STEVE CORBETT - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar

Steve brings to the stage the power and energy needed when doing a live show with the material covered by OBM. His edgy guitar skills bring shear life to the show. Steve’s extremely strong vocals and is also one of the most versatile and talented guitarists in the Region. Steve is a virtual jukebox of material knowing it seems every song ever written. Along with OBM, Steve is a Singer/songwriter can be still seen in his original band 'The Alco Beat’ who have released two successful CDs over the past few years. Along with Don, Steve spent the last few years in Summerfield and Centre of Attention. Even with a new born recently added to his family, Steve in his own words 'spends the rest of his time in OBM yelping and playing guitar’ along with taking care of his many of cats and dealing with his severe addiction to the Simpsons.

Rickenbacker 330
Fender Deluxe telecaster

Vox Ac-30
'59 Bassman