Here’s a list of 1979 Frippertronics shows that are reportedly floating around that have not yet been obtained.

Actual existence is unconfirmed.  Please see if you have these or anything else I do not have listed.


yyyy/mm/dd - Venue, CITY, State or Province, Country

1979/05/25 - Theatre le Palace, PARIS, France

1979/06/16 - Washington Ethical Society, WASHINGTON DC, USA

1979/07/10 - Peaches, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, USA

1979/07/21 - Peaches, DENVER, CO, USA (Full show recording anyone ?)

1983/03/27 - Theatre of the Arts-U. of WATERLOO, ON-Early/Late Shows

1983/03/29 - Carleton University, OTTAWA, ON, Canada

1983/04/03 - UTS Auditorium, TORONTO, ON, Canada


             Any other undocumented Frippertronics information or recordings prior to September 11, 1981

             or up until April 1983.


             Any League of Gentlemen shows with Frippertronic interludes.


             Any information, articles, photos, reviews etc. relating to Fripp & Eno in general

             and especially anything regarding their brief 1975 Fripp & Eno European Tour.


             Any photos of Fripp from this time period …   especially those in performance that you do not see.

             (Specifically those using the Black 1959 Les Paul guitar with the Revox tape machines)


             Please Email










             A number of enquiries have come in wondering about the numbering system

             assigned to all of the reported Frippertronics recordings.


             There is the obvious relationship to Robert Fripp’s own naming system,

             which began with the God Save The Queen LP track “1983”.

             In additional there are titles assigned to “replayed” tracks with solos as #### OVER ####

             This references that they are new solos on top of a previously created loop.

             These backing loops have been identified and referenced to the best of my knowledge

             and named accordingly (even when loops came from different performances).


             But why give them these numbers and what is the larger significance ?


             Congratulations go to Martin Nevels from The Netherlands for cracking the code on May 23, 2009.


             He appears quite pleased with his special secret prize package on the way...Enjoy it Martin !