‘Our Brilliant Mistake’ was formed by seasoned musicians from the Niagara Region with one goal in mind - not to be the norm. They would often hear complaints from audience members and other musicians that you could go from one venue to another and hear a majority of the same songs. Their solution was to toss out those ‘Mustang Sally, Sweet Home Alabama’ set lists everyone was covering and go to an era where the music scene was changing from Disco and arena rock to the rawer sound of New Wave and Punk.

‘Our Brilliant Mistake’ (OBM) members are:
Stephen Corbett on Lead Vocal and Lead Guitar
Don T. Juno on bass and keyboards
Garry Kelba on Drums and Vocals

Each of the members of OBM have played together going back as long as 25 years ago but never as a unit until now. Don and Garry w the Sultans, Rattlesnake and John Little, Don, Garry and Steve C. with Summerfield and Centre of Attention.  So as in six degrees of separation and a couple it was inevitable that they would all end up together. In their initial meeting was where their direction was formed basically out of boredom, boredom of hearing and playing the same old songs over and over no matter what band. The solution was to play songs that no one else covers and that were again becoming more and more popular again on radio today. They also went with something again that was no longer the norm and that was a dress code. Gone are t-shirts and jeans replaced with that true New Wave Punk look of fedoras, skinny ties and black dress shirts.

So get ready for a night music where you will NEVER hear that ‘Old Time Rock and Roll’ but the new classic music featuring the sounds of 'Talking Heads', 'Elvis Costello', 'Joe Jackson', 'The Clash', 'Modern English', 'Split Enz' , Tom Petty, Duran Duran, The Ramones and so much more......