy Colours CD.

Either way it’s a great listen.  You can download this amazing set from DGM Live here


DGM releases Frippertronics at the first WOMAD festival on July 17, 1982

The final Frippertronics performance with the classic 59’ Les Paul and twin Revox tape loop setup.

Photos of Fripp’s performance can be seen here


One of the last Frippertronics performances using the classic setup has been uploaded

by DGM Live combined with a bootleg audience recording from

V.A. Smith’s Chapel Theatre in NYC on June 13, 1982 (2 and 5pm performances)

It consists of the first show with the audience bootleg sync and a second without.

This is now available for purchase here


The complete 1983 Frippertronics tour package is now available here for official download from DGM Live!


This site is working on a special page for the recent 1979 European Tour Release package.

Still absorbing and enjoying the performances immensely!


Some fantastic photos have emerged from the mysterious Zurich performance on May 29, 1979

which was recently released by DGM.  These tremendous photos can be seen here

The venue is still somewhat unconfirmed but we believe it could be the Kammertheatre Stok

Thanks so much to Ueli Frey for contacting us and conveying show information and research.


What did Fripp and Eno do during 1978?


DGM has released an incredible 15 show Frippertronics 1979 tour bundle

from the most interesting opening European portion of this tour from May 7th to May 29th.

This is more than this website ever dreamed possible!

This is what we’ve all been waiting for! 

Time to show your support for the painstaking work involved of baking tapes, digitizing, mastering

and whenever possible, synchronizing to audience bootlegs.  It’s all here folks!

Download the whole bundle or individuals shows starting here


A free DGM download from a 1984 BBC London interview includes a few minutes of unreleased

impromptu Frippertronics performed using the Electro-Harmonix Memory Man.  Get it here while you can.


An applied Frippertronics section has been added here

Thanks to Martin Nevels for the idea and the information research.

Please email with any further entries.


Our appetites ignited at the sight of the 1979 Frippertronic tour tapes in the DGM archives!


Virtually on it’s 29th anniversary, DGM has released a complete performance version

of the First and Second Performances on March 22, 1983 in Boston, MA at the Paradise.

It consists of Fripp’s backing tapes and lecture tapes synchronized

with a very good quality audience bootleg to capture any guitar solo elements

as well as venue atmosphere and audience elements.

Buy them here and here

Expanded/updated information on this release has been added here


Does anyone know where this King Crimson 1974 B&W video footage was shot and where it came from?

It appears on an old laserdisc entitled Careful with that Axe featuring Fripp.

The relevant snippets can be seen here at 4:54 to 6:34.

Some research has placed it somewhere (likely in the US) between April/May 1974.

If anyone has any useful information, please email to frippertronics at cogeco dot ca


Updated/expanded info on the DGM Live releases have been incorporated below on

Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen on May 18, 1979

Sound Warehouse, Chicago on June 18, 1979

Just A Song, Albany on July 5, 1979 and WCMF Studio, Rochester on July 6, 1979

Houston Hall, University of Pennsylvania on February 20 and 21, 1981

Washington Square Church on July 27 to August 2, 1981

 Inroads on August 4 to 7, 1981


Some updates to reflect recent DGM releases as well as the discovery of an interview on 06/06/79

made after the Passim’s show in Boston, MA for WZBC FM Newton


Did you know that according to Butch Vig...the last CD to have been played by Kurt Cobain prior

to his tragic death was King Crimson’s “Red” ? Read about it here


Xmas arrives early for us Frippertronics fans thanks to Alex Mundy at DGM Live.

While still relishing the recent  massive 12 show NYC bundle from the summer of ‘81,

we are treated with 3 more from February of that year from Philadelphia’s University of Pennsylvania.

Much thanks to Steve Behrends and his wonderful cassette archive for the ability

to provide the synchronization capabilities for one of these three shows.

Buy all three as a bundle or separately here and here and here


A tremendous surprise today.  DGM Live has revealed a Frippertronics tour package of 12 shows.

It comprises all of the recorded performances from the 1981 NYC stint at Washington Square Church

on July 27, 28, 29, 30, Aug.1 (Aft. & Eve.) & Aug. 2 (Aft. & Eve.)

as well as the following week at Inroads (August 4, 5, 6 & 7).  Read about them and BUY THEM HERE

Once these are properly digested there will be a proper page dedicated for these recordings.

A mountain of thanks to Alex Mundy at DGM for his efforts at restoring these shows.


A phenomenal new DGM Live Frippertronics upload of the infamous 1979/05/18 Copenhagen show

has appeared, synched with Fripp’s backing tapes.  The already beautiful audience recording is

now even further enhanced.  Highly recommended.  Buy it here


It has been revealed that the ultimate Frippertronics jackpot exists. It appears that DGM Live indeed

does have the entire 1979 Frippertronics tour tapes in their archives (Europe and North America)

Read about it here


A reference has appeared in Fripp’s diary here, which reveals some interesting guitar techniques

(one learned from Robin Trower) first heard on the 1975 F & E tour.


The official Fripp & Eno-Live at the Paris Olympia show is finally available for consumption at DGM Live today. 

I had the great privilege of writing the upload notes for this epic release at the request of the man himself.

This is the finest upload to date (IMHO) by the great engineer Alex Mundy. Fantastic work!

If you’re thinking of buying anything from DGM Live...this is the one.  GET IT HERE NOW!

Read more about it here and here and where the enhanced tapes were first discovered here


DGM Live has just released the first of 8 of these Frippertronic performances

from the week long engagement at Washington Square Church in NYC in (07/27/81 to 08/02/81)

Buy it here and read about Alex working on it here and here and here.


After over 30 years a new and very clear Frippertronics audience recording has surfaced

from Theatre Populier in Amsterdam, Netherlands from May 7, 1979.  Check it out here


DGM Live has released an incredible source reel of what we believe is a dual show from July 5th-6th, 1979

from Just a Song, Albany, NY and WCMF Studios in Rochester, NY respectively.

Astounding and in perfect sound quality.  Just what we’re asking for in our Web Objective # 4 below.

Download it here and show your support


Complete extended Frippertronics backing loop used on King Crimson’s Requiem from the Beat album

will be made available for the 40th anniversary edition.  Read about it here


A short youtube Frippertronics clip from MTV in 1982 (at the 8 minute mark) can be seen here


An excellent 1st generation cassette transfer of the original 08/18/79 CKOI-FM Montreal broadcast arrived.

Thanks Andre.  Details can be found here


A second show from this wonderful stint at

Inroads NYC from August 6, 1981, which is available here.

This time the Revoxes were super stable resulting in almost flawless delay quality.


A new section has been added called SYSTEM which includes

a detailed technical explanation of the Frippertronics Delay System.  Check it out


A new recording has emerged from St. Louis at Peaches on July 19, 1979.  Read about the details here


DGM has decided to surprise us all with an amazing upload

from an obscure and rare Frippertronics performance on Aug.5, 1981 at Inroads in NYC.

This performance also employs a type of stereo Frippertronics never heard before!

Alex Munday found the tapes here.  A technical analysis can be found here

 Download it immediately here


Congratulations Martin Nevels from The Netherlands for cracking the Frippertronics titling code secret


A previously unknown Frippertronics show occurred at CBGB’s on Aug. 21, 1979.  Any more out there?


The complete 1983 Frippertronics tour itinerary was posted at DGM Live clarifying all previously sketchy info.


A number of rare photos from the 1979 tour have surfaced at DGM Live. Check the VISION section there.

Links have been added beside each show to the DGM Library for your added convenience.


A pre-performance photo from Tower Records in San Jose, CA 07/31/1979 can be seen here.  Thanks Eric


Stormy Monday has matched solos to the backing stage tapes of a performance

from Washington Square, NYC, which has been met with Fripp’s approval. Read about it here


The upcoming 5.1 mix of King Crimson’s Beat LP from 1982 will reportedly feature

a 6 minute Frippertronic prelude to the released piece entitled “Requiem” which featured the remainder

along with accompaniment by the remaining members Bruford, Levin, Fripp & Belew ? Read here


Rock photographer Chester Simpson kindly notified me of a number of great Fripp photos taken by him

on July 30, 1979 at the Tower Records in Berkeley, CA and

on September 9, 1979 at the Tribal Stomp Festival in Monterey, CA

Go to Gallery/New Wave/Robert Fripp to view.


Stormy Monday has unearthed a great snippet of a pre-show “Test Loop” from the infamous 1978/02/05

NYC show at the Kitchen, which can be downloaded for free for a short while here

This backing loop was not replayed at either of these Kitchen 1978 shows and unlikely to have been used

at a later time due to the elapsed time until his next performance 14 months later.


Fripp’s Boffomundo Show TV interview appearance 1979/07/27 has appeared on youtube - Part 1 2 3 4









Yet another tidbit from the Exposure rehearsals with Fripp, Wetton and Phil Collins. Check it out here and here


DGM Live has published Fripp’s itinerary for the mysterious 1975 Fripp & Eno Tour,

which includes details of all venues and dates which have long eluded the detective skills of this site.

Thank you DGM Live for all but fulfilling the remainder of this website’s Objective # 2.







To archive all available Frippertronics recordings and any solo appearances up until September 11, 1981

which marked the end of Fripp’s “Drive to 1981” and also the 1983 Frippertronics tour.

Although these audience recordings were unauthorized and strongly discouraged at most shows,

perhaps some 25-30 years later, the positive aspects of these performances can be harmlessly appreciated,

by those unable to attend the actual events, despite the uninvited methods by which they came to exist.


Assemble all Fripp & Eno memorabilia, articles and information related to their brief 1975 European tour.


Compile a complete version of God Save the Queen & Let The Power Fall overlaid on top of actual solos performed at the source shows (when possible) or the next best available subsequent replay.

If completed, donate it to Robert Fripp / DGM for a possible public offering.


Generate renewed interest in the Revox tape based delay system used by Fripp & Eno and

the first 1979 Frippertronics tour to hopefully prompt an official release of additional archival material.

Let The Power Fall-Volume II? Fripp & Eno @ London Palladium? Healthy Colours (The Complete Recordings)?

Fripp @ The Kitchen NYC 1978

Please write the good people at DGM Live … express your interest and enthusiasm!





NOTHING ON THIS WEBSITE IS FOR SALE!  (I have a job and don’t want your money)

If you have any additional recordings, information, photos or

any other related memorabilia from THIS time period (1975-1983) please contact :

frippertronics at cogeco dot ca


Special thanks to these contributors

Steve B., Dave L., Lothar K., Eric F., Darren W., Diego C., Bruce B., Michael F., Bruce J., Jay K., Carl W.

Eric H., Rafael F., Ole, Crista M., Mark L., Michael B., Scott M., KHL, Patrick G., Hector G., Das, Rob D.

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Martin N., Andre B., George C., Bernard, John M., Jay D., G.Rizzardi and most especially

Alex Mundy, Sid Smith, Declan Colgan, Hugh O’Donnell of DGM and (of course) Robert Fripp.