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Last update 2016-06-23

Portable Edit
Text Editor

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Current Version: 1.3.1
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A small and flexible text editor.

pEdit is a unicode enabled plain text editor for general text files, up to 256 million characters.

Along with all the usual notepad editing features, you also get drag and drop text editing. You can drag and drop text within pEdit's window, between copies of pEdit and even with some other text editors. Dropping files on pEdit's window or icon will cascade multiple pEdit windows on your screen.

pEdit uses a custom print dialog making printer and paper selection easier. The finished page uses the font from the editor window, so you always know what your printout will look like.

Unicode support allows you to work in non-English text, as well as being able to exchange files with a wide variety of editors, even from different operating systems. It supports ANSI, OEM, ASCII, UTF8, UTF16le and UTF16be text formats, with or without the Byte Order Message (BOM). It also supports various line end modes: CR, LF, CRLF and LFCR for compatibility with other operating systems.

pEdit is portable. It uses no registry settings so you can put it on dvds, flash drives, portable hard disks, etc. It can also write an optional .cfg file so you can customize the font, word wrap, tab width and window sizes.

File Verify
File Verifier

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Current Version: 2.0.0
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Do a deep scan of your data files to ensure they are all readable.

File Verify is particularly useful for checking data files burned to CD or DVD disks. But it can do much more; you can use it to verify files on flash drives, external hard disks, floppy disks, local hard disks, devices and more.

There is no limit to the size or number of files you can scan. You can scan a single file, an entire hard disk or anything in between.

Every file in it's path is opened and read end to end. Any errors found are reported as the scan progresses. It does not stop at the first error so you always get a complete report. After the scan, you can save a report in a text file.

File Verify is 100% portable. It does not use registry or ini files, so you can put it on DVDs, flash drives, external hard disks; anywhere you might need it.

Mirror, smart backup tool

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Current Version: 2.0.2
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A mass file copier and backup tool with smarts.

Mirror is a high capacity file copier that runs in Console mode. It can copy a single file or an entire hard disk with equal ease. Copy files to and from local hard disks, flash drives, external disks, and more. You can even use it across local area networks to copy files from machine to machine. There is no limit to the size or number of files you can copy with Mirror.

Mirror is most useful for making open backups. It features folder recursion to copy sub-folders. It is very efficient and can be set to copy only files that have changed since your last backup. It can even remove orphaned files from your backups. With open backups, restoring a lost or mutilated file is as easy as dragging or copying it out of the backup to it's original location.

A special merge mode allows you to concentrate files from multiple source folders into a single target path; handy for creating collections of like files.

Complex backups are easily automated by using Mirror in Windows batch files.

Mirror is 100% portable. It uses no registry or INI settings. You can place it on flash drives, external hard disks, wherever you need it.

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