Sep-26-11 at Community Living, Welland
Aug-3-2012 at London Arms, St. Catharines
Aug-4-2012 at Rockpile, Toronto

Sep-14-2012 at Westhill, St. Catharines
Sep-23-2-2012 at Taps Brewery, Niagara Falls
Oct-27-2-2012 at Empire, Welland

Nov-16-2012 at
Pitchers, St. Catharines
Dec-1-2012 at Empire, Welland
Dec-16-2012 at Rockpile, Toronto

Jan-18-2013 at Empire, Welland
Jan-26-2013 at TJ's, St. Catharines
Feb-02-2013 at Empire, Welland
Mar-02-2013 at Taps Brewery, Niagara Falls
Apr-06-2013 at Summit, St. Catharines
Apr-13-2013 at Blind Referee, St. Catharines
Apr-20-2013 at Empire, Welland
May-18-2013 at Empire, Welland
Jun-29-13 at Honyockers
Port Colborne
Jun-30-13 at Sherkston Shores (1-4pm)
Jul-05-2013 at
Empire, Welland

Aug-03-2013 at Empire, Welland
Aug 31-13 at
, Port Colborne
Oct-5-13 at
, Port Colborne
Oct-12-2013 at
Empire, Welland

Nov-16-13 at Honyockers
, Port Colborne
Nov-23-2013 at
Empire, Welland

Dec-31-13 at Exciles, Crystal Beach (New Years Eve)

Feb-21-2014 at
Empire, Welland
Mar-29-2014 at Empire, Welland
May-30-2014 at Empire, Welland
Jun-21-2014 at Honyockers , Port Colborne

Jul-04-2014 at Empire, Welland  
(Break as Steve added to his family)

Apr-25-2015 at Shakes Bar and Grill, Oakville


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