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In less than 24 hours a technician will be at your home or business to service all your needs.

Service Scheduling Hours Are Monday - Saturday From 8:00AM - 6:00PM                       Call us or email us and book your service call now and please leave a message.         Someone will get back to you as soon as possible to book you service call.

Our residential and small business service rates start as low as $26.08 per hour with 1 hour minimum plus parts & parking if applicable. Time proceeding the first hours service call will be billed in increments of  $6.52 - $10.87 per 15 minute block, depending on the services being provided.

We provide free pickup and delivery if On-Site services are inconvenient for you

Some areas may require travel charges. Call (519) 945-7773 for details Or reference the map below. When you call don't panic if someone answers simply Hello! Ask for Freelance Computers.

Our services may not be free but our gratitude is.

Our Goal? 

To provide high quality, certified, experienced, professional services.
Things to keep in mind!
We take the time too listen too your needs and you will never ever half to explain your situation over and over again because a technician will be right there at your side to answer all your questions when you acquire our services.

Go ahead and waste your time calling all over the city for services rates, you won't find anyone that will do the job for less and at the same time provide a quality service that you can be happy with.

If on-site service is inconvenient for you then where can you find a computer service that will not only pickup your computer but deliver it back to you at no extra charge throughout most of Windsor and the surrounding area? Right Here!

Where can you find a computer service that will actually charge you a reasonable rate for services and at the same time get the job done right the first time? Right Here!

Where can you find a computer service that will inform you as to what was actually done to your computer and at the same time educate you on what to do or what not to do in the future in order to try and save you money? Right Here!

There isn't a computer service around that can match our quality of service & service rates. So why go anywhere else?

For corporate business rates see the business section

All business accounts please inquire about our 24/7 support


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Free Pickup & Delivery Area

A travel fee of $20.00 will apply for services outside the service area, free web site submission and promotion to the search engines recommends mirahost elite web services mirahost elite web services!