Wonderful new remastered versions of Fripp & Eno’s No Pussyfooting and Evening Star

have been released on Sep.29 by DGM.  Both are available now at the DGM Shop


A much needed upgrade and expanded version of the Washington DC 03/15/1983 show

arrived and has been updated to the site here. Thank you Bruce !  Anyone else with an old cassette ?


A contribution of old ticket stubs have arrived and added to the main Fripp Solo section.  Thanks Bernard !


A photographic peak into the DGM storage archives reveals a box labeled

“Under Heavy Manners” - Frippertronics … someday maybe ? Read about it here.


Our DGM hero Alex Mundy has discovered tapes from a week of performances at Inroads Aug.81.

A ticket stub scan is on display here (Thanks to Rob). Read about it here in Fripp’s Diary.


Memorabilia from Fripp’s “Barbertronics” event at the Virgin Megastore in London

on March 12, 1981 are on display at DGM Live here

Additional memorabilia also on display for 7/25/79 and 7/27/79


A wonderful contribution arrived in the form of an actual Fripp & Eno show poster

and advertisement flyer for the Tunbridge Wells, Kent show on June 7, 1975.  Thanks Stuart !

Hard to believe he still had these gems after so long, but see for yourself here.


Mr. Mundy has once again presented the world another vintage Frippertronics gem

from 1977/07/15 entitled “C Sharp Bass Joins and Becomes Seascape”.

I suspect this is the mysterious “Track 29” referred to below.

Get it for free at DGM Live here  …  it’s a beauty !  Thanks a million again to Alex !


Fripp confirms fraudulent “autographed” LP covers (1) (2) selling on eBay. 

I have seen many of these including copies of Exposure with every contributor !  Buyers beware !


DGM Live has officially released the show from Toad’s Place in

New Haven, Connecticut from March 23, 1983

Buy it here !  It is an excellent show and one of the very best from this 1983 tour.


DGM Live has released a free download of the League of Gentlemen rehearsing

a live version of The Zero of the Signified heard on the Under Heavy Manners LP.

Check it out here !  Thanks again to the great Mr. Mundy.


A quality upgrade has arrived for the Copenhagen 05/18/1979 performance.


Work continues on Frippertronics bootlegs at DGM Live (Jan.3/08)  Go Alex !


Free Frippertronics Xmas Gift courtesy of DGM Live   Enjoy !


A tidbit of information is confirmed by Fripp himself directly in his online diary (Dec.3/07)

in response to a question posed by yours truly.  Read it here.

It also appears there are more vintage Frippertronics loops coming from these “House of Music”

recording sessions … fingers crossed.  “Mr. Stormy has Track 29 in his pocket” !


Another great find in the archives at DGM, thanks to Alex ‘Stormy’ Mundy

whom I now proclaim as my personal hero !

Am House of Music and Cmaj Celebration are two Frippertronics pieces

discovered from a 1977 recording session with solos recorded at Arny’s Shack (1980-1983).

Cmaj Celebration is a remastered version of the same piece that was released on the long deleted

1984 vinyl release entitled “Sometimes a Great Notion” (a benefit LP for the British Deaf Association).

Am House of Music (which reads as “A minor”) is previously unheard.

Buy these incredibly beautiful Frippertronics pieces for only 2 bucks at DGM here


In addition two more 12” reels of Frippertronics loops recorded in a studio

somewhere in Hell’s Kitchen in 1978 that were intended or used for “backdrops for other pieces”.

Applied Frippertronics was the term of the day if memory serves correctly.

Some ended up being used on Exposure and Sacred Songs,

others never heard but none of them in this complete, isolated format.

Remastering is now complete for the first two classic Fripp & Eno re-issues !

Read about all of this here.


A significant new show has arrived from V.A. Smith’s Chapel Theatre in NYC - 06/13/82.

A short but very sweet performance and almost certainly the last recorded Frippertronics show

utilizing the classic Les Paul, Frippelboard and dual Revox rig.  Thank you Carl !


A real beautiful photo has also been put up for your enjoyment courtesy of

the wonderful slide guitarist and composer Carl Weingarten

taken at the infamous St. Louis - Streetside Records show on July 18, 1979. Enjoy !


News that a media only 30-40 minute Frippertronics performance occurred on June 15, 1979

at the Stouffer’s Inn - Terminal Tower, Cleveland, OH in Robert’s hotel room

with about 20 attendees in the evening after the Peaches show.  Thanks Jay !


Words cannot describe the ecstasy invoked after reading that Robert Fripp

has discovered Brian Eno’s original 7.5 ips master tapes from their historic

Paris Olympia live show in 1975, during the remastering process for Evening Star.

The tapes contain 6 complete loops recorded from this show.

One can only expect that this will be released in one form or another (or both !),

possibly with new soloing provided by today’s  Robert Fripp

as suggested in his own diary entry on Sep.27, 2007.

One can only hope if this additional element is added to the tapes,

he would maintain the sonic continuity and use his vintage gear !


Read about remastering details for No Pussyfooting and Evening Star Fripp’s Diary here and here !


Stereo remix versions have been added to the short but sweet 7/21/79 performance

at Denver, CO - Peaches … this would very closely resemble what

Fripp would have on his master tape as it contains very few solo elements.


A significant master tape upgrade has surfaced for one of the poorest quality recordings at

Second Chance in Ann Arbor, Michigan on June 12, 1979 … Thanks Jay !

It’s still only monophonic from a tiny Marantz recorder, but clearer and minus a lot of hiss that existed

on the multi-generational copy that is more commonly found.


June 29, 2007 is a historic day !

DGM Live has finally released it’s first official live Frippertronics performance from 1979.

A true classic from Chicago’s Sound Warehouse on June 18, 1979

I strongly urge you all to BUY IT TODAY to show your interest !!!

Don’t think about it ! Please just DO IT NOW !

This is the only way to prompt the long overdue trip

into the vast 1979 Frippertronics reel-to-reel tape archive

(IT DOES EXIST … by the way !) See OBJECTIVE # 4 below.


Some great photos from Pizza Express in Notting Hill, London, England - April 25, 1979


Information and news of uncirculated audio recordings for an early and late show

in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on March 27, 1983

and another at the UTS Auditorium in Toronto, Canada on April 3, 1983

which is where the backing track for Easter Sunday was recorded.


An analysis of a half dozen late 1981 & early 1982 King Crimson show introductions

has shown they used the same prerecorded tape for most (if not all) of them.

The longest intro so far is from March 1, 1982, lasting about 3-1/2 minutes.

Some others also include a preceding extended playback loop of Volo Ergo Sum

which later turned up on the Recorder Three Compilation (see Rarities Section).


A program appeared for the Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 7/28-29/79 shows.

A cover scan has been added to both of their pages.


A ticket stub scan from the Winnipeg Art Gallery Auditorium show on August 9, 1979

See the main Frippertronics page sidebar … thanks George !


Some wonderful photos have been submitted for use on this site

taken from Record Revolution - Cleveland, OH - June 14, 1979  Thanks Jay !


The long awaited arrival of the expanded Exposure release has brought with it

many surprises and sounds much better than ever before.

Believe it or not … some of the personally written text from this website

made it into the booklet (erroneously credited to elephant-talk . com) See Diary entry Sep.1, 2005 - (16.07)

Some of my Photoshop handiwork on that Fripp/Eno/Bowie promo photo from a crumpled newspaper

from Bowie’s tour of that period also is featured nicely in the booklet for all to enjoy.


Interestingly some of these versions are NOT the original versions on the intended 1978 release,

but rather alternate or possibly compiled vocal versions, with others not appearing at all !

Thankfully included is a much more detailed personnel listing for each track,

which revealed some surprises and clarified others.

Check the Rarities section of this website for the findings of a comparison

of the rare Heartthrob version and the new “third edition” and “appendix” versions.


An interview from WRAS-FM in Atlanta on July 11, 1979 is available for free download


Some amazing photos have surfaced taken at a Frippertronics show

at Oasis in Bloomfield (a suburb of Pittsburgh) on July 7, 1979 … thanks Rob !


Did you know Iggy Pop played Frippertronics during his 1979 tour as intro music ?


The Saturday Night Live episode with Fripp’s guest appearance with Phoebe Snow and Linda Ronstadt

re-aired recently.  Yes...this did actually happen on May 19, 1979.

The dual Revoxes and his black Les Paul guitar and hands are visible,

but his face remained off camera in darkness. This was due to Fripp’s inability

to attend the dress rehearsal where they planned camera movements (thanks Alan for the explanation).

He plays some nice Frippertronics on the song “The Married Men” written by The Roches,

which explains why he was invited.  He does not play during the first song “It’s In His Kiss”.


December 1980 - Fripp as guest on You Burn Me Up I’m a Cigarette on the Hall and Oates Xmas Radio Special

(I wonder what they did to replace the Shivapuri Baba).   Anyone have a copy ?